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All In Agenda: ACA party!

All In Agenda for Tuesday, April 1

1. According to the White House, more than 7 million Americans have signed up for Obamacare. Cause for celebration? Steve Kornacki is joined by MSNBC Senior Political Analyst, David Axelrod to discuss.

2. A new poll shows that 49% of Americans are in support of Obamacare, while 48% are opposed. It's a new high for Obamacare. Is perception of the Affordable Care Act shifting? Steve Kornacki tackles this question with Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear.

3. Paul Ryan released his fiscal 2015 budget on Tuesday. What does it do for poor and working-class Americans? David Cay Johnston joins All In to discuss.

4. All In with Chris Hayes turned 1 today. It's a celebration.