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All In Agenda: Big money wins big

All In Agenda for Wednesday, April 2

1. Big money won big on Wednesday after the Supreme Court ruled to do away with some campaign finance limits. Guest host Alex Wagner is joined by Legal Affairs Correspondent, Nina Totenberg, Professor at Harvard Law School, Lawrence Lessig, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

2. Trying to get a job when you're homeless is tough. One Arizona woman is facing child abuse charges after leaving her kids in the car while she went inside for a job interview. How is this any indication that the safety net is working? Alex Wagner discusses with President & CEO at Coalition for the Homeless, Mary Brosnahan.

3. On Wednesday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced his alternative to Obamacare. When will the governor recognize the law of the land? Alex Wagner is joined by MSNBC Contributor Michael Steele, President of Demos, Heather McGehee, and National Reporter at Washington Post Robert Costa.