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All In Agenda: The families you see on TV

All In Agenda for Friday, April 4.

1. Breaking news is developing tonight in the Chris Christie bridge scandal.

2. Ari Melber is joined by Shaun McCutcheon, the plaintiff in the Supreme Court's major campaign finance case decided on Wednesday.

3. Where your money gets you when you contribute to certain conservative campaigns.

4.  Have you seen this Honey Maid commercial featuring a same-sex couple and their son? After some responded negatively, Honey Maid released this (now viral) tear-jerker. 

5. David Letterman will retire in 2015! Who is next? Joining Ari Melber to discuss are Professor of Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University, Robert Thompson, Contributor to CBS Sunday Morning, Nancy Giles, and Comedy writer, Julie Klausner.