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Team Boehner posts 'How I Met Your Mother' GIFs to explain budget

The office of House Speaker John Boehner takes a few jabs at Democrats in a post using GIFs from How I Met Your Mother.
John Boehner
U.S. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) departs a press conference December 12, 2013 in Washington, DC.

It’s no April Fools’ Joke. Team John Boehner took jabs at Democrats using GIFs from How I Met Your Mother.On Tuesday, one day after the much-talked about TV series finale, the Speaker’s office created a list in Buzzfeed’s community space, open to members of the public. It’s titled, “7 How I Met Your Mother GIFs That Perfectly Explain The U.S. Budget Process.”

Although there’s no requirement forcing lawmakers to draft one, the highest-ranking Republican mocked Dems for not passing budget plan.

One GIF shows Jason Segel’s character smacking Neil Patrick Harris across the face along with the caption, “We’ve tried to knock some sense into Senate Democrats.” Another one displays Harris grinning with two thumbs up alongside the tagline, “Have House Republicans proposed a budget?”

Boehner's office confirmed the post is, in fact, from them and not an April Fools Day prank.

"We always look for new and engaging ways to reach out to the American people," an aide to Speaker Boehner told msnbc.

Team Boehner also called out Dems on Twitter, pointing them to this HIMYM “intervention.”

Though House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan said he won’t be doing any teasing of his own.

"I'm not knocking Patty Murray for not bringing up a budget because we do have a budget agreement in place," Ryan recently told NBC’s Luke Russert.

Ryan and Senate Budget Chair Patty Murray, a Democrat, brokered the two-year agreement.