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Statement from Americans for Prosperity today

Statement from Americans for Prosperity

We asked Americans for Prosperity today about their campaigns in various states to attach surcharges to renewable energy or repeal standards for utility companies to use it. The full statements from Levi Russell of AFP are below.

On the new surcharge for solar in Oklahoma, signed into law tonight by Governor Mary Fallin:

Most of our involvement on net metering and other state energy issues has been on the ground though grassroots engagement, less in the airwaves through paid advertising. Our state directors have been weighing in on energy legislation through office visits in their state houses. AFP activists are very engaged on energy issues; they're overwhelmingly opposed to government policies that restrict their access to affordable energy. 

On the failed effort to repeal the 2009 law Kansas passed to require that utility companies get 20 percent of their power from renewable sources:

We're currently calling on state governments to repeal their renewable portfolio standards. Our Kansas chapter has been very active in opposing Kansas’s renewable portfolio standard.  Led by our state director Jeff Glendening, AFP-KS has spent just over $300K on a campaign that calls on the state legislature to repeal its RPS. The campaign involves TV, radio, direct mail, online, phone calls.  The significance of being the first state in the nation to repeal the RPS would be a major achievement for the state legislature and for the Kansas families and businesses who will benefit with greater access to more affordable energy and less burdensome regulations.  Clearly, the state legislatures in Oklahoma and Kansas are leading the way towards a more competitive energy policy and a stronger economy. Lawmakers in other states would be wise to follow suit.

We'll post video from the segment after it's ready. 

UPDATE: The segment from Monday night: