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Senate candidate wields gun in campaign video

In a new light-hearted web video, Bob Quast promises to defend every inch of the U.S. Constitution if residents elect him to the Senate in November.

A new independent candidate for U.S. Senate in Iowa has a unique suggestion for the terms of a debate he's proposing: If his Democratic opponent leaves his "elite law degree" in Washington, Bob Quast will leave his gun at home.

In a lighthearted web video, Quast promises to defend every inch of the U.S. Constitution if residents elect him to the Senate in November, and he wants to establish term limits for members of Congress as the 28th amendment to the Constitution.

"I believe in every aspect of our Constitution, which even a baby knows includes the Second Amendment," he said in the web-only video, which as of this writing had racked up more than 3,000 views. Quast said he filmed the video in two days for less than $1,000.

Quast is so passionate about his right to bear arms, he appears with his Glock pistol throughout the ad. At one point, he wields the weapon and delivers a warning to any potential predator: Harm my family and I'll "blow your balls off."

Quast, 44, of Blue Grass, Iowa, left his job with the U.S. Army Contracting Command in February and declared his intent to campaign as an independent candidate. He also runs Custom Limousines & Exotic Cars, a business he started 24 years ago as a class project in college.

"I hope people understand that I'm a serious candidate with the ability to solve any and every problem we currently have in this country based on my passion for what I do and compassion for people," Quast told msnbc.

Since February, Quast has met thousands of people and traveled to more than half of the counties in his home state, he said. He officially began raising money on April 1 through an online PayPal account. But he hasn't returned to the website to check the amount of money that has been donated to his campaign.

He has hired a treasurer and is hoping to find campaign and fundraising managers. Quast wouldn't reveal how many supporters he has gained around the state.

Quast isn't the first congressional hopeful to use firearms -- and humor -- as promotional materials ahead of the midterm elections. Will Brooke, a congressional candidate from Alabama, took aim (literally) at the Affordable Care Act in his "Let's do some damage" spot.

Quast's opponents in Iowa include Democratic candidate Bruce Braley and five Republicans. They are vying for the seat currently held by longtime Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin.

Before concluding the video, he invites Braley to a public debate before the state's June 3 primary election.

"I'm going to poke fun throughout this campaign," Quast told msnbc, "to myself and others."