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New NRA ad asks, 'Do you still believe in good guys?'

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre introduced a hard-hitting television ad for gun advocates at the annual convention in Indianapolis over the weekend.
2014 NRA Convention
Attendees check out booths in the exhibit hall at the NRA's annual convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 26, 2014.

Gun owners are the good guys -- that's the message the National Rifle Association is hoping television audiences will take away from a hard-hitting new ad released by the pro-gun organization this weekend. 

Unveiled by Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre at the 2014 NRA annual meeting in Indianapolis, the ad asks viewers, "Do you still believe in the good guys because you are surrounded by a world where mad men are famous and good ones forgotten?"

The ad, which is narrated by three characters, shows images of cities and suburbs with an intense script and dramatic music. 

"Because you are surrounded by a world where mad men are famous and good ones forgotten, doors are locked and streets have gone silent," the ad states.

The female narrator describes the world as a place "where filthy crimes go unpunished and killers and con-artists prey upon anyone who still follows the rules."

The narrative and images in the ad convey the gun lobby's message of civic duty, indicating that upholding the right to carry a handgun "takes courage" and fighting for the Second Amendment requires "a special kind of backbone to reject the world that surrounds you."

"That’s what it means to believe in America," a male narrator says. "It’s time to believe in the good guys again."

Depicting the "good guys" as soldiers, teachers, and parents who carry guns in their homes, the ad highlights its call to action towards the end: to join the "five million men and women of the National Rifle Association."