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News of the Day

Here are the top stories we're discussing in our newsroom right now.
News of the Day

Here are the top stories we're discussing in our newsroom right now:

Ukraine Forces Face Pro-Russia Separatists in East - "Ukrainian forces were reported to be mobilizing in the eastern part of the country against pro-Russian separatists on Thursday in what appeared to be a limited action on the outskirts of Slovyansk, a stronghold of militants allied with the Kremlin." [The New York Times]

Cliven Bundy Wonders If Blacks Are 'Better Off As Slaves' Than On Gov't Assistance - "Bundy made some racially charged comments about government assistance in his daily news conference Saturday, according to a New York Times story published Wednesday." [Talking Points Memo]

Obama says US will defend Japan in island dispute with China - "The US is duty-bound to come to Japan’s aid in the event of a conflict with China over a group of disputed islands in the East China Sea, Barack Obama declared at the start of a tour of Asia aimed at reassuring Washington’s allies in the face of threats to stability from North Korea and an increasingly assertive China." [The Guardian]

3 American doctors shot dead at Afghan hospital - "An Afghan security guard shot and killed three Americans at a hospital in Kabul on Thursday. Officials said the three killed were doctors, including a visiting father and son." [USA Today]

Running Away From Obamacare Is a Fool's Errand - "Are red-state Democrat senators certain losers to Republican challengers in this year's midterm election? According to recent polling, no." [Mother Jones]

Jeb Bush on 2016: I’m ‘thinking’ about it - "Jeb Bush on Wednesday reportedly dropped his biggest hint yet that he’s seriously considering running for president in 2016." []

Mississippi Governor Signs Bill to Ban Abortion at Pregnancy Mid-Point - "Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant on Wednesday signed a bill to ban abortion starting at the midpoint of a full-term pregnancy." [The Wall Street Journal]

The U.S. Middle Class Cedes Gold to Canada - "Coming as it does soon after the Olympic hockey loss to our northern neighbors, word that the U.S. middle class is no longer the wealthiest in the world—and the fact that Canadians are No. 1—is sure to draw special attention from U.S. policymakers to our rising levels of income inequality. " [Bloomberg]

Navy reassigns ex-Blue Angels commander after complaint he allowed sexual harassment - "The Navy has reassigned a former commander of the Blue Angels, its acrobatic fighter squadron, and is investigating allegations that the elite team of pilots was a hotbed of hazing, sexual harassment and other forms of discrimination, documents show." [The Washington Post]

FDA to begin regulating e-cigarettes - "The Food and Drug Administration plans to begin regulating electronic cigarettes for the first time, banning sales to minors and requiring manufacturers to put health warnings on the nicotine-delivering devices that have become a multibillion-dollar industry, according to officials who described the agency's proposal." [Los Angeles Times]

Reports: FCC Poised For Changes To Net Neutrality Policy - "According to the Times and the Journal, the FCC is planning to allow Internet service providers to sell a faster pipe into people's homes to content companies willing to pay for it. In other words, content providers could pay for preferential treatment into American homes." [NPR Blog]