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Your response to Donald Sterling and the NBA

Here are some reactions to the Donald Sterling story from the community.
Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling sits with an unidentified companion as he watches the team play New York Knicks.
Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling sits with an unidentified companion as he watches the team play New York Knicks.

The NBA has banned Donald Sterling for life and fined him $2.5 million, the maximum penalty, after TMZ leaked an audio clip of the L.A. Clipper's owner's racist and sexist rant to his former girlfriend V. Stiviano.

Since the story broke on Saturday, the msnbc community has been buzzing about who Sterling and his associates are; whether or not his racist rant matters; the power dynamics of white owners in a league made up mostly of black players; and the NBA's handling of Sterling.

Here are some highlights of your reactions to the controversy. 

"The [NBA] did more than I thought they would. They have restored my faith that intolerable behavior and attitudes like this, would be handled swiftly, precisely and without ado. I commend them for the haste and stern precise treatment of this hateful racist behavior."'

Opinions on Donald Sterling and his associates

TRAGG: Donald Sterling said to his girlfriend he didn't want people calling him about her associating with black people. There needs to be a real effort to find out if possible who has been calling Donald Sterling and commenting on his girlfriend’s association with black people. This would expose other racist people and with Donald Sterlings income some very rich racist people. Who are Donald Sterling's closest friends? Maybe this would shed some light on who has been calling him about his girlfriends hanging around black people. 

VEGASF: Donald Sterling has always been this way. The NBA expressing outrage at these latest statements is akin to MLB expressing outrage at the Steroid era. It’s always the same scenario: pretend it doesn't exist, make money off of it, and then pretend to be shocked when it becomes broadly publicized. Donald Sterling has been an owner for a long time. 

CHRISJIII: Why are basketball commissioners guys who could never play in the league themselves?

Adam Serwer asked, Does Sterling’s racist rant really matter? This is how you responded to his article. 

PaxEsperanza: Does Donald Sterling’s racist rant really matter? Yes it does. Because racism pervades the 1% as much as selfishness and sense of entitlement. Many of the political stances of conservatives have nothing to do with retaining their financial power base. If we can’t find money as the motivator in what corporatists advocate we need to determine what else they’re angling for. Racial supremacy is often a hidden motivator. Whether subtle or overt, racism is never acceptable, never allowable. So, yes, all racism matters. First we need to identify it for what it is, then such racism should be shut down without question. Always. Without fail.

ihara saikakuHis comments were made privately with no expectation that he was harming anyone. As crude and racist as they are, he should not be pilloried for expressing his opinions privately. The tape should never have been made public.

UglyShotGoAgain-USGASterling has clearly reminded us how easy it is to cover-up our deep rooted hate/sentiments/fill-in the blank and yet how easy our emotions lead to the revelation of true person/humbug behind the mask.

Reactions to the NBA's ruling on Sterling

Angel Perea: The NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has demonstrated absolute, positively outstanding leadership and his judgment reflects responsibility and accountability! Speaking as a Clipper fan, the Commissioner has addressed this is unfortunate situation, in a morally and legally responsible manner! So Mr. Sterling and others like him have no place in professional sports. 

pjp-1630581:The NBA is actually doing Sterling a favor. No one would play for him next year and no sponsors either. By forcing a sale now, there is minimal economic damage, the players / coach will stay, sponsors will be back and the buyer is purchasing a playoff contender.