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Trump 'will do anything' to win because his 'freedom' might 'be on the line'

Trump aide Rudy Giuliani is making headlines after admitting he asked Ukraine to ‘go after Biden,’ a statement at the center of the “urgent” whistleblower complaint. Former FBI agent Josh Campbell argues Trump “has to win” to preserve his freedom, and he is willing to “do whatever it takes,” even accepting foreign meddling.

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See Obama official tell off Trump’s 'snowflake presidency'

Former Acting Solicitor General, Neal Katyal, criticizes the Trump administration for denying a Harvard student entry to the U.S. Katyal slams Trump for his ‘snowflake presidency,’ arguing he does not know how to ‘celebrate disagreement’ after the student was questioned when an agent found opposing views from the incoming students’ Facebook friend list. Katyal also fact checks the second amendment, arguing the GOP is ‘hiding’ behind the law to authorize ownership of assault style weapons.