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Let Me Start: A Biden in 2016

Looks like all of your 'Biden 2016' paraphernalia won't be going to waste! That is, if you're in Delaware... that, plus other headlines we're following today.


  • What would a Mitch McConnell-led Senate look like if the GOP takes the majority this fall? According to this roundup from our friend Chris Cillizza, there are three key ideas McConnell has proposed that paint a vivid picture. (Washington Post)
  • "The GOP establishment is wasting no time declaring war on Rand Paul's presidential ambitions," writes Sahil Kapur--that's something we've been noticing here too at Hardball as Paul drops hints about his 2016 ambitions. The question now is if the GOP is prepared for another drawn-out primary fight in the national spotlight...and who would they choose to lead the party instead? (Talking Points Memo)
  • Speaking of 2016, what's Texas Gov. Rick Perry up to lately? Handling some legal problems, it seems... (NY Times)
  • A former Arizona county sheriff who was also a vocal supporter for Cliven Bundy during the Bundry Ranch standoff is backtracking on comments he made about using a woman as a human shield in case federal officials fired on protesters. (Talking Points Memo)
  • If you had bets on a Biden running for office in 2016, you'd be a winner--but it's not the Biden you're probably thinking of... (NBC News)

WHAT WE'RE WATCHING: Pope Francis gave two kids a ride around the Vatican aboard the Popemobile!


  • QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Mr. Met's head is not only too big to fit through the metal detector, but also has just enough screws and washers and other tiny metal fragments inside of it to trigger the handheld." -AJ Mass, a former Mr. Met (the mastcot for the New York Mets), recounts is showdown with the Secret Service in 1997 (Politico)
  • SELFIE OF THE DAY: Vice President Biden joined Instagram yesterday and concluded the day with a selfie from his and a familiar face...