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My Healthcare: Your quotesObamacare support reaches new high, says new ABC/WaPo pollTake our quiz: Your day in news March 31The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 03/31/14The Call: School-to-Prison PipelineCitations for the March 31, 2014 TRMSMemory in K.I.N.D.Death of homeless man spurs protests over police brutalityGov. Christie 'absolutely irredeemable' nationallyWhite House economist lays out women's economic agendaRutgers remains firm on Condoleezza Rice as commencement speakerRev's Early Reads: April 1Obamacare enrollment surge and other headlinesObama: 7.1 million enrolled under health lawReport: CIA deceived on tortureGut Check: Do you think the homeless woman should have been charged for leaving her kids in the car?CIA lied about torture to justify using itAs ACA climbs higher, GOP denial digs deeperWhen U.S. combat deaths drop to zeroLIVE VIDEO: Families of victims speak on GM recallNews of the DayBoehner: GOP 'will continue to work to repeal this law'Union-busting efforts move forward in Mississippi, MichiganApril Fools'? Bill Clinton implants himself into Hillary memeMore AFP attack ads, more dubious 'victims'Tuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.1.14Senator Patty Murray is taking your questionsNo US troops died in combat in Afghanistan last monthSenator Patty Murray on women in powerImmigration reform at a crossroadsLIVE VIDEO: Lawmakers hold hearing on GM auto recallNew fine on 'saggy pants' style sparks debateBig Papi snaps a selfie with President ObamaHow Pollard became Israel's spyFederal judge declines to block Arizona abortion lawAnti-gay activists celebrate Mississippi 'religious freedom' lawPaul Ryan's budget: Even more austerityCollege football player applauded for coming outTeacher: 'I was bullied' for opposing testing systemPaul Ryan's April Fool's jokePres. Obama delivers statement on the Affordable Care ActWhat's buzzing? Find out in 'We the Tweeple'Watch: Bao Bao explore her outdoor habitat7.1 million (and counting)Tuesday's Mini-Report, 4.1.14All In Agenda: ACA party!Ahead on the 4/1/14 Maddow showTake our quiz: Your day in news April 1The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/01/14Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate: Obama 'a radical homosexualist'Tsunami warning after major earthquake strikes South AmericaThe long road ahead for ObamacareAfter poverty tour, Ryan proposes cutting food stampsCitations for the April 1, 2014 TRMSRev's Early Reads: April 2LARPing candidate and other headlinesIn search of 'any plausible alternative'A playwright grows in the BronxSarah Palin: Paul Ryan's budget plan a 'joke'GOPer worried men won't get paid fairly in new billGut Check: Do you think the Army's new hair regulations are racially biased?Climate policy takes center stageLIVE VIDEO: Senate Hearing on GM RecallTax-avoidance on a 'brazen' scaleNews of the DayPaycheck Fairness Act generates unexpected GOP fearsRick Scott's voter purge was illegal: CourtWhich Underreported Story Should We Cover Next?Supreme Court strikes down another key campaign finance pillarHealthcare goalposts are on the moveCampaign-finance laws suffer another setbackWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.2.14Team Boehner posts 'How I Met Your Mother' GIFs to explain budgetDay 19: Reproductive rights in the headlinesGM needs to take responsibility, victim's father saysPredictions are hard, especially about the futureTed Cruz scores book deal: ReportNew military program to protect victims sees early successCelebrating World Autism DayNew challenge to Texas abortion lawBobby Jindal's health care showdownLIVE VIDEO: Obama delivers remarks on minimum wageWomen in Politics: College Edition – Grinnell CollegeMarissa Alexander in court, seeking 'stand your ground' immunityWhen in doubt, there's always BenghaziThe Reiding ListTexas executions back on after judge's stay order overturnedAll In Agenda: Big money wins bigLawmakers heading for the exitsThe case for another stimulusWednesday's Mini-Report, 4.2.14Oregon Gov. hopeful links gay marriage with murderFour confirmed dead in Fort Hood shootingThe real Cesar Chavez leaves behind a complicated legacyTake our quiz: Your day in news April 2Watch Live: Hospital holds presser after Fort Hood shootingThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/02/14Soldiers call Army's new hairstyle bans 'racially biased'LIVE VIDEO: Fort Hood officials hold press conferencePutin calls Palin in 'Tonight Show' sketchRev's Early Reads: April 3Senators vote to declassify torture reportYes, the stock market is riggedScott Walker's Democratic challenger is on the move"Heroic" military cop and other headlinesClinton: Aliens wouldn't surprise meFort Hood shooting leaves four dead, including gunmanJobless claims reverse last week's progressShould the radio hosts apologize for their comments criticizing the MLB player's paternity leave?Jindal's woefully inadequate 'Bobbycare' planCharles Koch presents his defense against 'collectivists'Hobby Lobby's contraception hypocrisyNews of the DayThree feet awayReid Between the Lines: Joy Reid takes on ACA opponentsPa. gubernatorial hopeful: I can still winBoehner's 'better solutions' remain hidden awayAfter shooting, Fort Hood searches for answersThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.3.14George W. Bush expects stellar reviews of new paintingsHarvey Milk to be first openly gay elected official on a stampWomen's History Month 2014: What Got DoneThe trouble with the minimum-wage 'compromise'What is chained CPI?Live Video: Fort Hood officials hold press conference (4/3)The fight for jobless benefits is a longshot for a short lifelineLive Video: Olympic, Paralympic teams visit White HouseRick Perry refuses to comply with anti-rape lawVoter fraud in North Carolina? Not so fastThe Kentucky case studyMozilla CEO steps down over anti-gay pastA 'one-two punch' for Florida's voter purgeThursday's Mini-Report, 4.3.14DOJ wins $5 billion environmental cleanup settlementWatch: FLOTUS plants the White House GardenSenator shows up at wrong subcommittee hearingAll In Agenda: Good news for people who love big money in politicsConfederate sympathizer named college prez, students rebelFast food workers push for higher minimum wage in New York CityTake our quiz: Your day in news April 3Sen. Patty Murray answered your questionsAhead on the 4/3/14 Maddow showIn salute and in honor of a hero at Arlington National CemeteryThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/03/14Clinton coy on 2016, but walks the walkRecommended reading: 'After the Wars: A Legacy of Pain and Pride'Radio hosts spark paternity leave debateRumsfeld's slippery memoryCitations for the April 3, 2014 TRMSRev's Early Reads: April 4The latest on the Fort Hood shooter and other headlinesMississippi's McDaniel has some explaining to doCongressman: We're underpaid!Journalist shot dead, another injured in AfghanistanEconomy adds 192,000 jobs in MarchJob market continues to show signs of lifeNews of the DayThe Reiding ListBevin falls in a ditch, keeps diggingKing: 'We have a bus for you to Tijuana'Paul Ryan is no Jack KempPersonhood USA tries to set Gardner straightGOP lawmaker in Okla.: 'What happened to the Republican Party that I joined?'Gut check: Will this app enable drunk driving?Honey Maid responds to anti-gay critics in the best way possibleStates mull dropping Common CoreFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.4.14LIVE VIDEO: Fort Hood briefing on deadly shootingDay 22: Mothers, tragedy, and activism'It's a whole different issue'Mozilla founder becomes 'free speech' martyrTake it from a new dad: Why we need paternity leaveDay 23: How Newtown moms became "accidental activists"Afghanistan is still a long way from democracyDay 24: Sybrina Fulton and Stand Your GroundAmazon wish list helps former death row inmateThe Reiding ListPaul Ryan opens a dangerous doorLIVE VIDEO: Fort Hood shooting briefingNational Civil Rights Museum brings history to 21st centuryDay 25: Lucia McBath and activism against gun violenceMarried gay couples to get 'whole shebang' of benefits in OhioGOP infighting threatens another immigration billDay 26: Activist mothers from yesterday to todayHow Tenn. politicians killed Volkswagen unionizationDay 27: The Nerdland Scholar Challenge final examDay 28: Nerdland Scholar Challenge by the numbersJobless aid stuck in a GOP blind spotFriday's Mini-Report, 4.4.14Back to the future: GOP runs to Romney's right on immigrationAll In Agenda: The families you see on TVThe aggressive defense in the Renisha McBride caseAhead on the 4/4/14 Maddow showThe April 5 'MHP' SyllabusThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/04/14Citations for the April 4, 2014 TRMSWhy Christie isn't out of the woods just yetThis Week in God, 4.5.14Elizabeth Warren nabs 'hottest' politician slot from ChristieBehind the headlines in AfghanistanA letter to Phil Bryant about putting rights in God's handsGOP Senate hopeful screens Obama's call in adWhere Martin Luther King's dream lives onThe April 6 'MHP' SyllabusFort Hood shooting renews attention to mental healthOpportunity knocked? NASA Mars rover funding in doubtTime for some real diversity in state housesWith his 'pen and phone,' Obama tackles education and equal payPelosi: Cheney is 'proud' of 'tone' he set at CIAObama to attend Ft. Hood memorialHayden: Feinstein too 'emotional' over torture reportThe Week in Geek: Over the moon editionJeb Bush to decide on 2016 by end of yearTake our quiz: Your week in news March 31-April 3America's Thinnest CitiesRev's Early Reads: April 7Rev's Early Reads: April 7Is Chief Justice John Roberts contradicting himself?Live Video: Oscar Pistorius testifiesFake Obama phone call and other headlinesAn 'emotional' debate over Bush/Cheney-era torture policiesDo you agree with a couple's decision to take their young kids around the world on a sailboat?Dems: 'Thank you, thank you Congressman Paul Ryan'Biden urges Dems: Stand up for voting rightsFight over pay equity isn't a 'myth' or a 'meme'Report: Ted Kennedy Jr. plans to run for state senateACA 'appears to be accomplishing its goal'News of the DayOne of country's lowest minimum wages gets major hikeRumsfeld 'courted by' would-be GOP presidentsLIVE VIDEO: Obama delivers remarks on economyOfficials: More than 200,000 pounds of oil spilled onto Texas coastBoehner scrambles to appear less constructiveMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.7.14Jim Brown and Ted Olson take your questionsYes, Scott Brown is runningSupreme Court draws line on anti-gay caseA dejecting pattern of behavior in WisconsinTrivia Time! Monday's trivia answerHow fusion voting played a role in American politicsUninsured rate dropped through open enrollment'Selfies' with President Obama could strike outPeaches Geldof dead at 25Wine vs. bourbon: A friendly NCAA wagerWomen are fasting for immigration reformLIVE VIDEO: Obama attends swearing-in of Contreras-SweetThe Reiding ListChristie's simmering scandals grow more serious in NJWhat do civil rights mean to you today? Tell us.Kansas bill kills long-held teacher rightsBusiness Latest: Six million workers dropped out or left out?Issa accused of 'cherry-picking evidence' and 'disregarding documents'Maryland becomes second state to set minimum wage to $10.10/hourVP Biden's Twitter account is revivedRev. Al Sharpton is taking your questionsMonday's Mini-Report, 4.7.14The Call: The State of Civil Rights in AmericaNow Nation 4/07/14The Senate finally passed an unemployment bill. What happens now?Final Four coaches collect a huge paycheck, players get noneAll In Agenda: The politics of ObamacareHouse Republican apologizes for extramarital encounterAhead on the 4/7/14 Maddow showTake our quiz: Your day in news April 7The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/07/14Why the GOP is wrong about the pay gapLIVE: Officials provide update on missing plane searchCitations for the April 7, 2014 TRMSRev's Early Reads: April 8Fifty years later, Latinos still fighting for civil rightsKissing Congressman and other headlinesIn NYC, women make 82 cents to a man's dollarJobless aid bill shifts from Senate to HouseLouisiana's McAllister says he's 'fallen short'Gut Check: Do you think that UPS should rehire the 250 workers?Court sides with MoveOn over Jindal50 years after the Civil Rights Act, America remains dividedNews of the DayElizabeth Warren schools Paul Ryan on poverty in 80 secondsThe RNC's poor memory on Paycheck FairnessGOP calls Paycheck Fairness Act 'desperate'Democrats call out ex-CIA chief's 'condescending' remarksBoehner's lazy mendacity on immigrationThe new faces of marijuanaBoehner tells Obama: Don't 'spoil the well'Maryland 'leading by example' on minimum wageLIVE VIDEO: Obama pushes for Paycheck Fairness ActTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.8.14The House GOP's 'dynamic' ambitionsTrivia Time! Tuesday's trivia answerWestboro Baptist Church run out of Oklahoma townLIVE VIDEO: Civil Rights Summit 2014LIVE VIDEO: Civil Rights Summit 2014LIVE VIDEO: Civil Rights Summit 2014Gay marriage debate hits Utah airwaves#AdvancingTheDream: 50 years laterJudge OKs anti-Jindal billboardDavid Boies and Ted Olson overcome differences to fight for marriage equalityUPS threatens to fire 250 protesting workersThe Reiding ListWhat not to say on Equal Pay DayJoin Melissa Harris-Perry for a #MHPTwitter chat!Holder snaps at Gohmert on contempt: 'You don't want to go there'Snowden: NSA spied on human rights groups9.3 million gained insurance during open enrollmentInvestigators slam O'Keefe's latest 'political disinformation'Aaron Miller's Minnesota platformBusiness Latest: Will talking about women's pay increase it?'You don't want to go there, buddy'Tuesday's Mini-Report, 4.8.14Prisons are the 'new asylums' of the US: ReportSen. Graham talks shirtless Putin, Jeb Bush 2016, and ObamacareMore moms are staying home because they can't find workAll In Agenda: Obama acts on equal paySharpton defends cooperating with FBIAhead on the 4/8/14 Maddow showTake our quiz: Your day in news, April 8The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/08/14Hillary Clinton: I am 'thinking about' running for presidentGOP congressman keeping low profile after kissing video surfacesLIVE: Latest on search for missing jetCitations for the April 8, 2014 TRMSRev's Early Reads: April 9An excerpt from William D. Cohan's "The Price of Silence"More pings and other headlinesChristie gets his worst 'bully' score yet as approval dropsHouse GOP poised to let jobless aid 'come to an end'Why we need a second Freedom Summer in 2014Former GOP senator makes case for marriage equality in new adNew ACA data bolsters system's successOhio voting rights battle heating upLive Video: Stabbing at Pittsburgh High SchoolDo you think a nursing home should have allowed strippers to perform for their residents?Can presidents still do 'big things'?News of the DayCummings blasts Issa for 'reckless claims'GOP alternatives look 'a hell of a lot' like ACACarter: Violence against women is 'worst human rights violation on Earth'Ohio Dem calls for investigation into voting restrictionsBoehner gets teary at Taco Bell eventPoll: Which Underreported Story Should We Cover Next?Bill to end SeaWorld killer whale shows is on hold'Almost awesome in its evilness'Wednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.9.14The Roots of the Right's Secession MovementWatch: Batkid throws out first pitchRep. wants mandatory sexual harassment trainings for HouseLIVE VIDEO: Clinton speaks at Civil Rights SummitNCAA player Derrick Gordon comes out as gaySenate GOP blocks equal pay billSenate Republicans again kill Paycheck Fairness ActLive Video: Obama makes remarks at Fort Hood memorialThe real losers of the equal pay debateDon't know much about history, DeMint EditionThe Reiding ListNorthwestern University fights back against NCAA football unionizationMississippi sex-ed classes teach kids that homosexuality is illegal"Upsee" Steps onto the MarketFour years on, animals dying in record numbers from BP spillSix-year-old to Hillary: Do you prefer 'Madame President?'Koch Industries and its 'Obamacare' subsidiesLIVE VIDEO: Latest on school stabbingWATCH: Jimmy Carter plays HardballHillary Clinton memoir will be released June 10Illinois looks to add right to vote to state constitutionWednesday's Mini-Report, 4.9.14Judge: Key 'Bridgegate' figures don't have to turn over documentsCarbon dioxide levels cross major thresholdSenate candidate wields gun in campaign videoBoy Scout leader bucks ban on gay adultsGOP panel keeps fake IRS 'scandal' rollingBusiness latest: A sign the labor market is improvingAll In Agenda: The GOP's scandal-chasingHolder blasts racial profiling, shares own experiencesWho are the Medicare millionaires?Take our quiz: Your day in news, April 9Ahead on the 4/9/14 Maddow showClinton slams voting restrictions in civil rights speechCitations for the April 9, 2014 TRMSInside the tea party quest to bring down Mitch McConnellProgressive NYC mayor still a work in progressRev's Early Reads: April 10Marriage equality test and other headlinesMissouri GOPer likens abortion to car sales: It requires time, infoThe manufactured IRS 'controversy' turns farcicalJobless claims drop to nearly seven-year lowNext stop, Planet ReaganLive Video: House Committee Hearing on former IRS officialLive Video: Hospital holds news conference on stabbing victimsPro-Hillary Clinton super PAC rakes in big bucksHank Aaron compares Obama's GOP critics to KKKBoehner faces trouble from far-right flankNews of the DayWomen in Politics: College Edition – Vanderbilt UniversityGubernatorial candidate: Homosexuality is similar to alcoholismObama blasts 'least productive Congress in modern history'Rick Scott doubles down on ACA falsehoodAbby's Adventure and The Cycle CocktailThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.10.14LIVE VIDEO: Obama speaks at Civil Rights SummitObama bashes 'least productive' Congress in modern historyHouse passes GOP budget plan despite bipartisan oppositionPelosi: Race is why the GOP is blocking immigrationScott Brown vs. Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire senate raceWhat 'House of Cards' Says About Corporate TaxesEx-IRS official Lois Lerner faces House contempt voteAnother Obama nominee in trouble?Obamacare enrollment expected to surpass 7.5 millionWhy judge's ruling on Bridgegate subpoenas is bad for ChristieHow did your senator vote on the equal pay act?Stephen Colbert tapped to host CBS' The Late ShowO'Reilly is more like Colbert than you thinkUPS agrees not to fire 250 protesting workersTrivia Time! Thursday's trivia answerIssa embraces McCarthy-era tacticsFederal appeals court hears case for gay marriageLePage vetoes Medicaid expansion for all the wrong reasonsPresident Obama embraces Johnson's legacy at Civil Rights SummitLIVE VIDEO: George Bush speaks at Civil Rights SummitThursday's Mini-Report, 4.10.14Obama honors LBJ's signing of Civil Rights ActBusiness Latest: College or retirement?Shoe thrown at Hillary Clinton during Vegas speechTennessee bill OKs criminal charges for mothers' prenatal drug useAll In Agenda: Civil Rights Act, 50 years onJustice Dept. report: Albuquerque police violating civil rightsAhead on the 4/10/14 Maddow showPressure mounts on 'kissing congressman' to resignProp 8 attorney Ted Olson answered your questionsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/10/14NFLer Jim Brown answered questions from Civil Rights SummitTake our quiz: Your day in news, April 10Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush addresses immigration criticsCitations for the April 10, 2014 TRMSRev's Early Reads: April 11Russians on the border and other headlinesSebelius exits, Burwell waits in wingsLive Video: Student EMT hero holds news conferenceDems run on, not from, the ACAThe Reiding ListGut Check: Should the man who broke up with his fiancé be able to get his ring back?Standards, scandals, and sex in LouisianaPope Francis asks forgiveness for 'evil' sex abuseClosing Arkansas clinic: 'We've done our mission'LIVE VIDEO: Obama to announce Sebelius replacementHow not to argue about jobless benefitsHashtag activism focus of Thursday's #MHPTwitter chatTea partier's 'mamacita' remarks come back to haunt himSo much for the nation's falling statureFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.11.14Pro-Begich ad embraces ObamacareGrowing Hope in HoustonThe minimum wage and the blue/red divideLyndon Johnson was a civil rights hero. But also a racist.How to fix America's immigration woesKathleen Sebelius: The Good SoldierThe best ten minutes I've spent in recent memoryPicking the wrong fight over pollsWatch: White House goes 90's style for Easter Egg RollNews of the DayTed Cruz: Eric Holder deserves impeachment over IRS controversyRev. Al Sharpton answered your civil rights questionsLIVE VIDEO: Obama speaks at National Action NetworkMacklemore and Felix Hernandez #ChangeTheGame against bullyingReport: Florida leads the nation on charging kids as adultsBusiness Latest: Growing young farmersMeet the Clinton shoe-throwerWhy Petri's retirement mattersFriday's Mini-Report, 4.11.14Obama: Voting rights under attackAll In Agenda: The color of changeThe April 12 'MHP' SyllabusTonight: An encore airing of Why We Did ItThis Week in God, 4.12.14Business lobby proposes minimum wage 'compromise'Syrian government blocking aid to millions of refugeesWhy Obama's National Action Network keynote was worth the waitFewer Republicans think Obamacare will ruin their livesWhy criminalize prenatal drug use? A letter to Gov. Bill HaslamDropbox pressed to ditch Condoleezza Rice board appointmentTed Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee face off at New Hampshire Freedom SummitThe April 13 'MHP' Syllabus'You had an opportunity to lead in an enlightened way'Democrats finally make voting rights a top priorityU.N. report: Climate change can still be stopped but only if we act nowSebelius: No regrets, but website rollout 'did not go well'Top Democrat: GOP base has 'elements that are animated by racism'Rand Paul chides Jeb Bush over 'act of love' commentJonathan Chait defends essay on Obama, race on 'MHP'Shots fired at two Kansas Jewish centersU.N. holds urgent meeting on Ukraine as tensions escalateRev's Early Reads: April 14For the unemployed, too, the tax man comethI taught America to beat the SAT. That's how I know it's useless.Feds blink and other headlinesOn pay equity, if you're explaining, you're losingOpinion: Press promotes 'no snitching' to slam SharptonShould a 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant have to solve and correctly pronounce the entire puzzle?Obama calls out 'the real voter fraud'The Republican id, on full displayRNC unveils its '14 in '14' planNews of the DayThe desperate bid to keep the IRS 'scandal' aliveLIVE VIDEO: Authorities hold briefing on Jewish center attacksWisconsin GOP to vote on adding threat of secession to platformPaul Ryan flubs family budgeting 101Ohio to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriagesJudge: Ohio must recognize out-of-state gay marriagesNevada Republicans remove anti-gay-marriage platformMore trouble for Chris Christie?CBO: Affordable Care Act getting even more affordableLet Me Start: 'And then there were four?'LIVE VIDEO: Press briefing by Jay CarneyRight NOW 4/14/14The blood moon risesGOP lawmaker: New HHS chief will 'spin the numbers' on ObamacareWhy Republicans are flipping the minimum wage script in AlaskaJewish centers shooting in Kansas classified as 'hate crime'The Reiding ListWill the 'wake-up call' go ignored?Boehner opponent remedies 'electile dysfunction' in new campaign adThe Call: Food InsecurityMcConnell tries a blast from the pastSenate panel probing torture report leakArmy judge denies clemency for ManningThe Bundy crisis in NevadaMonday's Mini-Report, 4.14.14All In Agenda: Why you should know about the 'Freedom Summit'Michelle Obama gets covered in stickers in 'aw' momentWalmart benefits from billions in government subsidies: StudyMSNBC statement on Last Word host Lawrence O'Donnell's accidentTake our quiz: Your day in news 4/14The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/14/14Citations for the April 14, 2014 TRMS'Years of Living Dangerously' series highlights climate changeBusiness Latest: Student athlete payRev's Early Reads: April 15One year after Boston and other headlinesIn post-DOMA world, gay couples still face Tax Day challengesJindal is 'not going to go down that path'Big Wealth makes a comeback in the U.S.Reid says Bundy Ranch standoff 'not over'What's buzzing? Find out in 'We the Tweeple'Florida shields pages from abortion debateShould Anderson be forced to serve his 13 year sentence after being released on a clerical error?LIVE VIDEO: Christie town hall-Somerset, NJUN report: Rampant misinformation and propaganda in UkraineCBO lowers costs of Obamacare by billionsGOP's Cotton endorses affordable care for 'every American'Florida quits controversial voter 'purge' programAlaska GOP pulling a fast one on minimum wageStudy: Many young girls view sexual violence as 'normal stuff'LIVE VIDEO: Boston Marathon tributeLIVE VIDEO: Authorities hold briefing on Jewish center attacksWhy I went on a hunger strike for my momBlaming Obama for the 'blood moon'Tuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.15.14#BostonStrong one year laterLet Me Start: 'Shoe truthers'Right NOW 4/15/14Leaving political capital on the tableLiberals and libertarians join forces to defend gay marriage rightsProtesters use Tax Day to skewer Christie on 'Bridgegate'Bible could become state book of LouisianaHow some tax preparers are preying on the poorThe Census changes aren't quite what they appear to beRep. questions constitutionality of Civil Rights Act at town hallDemocrat Alison Grimes out-fundraises McConnellThe Reiding ListBusiness Latest: Who owns the land: You or the government?'Is it constitutional, the Civil Rights Act?'Are federal taxes too high?Eric Holder 'cautiously optimistic' about marijuana legalizationRumsfeld and a 'sad commentary on governance'Tuesday's Mini-Report, 4.15.14The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/15/14Study: Marijuana legalization doesn't increase crimeOklahoma bans city minimum wage hikesA Tax Day call for more progressive wealth taxationAhead on the 4/15/14 Maddow showIndia's Supreme Court recognizes transgender as third genderRev's Early Reads: April 16Senate clears path for corporate tax giveawaysNYPD ends controversial Muslim spying unitNRA challenge and other headlinesOklahoma's regressive approach to the minimum wageRand Paul: Really, I'm with Reagan on foreign policy'And then you go, 'Uh oh''Michael Bloomberg creates $50-million gun group to rival NRAWho wants to increase the pay gap between men and women?Mississippi 'religious freedom' law faces business backlashSandoval steps up on jobless aidShould a state law be able to prohibit counties and cities from setting their own minimum wage?Alaska Republican apologizes for calling breast-feeding 'smart and sexy'In health care, making an effort mattersRacist hate mail targets baseball great Hank AaronRand Paul doesn't remember the 1980s very wellWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.16.14Uninsured rates drop faster in states embracing Obamacare: StudyRight NOW 4/16/14Let Me Start: The $50 million challengeLive Video: State Department Briefing for April 16Conservative Victory Project wins by losingDonald Rumsfeld isn't sure his taxes are accurateNorth Dakota abortion ban ruled unconstitutionalLive Video: Holder speaks on rise in heroin abuseCourt finds North Dakota abortion ban unconstitutionalHarvard University accepts a record number of black studentsSCOTUS will hear challenge to Ohio law banning campaign liesWatch Live: Obama, Biden deliver remarks on jobs-driven skills trainingPETA urges White House to use plastic Easter eggsObama demands House GOP vote on immigration reformRally for Derrick Gordon buries Westboro Baptist protestWelcome to Instagram, Mr. Vice President!Peter King still backs NYPD 'Demographics Unit'The Reiding ListBusiness Latest: Girls rule, but they don't know itAbout that Democratic 'outside money advantage'...Wednesday's Mini-Report, 4.16.14All In Agenda: Is the U.S. an oligarchy?Take our quiz: Your day in news, April 16The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/16/14Immigration hunger strike at White House rolls onCliven Bundy is part of a long tradition: corporate moochingCIA presence in Ukraine gives the wrong impression, senator warnsRev's Early Reads: April 17Appeals court hears case for gay marriage in OklahomaHow fighting Obamacare could hurt the GOPPutin on the blitz and other headlinesAn unflattering portrait of Susana MartinezShould Sean "Diddy" Combs speak at Howard University's commencement ceremony despite backlash?Putin asserts military right, chats with SnowdenJobless claims inch up, but remain near 7-year lowLive Video: Kerry and EU Representative hold joint briefingJoe Biden snaps first selfie with President ObamaCantor struggles with immigration blame gameOklahoma moves to discourage solar powerNews of the DayLIVE VIDEO: Holder speaks at memorial for Jewish center victimsACLU: Arkansas voter ID law is unconstitutionalLouisiana's bold stand against sodomyLIVE VIDEO: Obama, Biden host Wounded Warrior Project eventWomen in Politics: College Edition – Emory UniversityWatching the birth of a conspiracy theory in real timeGOPer goes after Holder's paycheckCourt deportations take dramatic plungeThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.17.14Right NOW 4/17/14The ACA on a winning streakLet Me Start: A Biden in 2016Mayor who 'kind of agreed' with Kansas shooting suspect faces backlashMissouri GOP wants to expand early voting -- but there's a catchLIVE VIDEO: Clinton women speak at 'no ceilings' eventWatch Live: White House BriefingJews in Ukraine told to identify themselves, Kerry saysGovernor Biden?'We're not going to do anything to address health care'Oregon dumps millions of gallons of urine-tainted drinking waterThe Reiding ListBusiness Latest: Has America given up?8 millionExperts: North Carolina early voting cuts will hit blacks hardestControversial College of Charleston president hired despite warningsThursday's Mini-Report, 4.17.14Chelsea Clinton: I'm pregnantAhead on the 4/17/14 Maddow showPresident revels in latest Obamacare successVice president's son Beau Biden to run for Delaware governorTake our quiz: Your day in news, April 17The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/17/14Georgia GOP hopeful David Perdue's outsourcing pastBig business gets creative in minimum wage fightRev's Early Reads: April 18He taught America to beat the SAT and he'll take your questionsWill the GOP ever 'move on' from Obamacare?POLL: Which Underreported Story Should We Cover?Hillary Clinton's book has a title: 'Hard Choices''They're nothing more than domestic terrorists'Missouri GOP latest to push early-voting 'reforms'McAuliffe moves to restore voting rightsDavid Axelrod to advise UK's Labour PartyIssa vs. Cummings, Round XXVIIProp 8 lawyer changes anti-gay stanceSnowden: I'm no Russian propaganda pawnGut check: Should schools have a dress code for parents?Friday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.18.14Pushback against voting restrictions gathers steamHow the Supreme Court made it harder for you to sueGeorgia's Perdue may have an outsourcing problemTrivia Time! Friday's trivia answerPennsylvania colleges hit with Title IX complaintsWatch Live: SpaceX Rocket LaunchSouth Carolina town helps make the case for ENDATakeaways from the latest Clinton-era document dumpThe Reiding ListWhite House condemns anti-Semitism in UkrainePutting the GOP line on jobless aid to the testFriday's Mini-Report, 4.18.14Obama administration punts on Keystone XL decisionAlabama inmates stage protest over free labor systemAll In Agenda: Hunting for the next BundyHigh pressure on Hillary Clinton as 2016 nearsThe April 19 'MHP' SyllabusThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/18/14This Week in God, 4.19.14GOP consultants: Christie's 2016 prospects are on 'life support'U.S. more oligarchy than democracy, study suggestsWhy it's time to take domestic terrorism seriouslySen. Lamar Alexander: GOP wants to be 'the iPhone party'A letter to the Redskins owner, on why he should change the nameCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown pardons dozens convicted of drug crimesThe April 20 'MHP' SyllabusA mecca for overpriced medicineGeneral Mills changes policy after outcryPope Francis draws massive crowd for EasterWhy President Obama must act on mass incarcerationJohn Paul Stevens: 'Appropriate' to consider successorSenator: "We're going to lose Eastern Ukraine"Boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, symbol of racism, dies at 76DNC Chair: GOP 'extremists' help Democrats winThe other Kentucky women posing a threat to RepublicansLawmakers 'run with endurance the race set before us'More Hispanics than whites accepted in CaliforniaWho are those masked men? and other headlinesForeign policy and the definition of 'manhood'Gut Check: Do you think the student should have been suspended for asking Miss America to prom?Conservatives' exaggerated sense of contraception accessFood insecurity is at historic highs and getting worseHeller sees Bundy, allies as 'patriots'The 'iPhone party'?News of the DayCoal company to slash promised benefits for retired workersKochs, conservative allies align against solarThe origins of the 'Republican revolt' against Common CoreMore women favor hiking minimum wageStuck in the first stage of griefUnited Auto Workers union drops Chattanooga campaignDoes Profiling Muslims Really Stop Terrorism?Appeals court: release targeted-killings memoWatch: First Family kicks off Easter Egg RollParts of top-secret killing program could be releasedNew Jersey's 'sideways crawl out of the recession'Adding photos to Social Security cards won't fix voter ID lawsDespite robust Obamacare numbers, many GOPers reignite repeal debateMonday's Mini-Report, 4.21.14George H.W. Bush inspires RNC fundraiserA bloody Easter in Chicago ushers in new federal crime unitBusiness Latest: Food pricesAll In Agenda:'Domestic terrorists' or 'patriots' at Bundy Ranch?He taught America to beat the SATs and now he's answered YOUR questionsGay widower renews call for marriage-based green cardIt's not hard to figure out why Obama is holding off on KeystoneAhead on the 4/21/14 Maddow showThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/21/14Statement from Americans for Prosperity todayGov. Chris Christie named Father of the YearOklahoma Supreme Court issues stay of execution for two killersBiden to Russia: "Time is short" and other headlinesWhite House dismisses GOP throwing 'spaghetti against the wall'Riding together against Keystone XLThe Reiding ListBiden: Ukraine must 'fight cancer of corruption'CDC still can't get funding for research on gun violenceAsian Americans and Pacific Islanders are moving leftGut Check: Do you think the federal government should approve powdered alcohol?Lying in politics not a crime?An 'unfortunate political stunt' gets broad GOP supportThe Assistance of CounselBoy Scouts ban church over gay troop leaderWatch Live: Supreme Court stakeoutNews of the DaySupreme Court upholds Michigan affirmative action banDems doing the unexpected: embracing the ACAMissouri set for sixth execution since NovemberTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.22.14Mayor who "kind of agreed" with accused shooter resignsSupreme Court upholds Michigan's affirmative action banTrivia Time! Tuesday's trivia answerJohn Kerry's risk-taking could hurt Hillary's chances in 2016Students seek loan forgiveness in overwhelming numbersReady, set, pitch! Secretary Moniz prepares for Earth DayThe ageist, sexist reaction to 'Grandmother Hillary'Birth control sure is popularSusan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus: SCOTUS skeptical over Ohio lawCollege of Charleston protests with gay-themed play 'Fun Home'Survey: Majority of Americans support birth control mandateLive Video: Sen. Rand Paul speaks at Chicago IOPCFPB, hard at workTuesday's Mini-Report, 4.22.14Business Latest: Russian sanctions are workingLive Video: Sen. Rand Paul speaks at Chicago IOPChris Hayes and Bill McKibben talk Earth WeekLawmaker pulls bill to make Bible Louisiana's official bookLive Video: Obama Speaks After Touring Washington State Mudslide SiteAhead on the 4/22/14 Maddow showMap: How climate change will affect youWhat does SCOTUS' affirmative action ruling say about the court?Georgia couples file federal lawsuit for marriage equalityThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/22/14Christie touts 'bipartisan victories' in keynote speechAmerica's hunger crisis, and why Washington ignores itThe day they discovered the AIDS virusNo, no, no, and no: GOP Senate candidates on climate changeAffirmative action ruling: A victory for subtletyThe Call: Dirty Crimes & Counting WildlifeGun controversies and other headlinesWithout a plan, talk of ousting Boehner is just talkImpeaching Nixon (no, not that one)Should students who take out private loans have to immediately repay them if their co-signer dies?Paul-backed millionaire GOPer to succeed 'Coke Congressman'Medicaid expansion starts to look even betterLIVE VIDEO: Justice clemency initiativeConservative culture warriors find a reassuring marriage pollSonia Sotomayor: Court's right wing 'out of touch with reality'Watch Live: NASA Astronauts Perform SpacewalkThe Reiding ListMorning Joe video will resume ThursdayWhen the right attacks the ACA from the leftMissouri GOPers attempt to impeach Democratic governor$3 million verdict for 'first fracking trial'Rand Paul crosses the Reagan/Carter lineWatch Live: Georgia Governor Signs Controversial Gun BillFrom street to shining sea: Village Voice launches their annual Food Truck FestWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.23.14Piketty's 'Capital in the 21st Century' hits #1 on AmazonGay marriages could add up to $60 million to Virginia: ReportSouth Carolina town stands in solidarity behind fired police chiefEarly Rand Paul videos come back to hauntJustice finally comes to the pardons office and perhaps to many inmatesGeorgia's 'Guns Everywhere Bill'Wisconsin lawmaker poised to push affirmative action banJeb Bush on 2016: I'm 'thinking' about itTwitter co-founder: I'm 'terrible' at hashtagsTrivia Time! Wednesday's trivia answerAfter gutting money in politics laws, GOP moves to take advantageGeorgia governor signs sweeping gun bill into lawOn Earth Day, three life lessons for my childrenJudge grants Chelsea Manning name changePoliticians from the hungriest counties voted to cut food stampsHolder tips hat to Sotomayor's 'courageous' affirmative action dissentLIVE VIDEO: Clinton gives speech at women's conferenceRand Paul calls out GOP over voter fraud claimsKentucky's 'indisputable success'Business Latest: Stopping Russia starts in SyriaThe difference 'active and eager partners from the other party' can makeWednesday's Mini-Report, 4.23.14Lupita Nyong'o named People magazine's 'Most Beautiful person' for 2014Conservative group under fire for latest anti-Obamacare adAll In Agenda: The politics of ObamacareThe truth behind Rand Paul's 'inconvenient revelation'Conservatives attack Sotomayor over affirmative action dissentThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/23/14Ahead on the 4/23/14 Maddow showOpenly gay Oregon judge hears unopposed marriage equality case#myNYPD Twitter campaign backfires on the NYPDCitations for the April 23, 2014 TRMSWestboro Baptist Church to protest 'filthy' college gradsAn excerpt from Lisa Robinson's "There Goes Gravity"The future of the green economy lies with the statesAmericans killed and other headlinesThe line even the Kochs' AFP can't crossFDA rolls out e-cigarettes regulationsSeasonal factor pushes jobless claims higherBundy: 'I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro...'Do you buy Pineda's story that he was trying to get a better grip on the ball?South Carolina police chief fired for being gay? Yup, that can happen'Stone Cold' Steve Austin: Gay couples wanna marry? 'More power to 'em'Obama: New sanctions against Russia 'teed up'Live Video: NJ Gov. Christie holds town hallIn 2014, it's like deja vu all over againNews of the DayStudy questions impact of Obamacare on insurance cancellationsWomen in Politics: College Edition – Rice UniversityAFP finances rival those of a major political partyA GOP Senate majority in the fall may not be such a sure thingOne person who won't miss David Letterman...GOP can't even win the healthcare argument in the SouthMississippi governor bans abortion at 20 weeksThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.24.14Rick Perry on presidential bids: 'Spend a lot of time in preparation'Piketty: 'capital is a multi-dimensional concept'The names of the 477 children who reportedly died on DCF's watchWhen ACA attacks turn on themselvesRand Paul and the GOP's plutocrat problemNevada rancher Cliven Bundy: Are blacks 'Better off as slaves'?For Kerry, it's 'take your pup to work' dayChris Christie to 'Bridgegate' critics: Prove itFood service is 'most unequal sector' in the economyTrivia Time! Thursday's trivia answerWhy are conservatives condemning Cliven Bundy?LIVE VIDEO: Cliven Bundy vs. BLM PresserThe fight over clemency'This is not net neutrality'Lesbian couple denied joint burial at Idaho Veterans CemeteryPalin and Cruz rally behind T.W. Shannon, rising black starThursday's Mini-Report, 4.24.14Students bring sexual assault complaint against Columbia UniversitySouthern Baptists open to reaching out to LGBT communityJudge strikes down Arkansas voter ID law as unconstitutionalGrandmother-to-be Clinton receives first baby giftAll In Agenda: Race and politics at the Bundy RanchJustice John Paul Stevens: Marijuana should be legalizedAhead on the 4/24/14 Maddow showSenate Republicans attack Obama admin's deportation reviewA defining moment for the Democratic PartyThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/24/14Oregon to ditch troubled health insurance exchangeCitations for the April 24, 2014 TRMSSeparate and unequal: The charter school pedestal the public can't reachTexas women are running out of optionsNorthwestern University football players vote on unionizationWhat's in fracking fluid and other headlinesCourt strikes down onerous Arkansas voter-id lawBoehner mocks GOP on immigration reform: 'Ohhh, this is too hard!'Boehner concedes ACA repeal 'isn't the answer'Gut Check: Do you agree with a ban on selfies for graduates walking across the stage?The Reiding ListAttack ad from Christie's RGA condemned as 'a disgrace'GOP still struggling on pay-equity debateGOPer: Men make more because they work harderCruz angers PETA over tiger-skin rug tweetWhen job creation isn't exactly job oneKentucky Senate candidate Matt Bevin caught backing cockfightingWatch Live: GOP speakers at NRA annual meetingThe Supreme Court and Affirmative Action: Our ongoing debateAn immigration debate, stuck at the crossroadsHip Hop is as American as Apple PieMilitary suicides drop 15%Cliven Bundy: 'No, I'm not a racist'Brockovich: Cautiously OptimisticChristie demands proof of culture of intimidationGOP Senate hopeful blames women for most divorcesRight NOW 4/25/14Elizabeth Warren for president? Not so fast, say fansJudge recused in Renisha McBride shooting trial'West Wing' Pres. highlights prison reformThe Kochs' AFP starts scrubbing its Bundy supportDeregulation didn't make us all rich — it made inequality worseKentucky's Bevin flailing after cockfighting fiascoGOP leaders court gun rights activists at NRA meetingReports: GOP congressman to be indictedFriday's Mini-Report, 4.25.14New York Rep. Michael Grimm expected to be indictedRand Paul tests youth appeal at Harvard UniversityTransgender woman sues Christian university that expelled herAhead on the 4/25/14 Maddow showAll In Agenda: Hannity's heroesThe He-Coon who changed Jeb Bush's political careerThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/25/14Sacramento Bee publishes newly released Squeaky Fromme tapesThe April 26 'MHP' SyllabusCitations for the April 25, 2014 TRMSThis Week in God, 4.26.14Rick Santorum is unsure about another 'tough' White House bidThe gun lobby doesn't have to winNBA investigating racist comments allegedly from Clippers owner Donald SterlingWatch Live: NRA holds Stand and Defend RallyThe April 27 'MHP' SyllabusHow the GOP can win back womenObama: 'I regret not having spent more time with my mother'Obama: Clippers owner represents 'the vestiges of discrimination'Two popes canonized on historic dayPalin: Gun-free zones are 'stupid on steroids'Rand Paul takes first place in Maine GOP straw pollLos Angeles Clippers send powerful message on courtWeek in Geek: NASA's Deep Space Network lets you see who's talking way out thereRev's Early Reads: April 28Clippers lose as racism scandal brewsThe end of abortion access in the South?The long, slow push to prison sentencing reformDeadly tornadoes and other headlinesChicago woman killed by gunfire was a community leaderSterling faces firestorm following recording revelationsWatching a repeal crusade end with a whimperA long con for Tea Party PACs?Congressman Michael Grimm indicted on 20 counts'Literally, people thought there would be chips embedded in their bodies'LIVE VIDEO: Officials hold tornado news conferenceWatch Live: N.Y. Rep. Grimm IndictmentSupreme Court to decide cops' power to search cell phonesChristie's RGA doubles down on attacking criminal-defense attorneysNews of the DayPalin: 'Waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists'More GOP women get to the next levelUS hits Russia with new round of sanctionsRight NOW 4/28/2014Monday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.28.14High school grad rates hit historic numberBarcelona soccer player responds to racial tauntWatch Live: NAACP officials hold briefing on Sterling commentsPoverty, policy, and Paul RyanKareem Abdul-Jabbar responds to Clippers owners' remarksObamacare support growing in GOP districts'Kissing congressman' won't seek re-electionMississippi's last abortion clinic fights to stay openLow-wage jobs drive the recovery, says new reportThe rise of crowdsourcing changes charity landscapeMcAllister to forgo re-electionTask force to unveil college sexual assault recommendationsThe Reiding ListGOP Rep. Michael Grimm indicted on 20 countsDoes Donald Sterling's racist rant really matter?Business latest: Wall St. for Hillary?Gay rights group targets Deep SouthMSNBC helps Arbor Day Foundation Grow HopeMonday's Mini-Report, 4.28.14All In Agenda: Simon Ostrovsky live on 'All In'Hawaii set to become third state to hike minimum wage to $10.10Ahead on the 4/28/14 Maddow showThe 10 days in China that shook meThe Call: Why Are You Beautiful?The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/28/14Citations for the April 28, 2014 TRMSNew NRA ad asks, 'Do you still believe in good guys?'Decryptomaddowlogical #83Kerry pushes back as Israel 'apartheid' controversy buildsRev's Early Reads: April 29Hillary PAC loaded with cash, spending big on adsCollege assault recommendations include new website, surveysBob McDonnell's new job and other headlinesRep. Michael Grimm resigns from committee, but says he'll be backKerry faces criticism following Israeli 'apartheid' commentsSarah Palin defends waterboarding stance in Facebook post'The ACA is ... better than it's made out to be'Minimum wage reclaiming center stageLA Clippers owner Donald Sterling banned from NBA for lifeScott Brown's cognitive dissonance on the ACAGut Check: Would ousting Sterling in the wake of his alleged racist comments be a 'slippery slope'?FBI takes an interest in Team BrownbackHouse GOP leaders scramble after accidentally telling the truthFollow the tea party money...Tuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.29.14Boehner challenger loses job over innuendo-filled campaign adLIVE VIDEO: Officials hold tornado news conferenceStark divisions rock the Iowa GOPMore than 4% of death row inmates may be innocent: StudyRight NOW 4/29/14Rare win for the environment at the Supreme CourtLIVE VIDEO: NBA holds briefing on Donald Sterling investigationNBA announces lifetime ban for Donald SterlingBuffalo cops on leave after alleged brutality caught on cameraFaith leaders join call for a higher minimum wageCourt strikes down Wisconsin voter-ID lawJudge finds Wisconsin voter ID law unconstitutionalPresident Obama approval dipsJustices split on cops' right to search cell phonesChristie nominates a Democrat to be new Port Authority chairmanTuesday's Mini-Report, 4.29.14Your response to Donald Sterling and the NBANorth Carolina faith leaders make unique case for gay marriageHarry Reid: 'I don't know who's mad at me, but it's a long list'Ahead on the 4/29/14 Maddow showThe problem with 'war hawks' who seize on every world conflictWatch Live: L.A. Clippers News ConferenceSorry conservatives — America's mobility problem is realSeth Meyers, Daniel Craig, Steve Carell star in White House PSAThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/29/14Decryptomaddowlogical #84Citations for the April 29, 2014 TRMSNBC News/WSJ poll: Obamacare support ticks upJeb Bush is back, but remains unpopular: PollOprah Winfrey mulls Clippers bidCan we make US medicine less dangerous?Why Elizabeth Warren's home state needs helpPaul Ryan meets with Congressional Black Caucus after race flapRev's Early Reads: April 30GOP Gov. Rick Scott seeks Obamacare complaints, finds noneBotched execution backstory and other headlines'Something's wrong' in OklahomaWhite House weighs in on botched Oklahoma executionRick Scott gets an earful in Florida2014 off to a slow economic startSterling truthers emerge: Was it a set-up?Clean Air Act wins big at the Supreme CourtScalia flubs Supreme Court dissentCantor: McAllister should go, Grimm can stayNews of the DayGut check: Will Britain's new rule will help the unemployed?Dean Heller has second thoughts on BundyChristian group slams Sarah Palin for 'blasphemously twisting our faith'Putin drives Russia into economic recessionLocal communities: Open for businessLIVE VIDEO: Biden speaks at Atlantic Council ConferenceGlenn Beck: Hillary Clinton would sleep with a woman 'on the White House desk'John Paul Stevens: We need to level the playing fieldWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 4.30.14The GOP's selective, sporadic interest in deficit reductionTrivia Time! Wednesday's trivia answer'Healthalicious': The NYC eatery that could take down Rep. GrimmSenate Republicans block minimum wage billDo social media habits reveal political preferences?Right NOW 4/30/14Senate GOP kills minimum wage increaseCongressman claims 'bigamy' for annulmentPaul Ryan and Congressional Black Caucus agree to disagreeTrial date set in Renisha McBride shootingTransgender students protected under Title IX, DOE saysAnother 'shooting gun' fires blanksWhite House celebrates 'fetch' 10 years laterBusiness Latest: Obama's standing improvesWednesday's Mini-Report, 4.30.14Washington Gov. Inslee signs climate executive orderAll In Agenda: Valerie Jarrett on 'All In'LGBT community not welcome at Kentucky shop, but guns areEgypt sentences 683 to death as military crackdown continuesAhead on the 4/30/14Americans want less involvement in foreign affairsTenn. passes law criminalizing moms who used drugs while pregnantSenate hopeful promotes frugal lifestyle