'Toxic mess': Clash at impeachment trial over what Trump knew

In this “The Beat Breakdown: Trump on Trial”, MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber reports the key moments from the Democrats case against Trump, including showing key evidence that aligns with Rep. Adam Schiff’s dramatic closing. Melber also shows how Democrats are arguing Trump obstructed Congress, and the limits of a new Trump defense from Sen. Graham that carries echoes of the sitcom “Seinfeld.” (MSNBC Digital Exclusive.)

'Danger,' 'despot,' 'liars': See Trump trial opening argument by Dem prosecutors

In this report on Wednesday, the third day of Trump’s impeachment trial and the first day of the substantive opening arguments, MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber breaks down the key moments. Melber analyzes the high stakes debate over witnesses and shows the top clips of prosecutors making their opening case to convict by presenting evidence the President abused power. Melber notes the importance of this “new and substantive stage” of the trial and why some senate jurors may not seriously be weighing all of the evidence. (MSNBC Digital Exclusive.)

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Impeachment: Trump on Trial

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Impeachment nightmare: Giuliani testifying is now ‘scariest’ outcome for Trump

A new House subpoena for Rudy Giuliani could be ‘the scariest news’ for Trump in a potential impeachment trial, because he may have to tell all and not be protected by attorney-client privilege, explains former DOJ official Neal Katyal. “There isn't going to be an effective privilege,” Katyal says, analyzing why not only Giuliani, but other lawyers allegedly involved in Trump’s plan against Biden, may all have to testify. MSNBC Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber and Katyal discuss why lawyers are less protected from testifying when they are asked about things they didn’t do in their capacity as lawyers, discussing the hypothetical of a lawyer doing a side job for Uber or task rabbit.