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Decryptomaddowlogical #83

The oil-spill-on-purpose edition

A little Decryptomaddowlogical diversion while you wait for tonight's clips to process.

On Friday's show we learned that according to a National Research Council report, we do not yet know how to drill for oil safely in the Arctic. Never an industry to allow a little thing like the lack of adequate clean-up technology to get in the way, Arctic oil exploration is proceeding apace. Part of the strategy for learning how to deal with spills in that environment is the suggestion that they try an oil-spill-on-purpose.

"The report finds that there is a need to validate current and emerging oil spill response technologies under these real-world conditions, and recommends that carefully controlled field experiments that release oil in the U.S. Arctic be conducted as part of a long-term, collaborative Arctic oil spill research and development program that spans local, state, and federal levels."

Given the industry's spotty track record on clean-up, we might consider this exercise a...

Decryptomaddowlogical #83

As you may recall from when we did these puzzles with greater regularity, we want to avoid spoilers here on this page, so instead, when you get the answer or if you need a clue, take it to the Boasts, Blurting and Bewildered thread.