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Week in Geek: Our baby UniverseWhat we're reading: Monday, April 1, 2013As Rubio goes wobbly, immigration deal nearsGOP sees background checks as 'a bridge too far'US sends F-22 jets to South KoreaNever is a long timeLet Me Start: Run, Hillary, run?Must read: Oops! Macy's mistaken 'super buy'Cardinal Timothy Dolan: Church can't be 'anti-anybody'The Company Memo: Monday, April 1, 2013Chris' list: Most valuable MLB teamsNorth Korea's road to nuclear weaponsAdam Sandler's influence on Sue EverhartA bill to 'nowhere?'In Latino outreach, policy mattersRed Sox, Yankees honor Newtown victims on Opening DaySenate immigration deal is so close, and yet so farDoing infrastructure rightPresidents & the first pitch of baseball seasonTop Links: Rubio may want to read up on what Gallup says about the GOP and 'compromise'Death penalty sought in James Holmes caseAn excerpt from David Stockman's "The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America"Monday's campaign round-upHappy April Fools from the White HouseOhio's AG keeps contraception fight aliveAn excerpt from Ezekiel Emanuel's "Brothers Emanuel"Must-Read Op-Eds for April 1, 2013North Korea a 'tinderbox'Word geek challenge: Name that hatAtlanta cheating scandal puts national education policy on trialCaroline Kennedy tapped for an AmbassadorshipHouse working group to unveil immigration planGeorgia Republican Sue Everhart, warns same-sex marriage 'all about a free ride'The GOP's occasional embrace of social engineeringAs ADHD numbers skyrocket, surge of questions and costs tooWalker's weak excusePennsylvania's Casey joins the marriage bandwagonLimbaugh's Easter message: Obama 'inspires racism'First Word: Real immigration reform getting closer?White supremacist group possibly involved in slaying of Texas DAGOP legislature overrides Arkansas governor's voter ID vetoTennessee bill: Welfare benefits depend on child's school performanceMedicaid hardball in MississippiIs the Arkansas pipeline spill a glimpse into our oil-soaked future?GOP Rep. opposes the idea of his own son's right to marryMonday's Mini-Report'Nature is our teacher and the parks are our classroom'We have to worry about North KoreaMoms mobilize as the Senate gets ready to debate gun controlDespite public support, background checks are an obstacle for gun reformBehind the scenes of MSNBC's new show 'All In'Ahead on the 4/1 Maddow showThe politician-to-pundit route: Scott Brown to guest host 'The O'Reilly Factor'The stuck ship bluesWhy the GOP should embrace George W. (Because he was right about immigration)The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/01/13Sanford wins: With GOP primary victory, the former gov takes another step on the comeback trailOut on a Limbaugh: President Obama inspired racism in Easter Sunday serviceFat profits at NCAA while athletes play for freeLinks for the 4/1 TRMSO'Donnell: GOP establishment, Catholic Church have dug in against marriage equalityBlood or guts? The senators brave enough to fight for the assault weapons banWatch: Author of 'Clean' on fighting drug addictionWhat we're reading: Tuesday, April 2, 2013#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnersMorning Maddow: April 2International threats renew debate on missile defenseLet Me Start: Democracy in inactionToo Young to Die: Maximilian WaltersAn excerpt from Julia Sweeney's "If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother"Connecticut lawmakers agree on gun control while Congress flailsHow to lose the futureRick Perry's post-policy approach to MedicaidChris' list: Optimal music for the gymMust read: 'Marry young,' columnist writesThe Company Memo: Tuesday, April 2, 2013Culture war turns towards sex-edLawmakers arrested in alleged NYC mayoral election corruption schemeGOP run-off in SC tonight: Where will Sanford land?Connecticut gets bipartisan deal on gun reform; backlash still on in rural New YorkImmigration reform doesn't need Rubio as badly as he needs itGetting it doneThe manufactured outrage over 'politicized worship'#TDRGoodMorning Challenge WinnersTennessee to poor students: Improve your grades, or else!Delaware's Carper announces support for marriage equalityTop Links: Mark Sanford hikes the Appalachian runoff todayVermont governor: How Obamacare is helping my stateTuesday's campaign round-upMust-Read Op-Eds for April 2, 2013Are evangelicals going to divorce the GOP?Nelson, get your gun: Georgia town mandates gun ownershipGOP's Mario Diaz-Balart calls on both parties to stop 'politicizing' immigrationAnd then there were twoAll In with Chris Hayes: 3 "awesomest" things on the internet #Click3Can Obama's new panel defuse the voting wars?Gay marriage: 2 out of 45 GOP senators ain't bad?Is Chicago cops' new strategy driving the murder rate down?NRA's 'Shield Program' calls for more guns in schoolsA country that can still think bigHow healthy are American women?President Obama unveils new initiative for brain researchEditor of The Nation: GOP at risk of 'committing political suicide'World Bank President wants to wipe out extreme poverty by 2030President seeks to revive gun reform momentumKaren Finney named new MSNBC weekend hostWhat Republicans used to believe on gunsHas feminism fallen?WATCH: Michelle Obama's emotional tribute to Jackie Robinson's widowFirst Word: Another GOP senator supports marriage equalityChristie challenger Barbara Buono to focus on social issuesWhat troubles Ted Cruz about 'changes in climate'AP drops 'illegal immigrant' phraseTuesday's Mini-ReportWashington, can you hear me? Do you care that all those kids died?Not an April Fools' joke: Georgia celebrates Confederate History MonthAutism awareness rising as world 'lights it up blue'Associated Press stops using term 'illegal immigrant'Cutting back teachers, unemployment benefits, and more: National sequester brings local painVery Last Word: Rhyming politics with Ari and Krystal!Mapping the human brainTell us your #DirtyTechSecrets. (And don't pretend not to have any.)Lindsey Graham explains the Washington obstructionism in nine wordsAhead on the 4/2 Maddow showGOP trumps Dems on social media, for better or for worseIs abortion headed back to the Supreme Court?Does Obama's BRAIN initiative have a chance?The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/02/13Mark Sanford wins runoff for S.C seat. Why do some pols get a second chance?GOP outreach to African-American voters: 'It's going to take more' than talkLinks for the 4/2 TRMSSeinfeld's 'Soup Nazi' speaks out against gun manufacturer'I don't represent the NRA,' says 'School Shield' study directorPoll: Americans care more about creating jobs than cutting debtAmericans favor stricter control over gun rightsWhat we're reading: Wednesday, March 3, 2013Morning Maddow: April 3Sanford's success sets stage for S.C. showdownLet Me Start: Hillary returnsWatch: Mark Sanford thanks South Carolina for giving me 'another shot'NOW Today: A state issue?Finding support for background checks in unexpected placesChris' list: Star-studded White House concert line-upMust read: What's it like to be a real-life mermaid?The Company Memo: Wednesday, April 3, 2013'What people want'The 3 awesomest things on the Internet #Click3Arms Treaty creates strange bedfellowsTennessee's nutty new Senate primary planRutgers fires basketball coach Mike Rice after video airsHillary Clinton back in limelight with women empowerment speechGOP targets sex education for teensJindal's radical tax plan not yet deadWednesday's campaign round-upWatch: 'This thing works,' says Colorado governor on new gun lawColorado Gov: Gun control won't stop my re-electionHillary Clinton's return: Is she running?Is a background check by any other name still a background check?Will health care reform raise insurance premiums?Rutgers fires coach after video shows abuse of playersFirst Word: Obama stumping for gun control in ColoradoPhil Jackson: I've 'never run into' a gay athlete in my NBA careerPriebus's RNC rebranding effort takes a detourBack to the future: Virginia Republican wants anti-sodomy laws on the booksRachel at Amherst CollegeArizona Democrats against the law of the gunNext stage in the culture war: official state religionsThe law of politics: Unemployment, Greece, gay rightsSome Americans actually believe Obama is the anti-ChristMichigan GOP may soon consider more anti-union measuresRutgers under fire for not letting abusive basketball coach go soonerObama, Hagel take voluntary pay cutsLegislators 'hunted' with threats from pro-gun activistsIt's official: The Cycle has a new co-hostWednesday's Mini-ReportStudent protests defeat private prison bid to name college stadiumHarry Reid can't ban the AR-15–but Maryland mightThis is where we are with guns in this country: 'Second Amendment remedies'Very Last Word: Brokering a deal to save a childObama: 'Colorado has shown us that practical progress is possible'Schools shouldn't look 'like an armed camp': Educators and safety experts reject NRA-funded planReport: States with weaker gun laws have more gun violence. No brainer? Or politics as usual?Gun rights, polygamy & bestiality, Rep. Gohmert ties it all togetherExxon meets privately with oil spill victims, but makes no promises'Promised Land'? Fight continues for workers who marched with MLKAhead on the 4/3 Maddow showThe sequester isn't hurting the well-off or the political class. But it's still a crisis.Hagel sets tone, outlines challenges in first major policy speechThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/03/13Very Last Word: The Asa Hutchinson trialRewriting the 'classic Irish' feud between Limbaugh and O'ReillyWill conservatives forgive Sanford for being unfaithful to their ideas?Texas Republican links gun reform to same-sex marriage, bestialityJenny Sanford may be the key to her ex-husband's electoral chancesLinks for the 4/3 TRMSErrors and fake 'evidence': Debunking the NRA school safety planWhat we're reading: Thursday, April 4, 2013Morning Maddow: April 4Cuccinelli hopes to protect anti-sodomy lawNOW Today: Feeling the pinchFrom prison to the NFL: Exonerated Brian Banks signs deal with FalconsHillary Clinton is back in the public eyeLet Me Start: How real a threat?Jobless claims see unexpected spikeSlideshow: On the road with Andrea MitchellThat's not what 'hypocrisy' meansScarborough: States have the right to regulate abortion clinicsThe Company Memo: Thursday, April 4, 2013WATCH: The real GOP autopsy? Party tells it like it isMust read: 'My dinner with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'Nullification must never be on the tableChris' list: Viral music videosTinfoil Hats, Black Helicopters, and the Politics of ParanoiaTop Links: Welcome to the Jim DeMint Era at Heritage — and in American politicsBigotry trips up GOP voucher plansLaw and Politics: Are you new here?Thursday's campaign round-upHistoric fast food strike draws lessons from MLK's last campaignRNC chair takes down Dems, Planned Parenthood, liberal media - and infanticide - in one breathFear of the youth vote, now in North CarolinaConnecticut senator wants Newtown families 'face to face' with CongressSri Srinivasan's uncertain futurePresident Obama to take salary cut—who's next?Watch Stephen Colbert start a fight with Morning JoeSequester sympathizers: Obama, Kerry, Hagel give up part of salariesRep. Castro's message to Gov. Perry on Medicaid expansion: 'Do the right thing'Connecticut leads the way, passes historic gun control billOne story, one network, two reactionsFirst Word: Obama pushing for 2014 midtermsThe Law of the RingMayoral March MadnessIt's hard to see Rutgers mired in another scandal, says one current student#Click3: Bob Costas shows off rapping skillsPublic attitudes on marijuana shifting quicklyPics: Guns at a gun safety rallyACLU: Debtors' prisons are alive and well in MidwestMark Kelly and Gabby Giffords hold out hope for gun controlWill the GOP block Obama's judicial pick yet again?Kid President claims the Oval Office (for a bit)Chelsea Clinton: 'We can't leave a gender behind'Gohmert logic: We can't restrict high-capacity gun magazines because gay marriage leads to bestialityWould Reagan support same-sex marriage? Daughter says yesVery Last Word: On football and raising kids in NYCYou're invited: 'Andrea Mitchell Reports' turns five!Economics 101 still not sinking inRoger Ebert (1942-2013)The Republican candidate that is great news for DemocratsObama cagey on climate change at fundraisersHuckabee doubles down on myth that Nazis confiscated gunsThursday's Mini-Report'This is my life right now': Grieving families join the gun-control fightColbert Busch will target Sanford's other indiscretionsTick-tock: Sen. Bill Nelson latest Dem to support gay marriageAhead on the 4/4 Maddow showPersonal foul: The rightwing reaction to Mike Rice abuse videoIn search of a 'wonder drug'? Why students are misusing Adderall and other stimulantsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/04/13College sports: Rice, Rutgers and a broken systemKid President meets President Obama!Watch: Matthews and gun advocate clash over background checks'The happiest moment in my life': Malala edu. grant to aid Pakistani girlsLinks for the 4/4 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #34What we're reading: Friday, April 5, 2013The awesomest things on the Internet #click3Morning Maddow: April 5Florida's Nelson creates marriage-equality majority in SenateAn excerpt from Jim Wallis' "On God's Side"Watch: Woman reopens abortion clinic at site of slain doctor's centerToo Young to Die: LeAngelo Crumby-FordPresident to OK cuts to Social SecurityJob totals stumble to 10-month lowVideo: Here's to five great years!Economic stall: Paltry 88,000 jobs added in MarchObama budget includes concessions, seeks GOP dealLet Me Start: A Grand Bargain?From world leaders to rock stars, Andrea Mitchell's best interviewsOpposition to gay marriage falls away (even in Dixie)Court demands expanded access to morning-after pillObama elicits groans for dubbing California attorney general 'best looking'And then there were fourTop links: Why the bad jobs report? It's the payroll tax, stupidTime for radical action on GuantanamoSequestration takes a toll on cancer patients, MedicareHillary points to 'unfinished business' in second public speechNY congressman to Rubio: You voted against our relief aid, 'forget' fundraising hereThe rightwing might like Coach Rice's behavior, but Rutgers shouldn't have ignored itObama stirs controversy in CaliforniaFriday's campaign round-upWho is Kim Jong Un?Changing clips sometimes takes more than 'a second'#TDRGoodMorning from the internet gods at BuzzfeedThe final four: Democratic hold-outs on gay marriageJames Carville suggests Obama may be in trouble with his wifeThe right's lingering '47 percent' problemHuman Trafficking: Not just an international problemGOP voting crackdown in NC threatens minoritiesChuck Todd wants YOU on The Daily RundownSelf-imposed sequestration: Obama cabinet follows suit on pay cutsBlue dot letters: North Carolina disappearing down rabbit holeSurprising facts behind fast food strikeMaryland governor uses state gun control victory to push for national reformOverhauling international food aidSorry! Obama apologizes after saying CA official is 'best looking'Obama should not cave on Keystone XL pipeline without winning some key concessionsHesitant about marriage equality, Supreme Court? Follow the millennials' leadFewer Americans are working--or even looking for work. Why?Boehner rejects Obama budget, sight unseenFrom Beast to feast: Mike D's Sandy relief food truckBeijing knows that Kim Jong Un 'has gone too far,' Susan Rice saysObama enrages progressives with rumored budget cuts to Social SecurityMeet the Democratic 'final four' holdouts on marriage equalityPlan B: Court fixes Obama's morning-after misstepThe evolution of Ben Carson's apologyUN condemns Guantanamo: 'Clear breach of international law'Friday's Mini-Report'Our siblings are married. Our friends are married. We don't see why we shouldn't have the same rights as they do.'Very Last Word: Martin Short has one more thing to sayObama should not compromise on Social SecurityHolder vows to protect voting rights regardless of Supreme Court decisionAhead on the 4/5 Maddow showWithout jobs, college grads head for 'debtors' prisonHow the 'chained CPI' works--and why critics call it a benefits cutThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/05/13West, DeMint, and Walsh: Have they learned anything?Same-sex marriage: A mother-daughter talkFAA traffic control temporarily spared--but other sequester cuts are already hurting millionsLinks for the 4/5 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #35Fans remember Selena's legacy in her Texas home townLiving legends of civil rights on the struggles of the past, and the futureThis Week in GodProgressive fears confirmed with new Obama budgetFBI visits home of ex-CIA Director David PetraeusRepublicans angry at Beyonce, Jay-Z for supporting 'murderous' regime in Cuba tripObama pushes jobs after outcry to proposed benefits cutsTying welfare benefits to school grades teaches the wrong lessonEmbassies staying put in North Korea despite tensionWhy we should all drop the term 'illegal immigrant'Nelson Mandela returns home from hospitalHappy New Beers Eve!Sequester cuts into cancer treatmentWeek in Geek, weird nature editionKerry mourns 25-year-old 'idealistic' diplomat killed in AfghanistanLindsey Graham optimistic on immigration reformHow the 'Daily Show' co-creator uses Twitter to hone her comedyEffect of cutting payroll tax break seen in dismal job numbersWhite House budget puts Obama behind Democratic party lines#Click3: The greatest from the world wide webAn excerpt from Cass Sunstein's "Simpler: The Future of Government"Must-Read Op-Eds for April 8, 2013What we're reading: Monday, April 8, 2013Morning Maddow: April 8'Ideas that work' for whom?'Iron Lady' Margaret Thatcher dead at 87NOW Today: Agenda & legacyThe gun debate GOP senators are afraid to haveLet Me Start: The Obama AgendaChris' list: States where gas prices are plungingThe point behind the 'Kabuki'The Company Memo: Monday, April 8, 2013Margaret Thatcher dies at age 87UN chemical weapons team set to deploy to SyriaReid's periodic filibuster-reform threats continueVice President Joe Biden joins Morning Joe on ThursdayTop Links: Remembering 'Maggie': Margaret Thatcher, 1925-2013It's Thatcher's world. We're just living in itFirst Word: Margaret Thatcher has died at age 87The scourge of state-mandated liesChelsea Clinton never saying never to running for officeMargaret Thatcher's death a conservative rallying call for Texas congressmanConservatives mourn death of Margaret ThatcherA post-policy test for Arkansas' GOPMcCain blasts fellow Republicans' threats to filibuster gun control, 'What are we afraid of?'#TDRGoodMorning from Utah's Trivia Mafia Players"Iron Lady" remembered as tough but effective leaderToday on The Cycle: President Obama looks to revive the gun debateTop reasons why gun legislation may get its day in CongressAt the intersection of ACORN and scare quotesNewtown dad: Do you actually believe this will never happen to you?How we get hooked to the 'holy trinity' of salt, sugar, and fatDamned if he does; damned if he doesn'tLGBT activists jump into immigration fray, seeking same-sex partner protections, rightsObama fires back as GOP threatens to derail gun controlAs temperatures rise, so does number of Americans who careSenate madness championship match-upWhy the Republican Party is the party of ThatcherNRA and LaPierre are 'clowns at the circus,' says Connecticut governorThen there were 3: Sen. Tim Johnson backs gay marriageSitting on a surplus, North Dakota wants federal funds to pay for floodsRecalling Margaret Thatcher: True friend with true gritTotally wrong? Sorry! NRA school safety task force apologizes for error in reportRand Paul heads to Howard University for GOP minority outreachNew Mexico's Martinez vetoes bill for gay soldiers' families'Illegal' immigrants? No: an action can be illegal, but a person isn't.5 ways Margaret Thatcher shaped U.S. policyKeystone XL Pipeline is 'dangerous' and 'unnecessary'Burma begins journey towards a free and open pressBlack Comedy: Oil Spill Through the Gift ShopSandy Hook families set to lobby WashingtonAhead on the 4/8 Maddow showRep. Allyson Schwartz throws her hat into PA gov raceExxon, too big to care (plus a chart challenge!)Sex-change surgery shouldn't get coverage, says Rep. Broun, because 'I like being a boy'Hollywood, get it right: Thatcher is worthy of respect and admirationObama's plea: Tell Congress to put children's safety ahead of the NRAThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/08/13Oil industry's best: paper towelsWhile Obama speaks to grieving survivors, NRA president visits gun makersThe real Thatcher: What she believed in was not liberty but powerBeyoncé and Jay-Z rewrite the crime of traveling to CubaLinks for the 4/8 TRMSRadical 'heartbeat' abortion bans aim straight for RoeO'Donnell brainstorms 'Veep' episodes with Julia Louis-DreyfusO'Donnell: 'Margaret Thatcher the socialist was forgotten long before she was gone'Cocktail Moment: Brandy AlexanderDecryptomaddowlogical #36Turn, turn, turnWhat we're reading: Tuesday, April 9, 2013Morning Maddow: April 9Obama: Newtown deserves a vote; McConnell: NoThe other party of Thatcher: The Democrats and New LabourLet Me Start: Gun BattleToo Young to Die: Evan ColquittThere's more than one way to read a pollThe name that should not be spokenVirginia's Sen. Kaine tells Senate not to 'worry about the NRA'Rubio joins chorus of Republicans ripping Jay-Z and Beyonce's Cuba tripThe Company Memo: Tuesday, April 9, 2013The list: Worst cities for allergy sufferersJindal scraps regressive tax planThose who wait the longest to voteSantorum in denial? America will NEVER back gay marriageTAPE: McConnell staff discussed attacking Ashley Judd's mental health#CLICK3: Cher LivesHow a bill doesn't become a lawTop Links: McConnell hops aboard GOP's filibuster bandwagon. Hope they see that cliff ahead.McConnell-brand hardballGOP golden child loses his sparkle: Jindal drops plan to scrap state income taxFirst Word: President Obama calling out the GOP filibusterTuesday's campaign round-upMargaret Thatcher's complicated legacyBill Clinton, meet Twitter. Twitter, meet @PrezBillyJeffEnglish miners celebrate Margaret Thatcher's death, while U.S. conservatives mourn14 GOP senators stand in the way of gun controlPutting a price tag on immigration reformWhy caring for children is not just a parent's job'A disservice to New Orleans, America and the truth'10 years ago today: Saddam Hussein statue toppled in BaghdadToday in North Carolina: Drug testing for welfareIt's free cone day at Ben & Jerry'sOn this date in history: Marian Anderson sings at Lincoln MemorialGetting the gun debate started in earnest#TDRGoodMorning From The World of AnimationWomen aren't fighting for equal pay, new study saysCHART: On 'Equal Pay Day,' women still earn less than menEven praise to a female politicians' appearance may hurt her campaignMayor Bloomberg's anti-gun violence group to rank lawmakers with letter gradesEqual pay stalled over Paycheck Fairness ActTeam McConnell responds with loud noisesInhofe: gun debate has nothing to do with Newtown familiesLiberals turn on Obama, march to White House in fight for Social SecurityBiden embarrassed by 'mind-boggling' GOP filibuster threatHarry Reid draws the line: Senate to vote on gun control ThursdayDid Sarah Palin just compare herself to Margaret Thatcher?Tuesday's Mini-ReportAnother 'Clinton' could make a political comebackLaw and Politics: Washington's balanced budget biasMayo Clinic president on how to improve health careOn gun control, we need to first get a runner on baseMcConnell's Ashley Judd tape shows lack of 'real moral leadership'Very Last Word: The socialist side of British conservatism4 million people wrongfully foreclosed on. Can they get their houses back?Ahead on the 4/9 Maddow showThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/09/13Ashley Judd smear tape: Is McConnell victim of 'Nixonian' attack?USA is the world's biggest tax haven--which the GOP should remember while it honors ThatcherSen. Feinstein optimistic on new assault weapons ban: 'I will have a vote'Links for the 4/9 TRMSDecryptomaddowlogical #37New York City?!?! Get a rope!Obama on budget deal: 'Not all these ideas are optimal'What we're reading: Wednesday, April 10, 2013'I will be heard': Daughter of slain Sandy Hook school principalMorning Maddow: April 10Thousands expected to march for immigration reform WednesdayA sudden reversal of fortunes for gun reformThe dust settles on McConnell's furious P.R. pushLet Me Start: High noonSenators: Deal reached on background checksAnother slip-up for the RNC research teamChris' list: The 2013 tax season, by the numbersMust read: What would you pay for a good night's sleep?The Company Memo: Wednesday, April 10, 2013WATCH: Meet the Democrat who won Jesse Jackson Jr.'s seatWhat McConnell considers 'very fair'Can Anthony Weiner overcome 'Weinergate' to run for NY mayor?Ryan warns of a 'status quo' Obama budgetTuesday's foreclosure settlement: A nationwide crime sceneA different kind of problem for Gov. UltrasoundWhat raising a child with the support of community looks likeAdmiral Locklear won't follow Inhofe's scriptTop Links: The chained CPI debate and the Obama budget's last dig at Romney#TDRGoodMorning from Two NJ Animation GurusSenate ready to make a deal, but NRA not so muchPutting automatic voter registration on the tableFirst Word: Senators announce bipartisan deal on background checksWednesday's campaign round-up#click3 Grannies against Keystone'Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead' tops U.K. charts after Thatcher's deathBoehner won't say if background checks bill will get a House voteAn odd approach to compromiseBipartisan deal emerges on background checksWe've heard this one before: Obama offers 'compromise' on new budgetToday in North Carolina: Republicans want to shake off federal shackles, get gifts from lobbyists againSen. Menendez: I have not been interviewed by federal authoritiesRand Paul denies he ever opposed Civil Rights ActRand Paul tripped up by Civil Rights Act once againCompromise on President Obama's budget? 'Not likely'GOP whitewashes true Thatcher legacyObama's budget and the put-up-or-shut-up challengeN. Korea brinkmanship reaches new heightsMarine hides American flag that marked end of the Saddam Hussein eraDick Cheney and 'deep doo doo'Sexting-scandal's Anthony Weiner asks for second chance, may make bid for NYC mayorBipartisan deal on background checks unveiledFour unique voices add to gun debate with BidenA tearful Michelle Obama: 'Hadiya Pendleton was me, and I was her'Forget the euphemisms: Straight talk on the president's budgetWednesday's Mini-Report'Test-and-punish' sabotages quality of children's education1980's playlist: The decade that made usCaring for children: Share your storyHigh-stakes school testing is under fire in TexasWe are redefining the 'center'Alex Wagner on dronesMcConnell calling in a false alarm to try to bury the real storyVery Last Word: GOP senator actually said this to Newtown familiesAhead on the 4/10 Maddow showDaughter of Sandy Hook principal asked Sen. Cruz to do his job: VoteThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/10/13Obama's budget: Trying to 'hit the sweet spot for jobs and growth'Bloomberg gun-control group pulls PA ad after Sen. Toomey's compromiseMake room for the veep...the other veepLinks for the 4/10 TRMS#Click3: LGBT breaks new ground in comicsThe most important liberal you've never heard of: Frances PerkinsDecryptomaddowlogical #38What we're reading: Thursday, April 11, 2013Biden: More of Newtown's 'babies' would be alive if we had limited magazinesSenate to take up gun control (four months) after Sandy HookMorning Maddow: April 11Social Security, Republicans, and post-policy politicsJobless claims improve sharply during tumultuous springScarborough slams 'shameful' GOPer for attacking Obama on entitlement reformThe history Rand Paul struggles to understandPoll: Majority of Americans favor path to citizenshipChris' list: Best place to raise your childThe Company Memo: April 11, 2013Must read: What you probably didn't know about swear wordsAwaiting McConnell's explanationThe wrong strategist, the wrong strategyCould your grandma get a green card today?A court-packing scheme -- in reverseTop Links: Conservative Mickey Kaus goes on a 'search' for Marco Rubio's 'manhood' over immigrationLocal breweries unite to keep water cleanWhen the Speaker becomes the BystanderFirst Word: Can Obama have both immigration reform and gun control?Gun bill overcomes GOP filibuster, advances to debateHello gun-control, goodbye GOP filibusterObama's approval rating drops six points since re-electionSenate deal on citizenship unlikely to please immigrant groupsToomey still not sure about future of the gun billThe far-right line on guns gets unwelcome endorsementMcConnell justifies blocking gun legislation: So uncles can give their nephews gunsNew poll: Public support growing for immigration reformUnion Station, for the windGiffords group supports background checks billNorth Korea: 5 things you need to knowObama lands second-date dinner with GOP senatorsAgreement emerges on immigration reformVoter ID supporters stick to the script -- literallyNRCC's Walden not making many friendsCongress plays 'let's make a deal'Democrat gearing up to oust Bachmann from CongressSocial Security's peculiar partisan problemRebranding effort slams to a halt as RNC considers anti-gay marriage resolutionAnother setback for Cuccinelli's culture warIn defense of President Obama's budgetA decade laterRepublican revival: What the states can teach the national partyProgress Kentucky in the hot seat (again)WATCH: Obama says it's time for North Korea to end its 'belligerent' approachNRA task force chief in bid to turn Arkansas redLiving in the age of austerityThursday's Mini-ReportOvertime pay vs. comp time: Will House bill benefit workers or their bosses?Ahead on the 4/11 Maddow showStakes, hopes high for Obama's second termRepublican rising star Ben Carson steps down as Johns Hopkins commencement speakerThe rock star who's 'embarrassed to be a Republican'I Can't Gib Zombies Any MoreThe week in GOP jaw-droppers...from Noah's Ark to bad pollingSnoop, Rock, and Jay-Z: This week in pop culture politicsAmerican manufacturing: Growing--and changing for the betterGun reform: A senator who voted to allow the debate--but expects to oppose the billAshley Judd smear: Ethics watchdog group files complaint against McConnellThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/11/13#click3: Zap a Corporate Tax EvaderNew Jay-Z song answers Cuba critics and Obama hatersSlideshow: Shared pain over gun deaths 'can help us move forward'The tax that (almost) everyone can loveWhat would Frances Perkins think of the current Social Security debate?Very Last Word: Will New Yorkers forgive Anthony Weiner?Links for the 4/11 TRMSSupport remains high for gay marriage - but opposition growsMore Americans embrace tolerance as goal - except GOPTroubledDecryptomaddowlogical #39What we're reading: Friday, April 12, 2013Obama's former speechwriter on the secrets he learned from his bossMorning Maddow: April 12Ohio GOP imperils Medicaid expansionToo Young to Die: Braydion MatlockChris' list: Richest entertainers in the U.K.Ryan: GOP must not 'abandon' far-right line on reproductive rightsThe Company Memo: Friday, April 12, 2013How not to make friends and influence peopleIs 'Glee's' shooting episode too soon?Must read: What adventure foodies are eating'Self-deportation' can't be rebrandedGabby Giffords, Mark Kelly applaud Senate gun proposal in robocallWatch Steve Kornacki's message to the #UppersEd's comment on flood prep draws fireSocial conservatives' misplaced furyTop Links: So what exactly DO we know about North Korea's missiles? And what does 'moderate confidence' mean?Cutting the deficit and reforming Social Security, that's what the last election was all about, right? (Hint: no)Importance of 'Hastert Rule' comes into sharper focusVideo: 'Do everything to stop this' gun bill, conservative group tells CongressFriday's campaign round-upCarol Burnett on breaking comedy's glass ceilingLast-minute tax freak-out? Your questions, answeredKeep the NRA-sponsored race off TV! Senator tells FOX'Let's use the debt limit, yes, as leverage'The gang's all here: Rubio throws weight behind immigration dealDogged pursuit of austerity benefits...guess who?Colorado Sec. of State mad as dickens over bill to make voting easierInside the Morning Joe exclusive interview with Joe BidenFlashback Friday: Col. Jack Jacobs returns to VietnamSequester 'consumes a disproportionate share of our time'On the road to 2016...Jonathan Winters 1925-2013How to turn idealism into actionWhen cynicism rules the dayTouré vs. Anthony Weiner for mayorPaul Ryan compares anti-abortion fight to battle to end slaveryFriday's Mini-ReportGOP reaffirms opposition to marriage equalityIs the GOP on the road to civil war?Very Last Word: Sen. Blumenthal talks gun controlSteve Kornacki's got a friend in Carole KingCongressman pays tribute to Memphis soul and punks the press...all in one tweet.A 'back door' abortion ban? Virginia health board approves new regulationsIn U.S., 326 provisions affecting abortion introduced just this yearAhead on the 4/12 Maddow showPrivate prisons and the profit motiveWATCH: The GOP divide over gay marriageThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/12/13Extended family: How friends and neighbors help our kidsLinks for the 4/12 TRMS#click3 Carole King <3 Up with SteveDecryptomaddowlogical #40This Week in GodNewtown mother: Don't let our tragedy become your tragedyAfrican-Americans don't need a history lesson from Rand PaulHunger strike at Gitmo: 'We are dying a slow death here'Senate plan would deport undocumented immigrants entering US after 2011Meet Tonya Lewis-Taylor, using music to keep kids in schoolHarris-Perry: 'This debate is not about me, but it is about us'Kerry presses China to exert pressure on North KoreaDemocrats distressed over Obama budget, cuts to Social SecurityPop-up federal agencies: Government without bureaucracyKentucky Dem: ProgressKY is 'an embarrassment to politics'Rubio hits immigration message on 7 Sunday showsDemocratic victories on economic issues trail social progressHas the US embargo against Cuba failed?Bill sponsors uncertain if Senate gun legislation has the votesGay couples in red-state America consider bluer pasturesTouré: What went wrong with 'The Accidental Racist'Chicago student: 'Violence will never cease until we find a way to make money out of peace'Steve Case discusses the 'second Internet revolution'Suicide by gun at NRA-sponsored raceCan your genes be patented? Supreme Court weighs genetic testKansas finds a way to enshrine sex discriminationMorning Maddow: April 15'I think it's going to be close'Let Me Start: Gun deal riftsRubio stops hedging, takes the plungeNOW Today: They have a deal?Deadly blasts kill dozens across Iraq ahead of local electionsA 'comfortable' George W. BushMust read: Tech company perksThe Company Memo: Monday, April 15, 2013Rick Santorum cancels visit to IowaChris' list: Most outrageous tax write-offsA terrorist network with a broken backNewtown families face unexpected pushbackGOP offers Obama a chained-CPI off-rampThe politics of paranoia won't go awayMonday's campaign round-upSen. Murphy: Gun advocates want to 'let people shoot it out'Bush: 'Some people are surprised I can even read'North Carolina vote-challengers on fraud claims: Oops?Top Links: The sound and the fury (and the facts) over Obama's 18.4% tax rateHow to steal a billion in taxesWhat caused Rand Paul to 'storm out'Gun-rights group backs Manchin-Toomey amendmentIs supporting the Obama budget bad politics?Delaware joins the gun control conversationLaw and Politics: Obama's new Gitmo problemTRMS headline writing challenge: InfoxicationWhere do your tax dollars go? The WH has an app for thatSupreme Court skips gun rights caseWATCH: Cops' M16 goes missing in PhillyWhen Republicans endorse tax increasesRep: Higher immigration will lead to higher wagesExplosions near finish line at Boston MarathonThe Latest: FBI leads 'potential terrorist investigation' in BostonFirst Word: Explosions rock Boston MarathonImmigration reform will be 'tough in the Senate and even tougher in the House'NYC, Washington tighten security following Boston Marathon explosionsMonday's Mini-ReportKorean nukes: Kerry calls on Pyongyang to stop 'playing this game'Forget Republican pressure on gun control--Boehner has 90% of Americans to worry aboutBoston Marathon deadly blasts: Politicians, public officials reactFinal stretch of Boston Marathon had been dedicated to Newtown victimsObama: Boston perpetrators 'will feel the full weight of justice'Obama: 'All Americans stand with the people of Boston'Waco, Oklahoma City, Boston: What's the deal with Patriots Day?Tonight's coverage of breaking news out of BostonThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/15/13Boston Marathon: Find your loved ones#PrayForBostonThe Boston bombing: Key questions for investigatorsLinks for the 4/15 TRMSMorning Headlines: Terror in BostonMorning Maddow: April 16Search for answers underway in BostonUnveiling of Senate immigration bill postponed after events in BostonLet Me Start: Terror at the Boston MarathonMcCaul isn't helpingWatch: Boston but also NYC, Oklahoma City, Atlanta, SpokaneThe Company Memo: Tuesday, April 16, 2013Popular gun measure struggles to find Senate support'Gang of Eight' unveils bipartisan immigration planMotive unknown: Investigation in Boston bombing continuesCritical question is 'whether this is foreign or domestic' attack: House Homeland Cmte ChairBrennan baffled by Bachmann at briefingObama: 'We are now investigating this as an act of terrorism'Elizabeth Warren pledges: 'Boston will survive'New York City sends love to Boston'Indisputable' evidence of Bush/Cheney tortureGun reform bill at risk for further weakeningOfficials update public on Boston developmentsWatch: Obama calls attack in Boston an 'act of terror'Where Do Your Tax Dollars Go?Steve King sees an opportunityIn Boston, kindness amid the chaosBoston terror attack a 'cowardly thing' to do'I never turned the camera off,' says Globe journalistAround-the-clock vigil honors Va. Tech anniversaryPolice on alert in major US citiesMass. Rep: We will change level of caution for future eventsEast of EdenWhat we know: Inside the Boston bombsHow to help Boston Marathon victims'It was an attack against the American public and our democratic use of the streets.'Gomez finishes Boston Marathon, race for the Senate on pauseAcross the nation, athletes stand in solidarity with Boston'The Excel Error Heard Round the World'Wave of suspicious package reports in a nation on edgeFormer Homeland Security chief warns investigation will be 'very slow' processA story behind the photoTuesday's Mini-ReportCan the London and NYC marathons be made safe?First Word: Pressure cooker bombs in BostonHow to get an F from the NRABoston bombing: 'Someone knows who did this'Desperately seeking Tyler: Boston victim wants to thank her heroFor Boston, messages of support from around the worldAhead on the 4/16 Maddow showTainted letter sent to GOP senatorWe will unite as a country for the people of BostonHow the attack will--and won't--change BostonBoston tragedy: Heroes and helpersThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/16/13Remembering Martin Richard, 8, the face of Boston Marathon attackThe Supreme Court takes up the Fifth Amendment: Is silence proof of guilt?War expertise on display in care of Boston bomb victimsToo Young to Die: Travin VariseLinks for the 4/16 TRMSWhat we're reading: Wednesday, April 17, 2013Morning Maddow: April 17With background checks in the balanceMailing for GOP senator tests positive for ricinLet Me Start: New bomb details emergeMass. Senate race grinds to a halt after Boston bombingManchin: Background check bill 'will not get the votes'New Zealand redefines marriage, fun in legislating (Update: It gets better)The Company Memo: Wednesday, April 17, 2013Poll: Anthony Weiner in second for NYC mayorRepublican response required to Reinhart/RogoffThatcher's union busting paved the way for Murdoch empireRand Paul keeps diggingTop Links: Mark Sanford's new 'trespassing' scandal has conservatives groaning and Tweeters jokingCollins' curious carelessnessRNC embraces Common Core conspiracy theoryObama lukewarm on 'Gang of Eight' immigration planReid changes mind on background checks, 'vote my conscience'Ryan's favorite pro-austerity study filled with 'serious errors'Lone Star State BluesMan arrested for sending suspicious letters to Obama, CongressWednesday's campaign round-upNew NRA ad slams Obama: 'Listen to America's police instead''Dear Congress, I hope you are having a good time'Another setback for the GOP's outreach to womenWatch: Investigative reporter breaks down Gosnell caseEmotions still raw in Okla. City, says former governorBaseball cap clue: Boston bombing investigators have a 'face, not a name'Cruz acknowledges, dismisses realityWe need your eyes on the Tyler Prize (tomorrow)House GOP campaign drops Mark Sanford'Bostonians are a resilient bunch. We're not going to back down. We're going to run it next year. 'Obama: 'This was a pretty shameful day for Washington'54-46: Senators torpedo gun background checksReally? Congressmen connect Boston bombings to anti-immigration reform ideology?American use of torture 'indisputable,' says new, nonpartisan report'Many more patients would have died' if not for rapid responseNRA gets caught lying (again)First Word: 'Solid leads' in Boston bombing case78-year-old runner survives bomb blast on way to finishing Boston MarathonSenate immigration bill: A cautiously optimistic response from pro-reform groupsThe impulse to help is a powerful weapon against terrorismRepublican filibuster kills background-check compromiseHow the gun lobby has already blocked Boston's bombing investigatorsWednesday's Mini-ReportSanford's 'trespass' costs him GOP support - and possibly a winObama condemns a 'shameful day for Washington'Violence and terror: What's the difference?Tucson shooting survivor yells 'shame on you' at senatorsObama says NRA 'lied' as Senate fails on gun safety#click3 Runners run for BostonPhotos: Boston Marathon bombing evidenceAhead on the 4/17 Maddow showRachel and IAVA this SaturdayBoston's national impact: 'This is what modern life is like'The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/17/13Gabrielle Giffords op-ed: 'Senators gave into fear'The scene of the crime in BostonMcConnell mocks gun control failure via Facebook'Your resolve is the greatest rebuke,' Obama says from Boston pulpitLinks for the 4/17 TRMSGov. Patrick visits Martin Richard's family: 'We have all felt their loss'Senate votes down background checksMorning Maddow: April 18North Korea demands end to sanctions in exchange for dialogueBlame where blame is dueWho voted against gun control? Joe and Mika read their namesLet Me Start: Images of bombing suspects to be releasedJobless claims inch higherWatch the Tyler Prize panel discussion here liveArrest follows ricin lettersInvestigators track two men in Boston BombingThe Company Memo: Thursday, April 18, 2013The limits of presidential powerObama to Boston: 'You will run again'Bachmann's ethics troubles become more seriousImmigration-reform proponents try mythbustingWATCH LIVE: President Obama speaks at Boston interfaith serviceNewtown families devastated by 'heartbreaking' failure on gun reformMedicaid, Obamacare get a boost in ArkansasSenators kick off campaign for immigration bill'We're going to pass this,' Manchin vowsScalia: Voting Rights Act is a 'racial preferment'Thursday's campaign round-upTop Links: Conservatives, McConnell keep it classy after blocking expanded background checksTexas congressman: Hug families a little tighter tonightPointless nullification in KansasWayne LaPierre: Most influential man in world?'We can't give up' on gun controlFirst Word: 'You will run again,' says Obama'I am the senator. You are the citizen. You need to be quiet.'The gun measures the Senate is willing to passLiberal groups fire back at Dems who voted 'No' to background checksFighting terrorism with law enforcement'You will run again,' Obama promises Boston at interfaith serviceTouching all of the basesExploded fertilizer plant had prior regulatory issuesElvis impersonator arrested for ricin-positive letters sent to senatorObama in Boston: 'We will finish the race''No alarms, automatic shutoff system or firewall'Video of bombing suspect on cellphone could be goldmine for policeWATCH: FBI conference on Boston suspectsThursday's Mini-ReportFBI releases Boston photos: 'Somebody out there knows these individuals'One Boston bombing suspect dead, manhunt underway for the secondA small victory for gun safety: Senate blocks 'conceal-carry' legislationThe NRA 'made a big mistake' on gun bill, says Senator ManchinSenators' bipartisan immigration plan gets lukewarm receptionOn gun violence, we must force changeObama is Comforter-in-Chief yet againAhead on the 4/18 Maddow showRightwing radio host tells Newtown families, 'Go to hell'WATCH: Democrats' new TV ad targets Sanford's affairThe NRA loses its beer money: Anheiser-Busch heir resignsFBI releases images of Boston bombing suspectsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/18/13VIDEO: Bostonians 'not sure if we'll have a normal summer'A visit to 8-year-old Martin Richard's school: 'Love conquers hate'Why gay advocates are giving an award to DOMA signer Bill Clinton#click3 Sing for EqualityLinks for the 4/18 TRMSSecond Boston bombing suspect had eluded capture for four daysWhat we're reading: Friday, April 19, 2013Morning Maddow: April 19One Boston suspect killed, manhunt underwayBoston bombing suspect in custody: 'The terror is over'Manhunt's over: Boston bombing suspect alive and in custodyToo Young to Die: Ah-Kee Flonnory Jr.Senate scraps gun reforms altogetherThe Company Memo: Friday, April 19, 2013'All of Boston''Guns, gays, and immigration'Timeline: How the Boston manhunt unfoldedFederal law enforcement team convenes at White HouseRight sees an opportunity, linking Boston and immigrationWatch: High school classmate of suspect no. 2: 'Nice guy,' scholar athleteComplex issues, overly-simplistic solutions.The violent struggle that tore apart the suspects' homelandLawmakers who set a poor examplePhotos: Manhunt for Boston bombing suspectCould Boston bombings derail immigration push?Family Research Council gets creativeMIT officer killed saw police work 'as a calling'Boy Scouts to end some anti-gay discriminationWATCH: Uncle calls bombing suspects 'losers'V.A. to expedite veterans' disability claimsKansas approves new law restricting reproductive rightsSuspects' uncle makes emotional appealLindsey Graham, true to formFriday's Mini-ReportBloodshed becomes likelier, the longer the fugitive remains on the looseBoston bombing suspect in custodyAhead on the 4/19 Maddow show(s)Obama talks with Putin, huddles with aides to monitor Boston manhuntThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/19/13It's over: Boston bombing suspect captured alive, police sayFirst Word: Manhunt over, suspect capturedBoston bombing suspect in custody: 'The terror is over'Elected officials respond to the capture of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar TsarnaevIn Boston, relief and gratitude as the Marathon manhunt ends'This has been a tough week - but we have seen the character of our country once more.'Obama: 'There are many unanswered questions'Manhunt over: How Boston bombing suspect was capturedLinks for the 4/19 TRMSGosnell's abortion clinic was a modern-day 'back alley'Investigators turn to Russia for clues in Boston bombingThis Week in GodThe legal process ahead for Dzhokhar TsarnaevBoston suspect's Miranda rights withheld for more than 60 hoursHe loved boxing and 'Borat'--but had no American friendsRed Sox and David 'Big Papi' Ortiz bring Boston back to normalBoston suspect's arrest marks end of bruising week in AmericaAfter Boston, we should put Muslims under surveillance, says Rep. KingBoston suspect Tsarnaev is 'enemy combatant,' says Lindsey GrahamBombs, grenades, and guns: How the Boston suspects escaped from policeLondon honors Boston in moment of silence before MarathonSolving the Boston bomber riddle--Why Chechnya?The Newtown and Boston distinction: Understanding our different reactionsWeek in Geek: We are explorersNow charged, Boston suspect was longest held without Miranda rightsOklahoma City Bombing Prosecutor Talks TsarnaevLaw enforcement elite set to question Boston bombing suspectAfter Boston, how can open events be secure?Marathon Participant and Boston Globe Writer on Boston Attack and SuspectsTexas, Arkansas remain blighted by recent ecological disastersMorning Headlines: Monday April 22, 2013Watch Colin and Nick Barnicle's "One Boston" videoWhat we're reading: Monday, April 22, 2013Morning Maddow: April 22Debate escalates on Tsarnaev, legal processLet Me Start: Investigators getting answers from Boston bombing suspect'Why aren't they protecting us?'The world - and MSNBC - go 'green' for Earth DayFCC unconcerned with OrtizBoston suspects loom large over immigration reformFederal disaster aid for me, not for theeJindal backs creationism lesson plansBill Clinton: 'We have a new bigotry in America'Brownback adds handwritten message on anti-abortion bill'It was the right decision,' Boston police commissioner defends lockdownOpinion: Passing the responsibility of conservation on to our childrenConservatives seize on Boston bombings to slow immigration reformLaw and Politics: The Boston legal issuesTrump: Let's waterboard the Boston bombing suspectOpinion: A unique moment for energy and earthSecond Amendment remedies get another look#TDRGoodMorning from "The Baby Giraffes"Treat suspect to 30 days 'unlimited interrogation,' says GOP's KingMonday's campaign round-upImmigration debate gets heated during Senate hearingBoston terror attack fuels calls for more security camsBoston bomb suspect denies any links to terror groupsWhite House blows off GOP pleas, will follow the lawDrop a bag in NYC? Cue the bomb squadBoston observes moment of silence one week after bombingsEarth Day: Soot is a global killer. Time to sweep it upFaulting FBI for not stopping Boston suspect 'premature'Obama, Senate to join Mass. in moment of silence for Boston victimsBoy Scouts' proposal says it's OK to be gay--until you're 18The Miranda Question: Why the Boston suspect didn't get read his rightsBlame where blame isn't dueWhen defining 'terrorism' mattersInside the mind of Dzhokhar TsarnaevA common phrase with an uncommon meaningFirst Word: Boston bombing suspect charged with using WMDFBI: Suspect seen dropping backpack, walking awayMonday's Mini-ReportThe limits of cooperation with RussiaSequester: Let the FAA furloughs (and the misery) beginThe Boston Red Sox help the city healWith its silence, Boston is speaking volumesDespite GOP push, Boston suspect won't be treated as 'enemy combatant'Boston Strong: Fenway and beyondTsarnaev parents insist sons are innocent of Boston bombingsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/22/13Ahead on the 4/22 Maddow showWatch: Watertown police chief proclaims, 'We didn't let them get away'#click3 Sticky water in spaceGun safety: A new ad uses history to argue for gun limitsLinks for the 4/22 TRMSAfter Newtown: Paying tribute to 20 other children killed by gunsAn excerpt from Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen's "The New Digitial Age"What we're reading: Tuesday, April 23, 2013Morning Maddow: April 23From Newtown families to Gabrielle GiffordsForgotten? 5 political comebacks that might just have a chanceLet Me Start: Bombing suspect says he and brother acted aloneNOW Today: Cooperating?Chris Christie eyes new gun lawsHouse GOP leaders signal support for immigration overhaulThe Company Memo: Tuesday, April 23, 2013Mark Sanford's hubris on full-page displayPlaying the blame game poorlyMontana's Baucus latest to announce retirementFAA delays help Republicans reconsider sequestrationTuesday's campaign round-upBaucus retires, but a Schweitzer candidacy may be better for DemsHeard in Maine: A magazine limit might have cost more lives at Sandy HookFlake relies on nuance to mislead grieving motherRash of terrorist plots continue after Boston arrestsEconomy showing signs of 'spring slowdown'Is it 2001? The 7 right-wingers who want Obama to revive Bush's war on terrorDemocrats line up behind Ed Markey for Mass. Senate raceNevada state Sen. comes out in dramatic floor speech: 'I'm black. I'm gay'How the Boston bombing could influence the gun debateTaking notes from Glenn Beck--GOP rallies around border concernsRepublicans ask: How much did the FBI know on Boston bomber?Monkeys and media: The origin of speciousBusinesswomen thinking big by going smallWall Street watches TwitterAfternoon MoJoe: Google's Eric Schmidt on how technology upgrades the war on terrorMcVeigh attorney: moving Boston bomber trial may not make a differenceGrover Norquist is now an amnesty-loving immigration activistRicin suspect released from custodyWhy we all need to re-evaluate our relationship with SiriTexas woman seeks damages from owner of exploded fertilizer plantGuess who's coming to dinner? The Senate women's caucusDisappointing those who 'stand with Rand'First Word: Immigration reform may stand a chance in CongressGoogle chairman anticipates 'heart attack day' for technologyTuesday's Mini-ReportWEB EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Jeremy ScahillWatch: High-speed construction of Bush's presidential libraryColbert Busch leads in SC: Why we should 'hear it for the long-shots'For Baucus, retirement is personal -- not politicalShadow of Boston bombing looms over immigration reformUnbelievable: Oklahoma GOPer uses term 'Jew me down'Ahead on the 4/23 Maddow showFineman: The sequester is 'a pox on both the houses and presidency'Axelrod, Christie land headlining slots on Romney's all-star retreat rosterSenate hearing on Obama's drone warThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/23/13Very Last Word: The bravery of the Watertown policeLinks for the 4/23 TRMSGrieving parents declare Martin Richard 'now at peace'Flake out: Senator tells grieving mother he supports 'strengthening background checks' - then votes noElvis impersonator freed in ricin plot - charges droppedDecryptomaddowlogical #41How do you say tweet?Morning Headlines: Wednesday, April 24What we're reading: Wednesday, April 24, 2013Dow Jones plunges but recovers after fake AP tweetHundreds of service workers strike in ChicagoMorning Maddow: April 24How not to rehabilitate a failed president#click3 Don't be cruel to ElvisLet Me Start: New details in bombing investigationPaul tries to walk back drone commentsReid offers GOP a new sequestration dealThe befuddled Beck wing of today's GOPPhotos: Boylston Street reopens after Boston bombingsChris' list: Best cities for finding a job right nowMust read: Bill Gates handshake sets off international stormWhy cooking mattersPost-policy bill assignments in the HouseRepublicans blame Obama for 'manufacturing' flight delaysNOW Today: Filling in the blanks'It's been cordial'How the GOP could claim Senate control#TDRGoodMorning from ColoradoEx-CIA Director David Petraeus lands a new day job'Four little girls' of Birmingham remembered 50 years laterWednesday's campaign round-upToomey sees nefarious FAA schemeGuns and the Terrorist Watch ListSlain MIT officer memorialized at campus serviceRep. King still has questions for FBI over Boston bombingSenate Dems eye background checks for explosive powderSenate bill on Internet sales tax could hit online shoppersAll profits from special beer going to victims of Boston bombingZuckerberg teams with GOP to push for immigration reformBush's library refuels debate about his presidencyBiden rips suspects as 'knock-off jihadis' during slain MIT officer's serviceExplosives are another form of assault weaponsObama's deal with Murkowski worked as intendedTyler, found: Boston victim meets her heroChicago students boycott standardized test in protest of mass school closingsFirst Word: Learning more about the Tsarnaev brothersThe (revised) George W. Bush legacySanford's silly scramble for supportWednesday's Mini-ReportSenators dish on White House dinner with ObamaFresh off victory, NRA looks toward 2014He's baaaaack! Jimmy McMillan says NYC's rent is still "too damn high"Let's talk about guns, but stop stereotyping the mentally illGeorge W. Bush's big mistake (listen up, Cheney!)For whistleblowers, fraying protectionHillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in Texas: A 2016 preview?Ahead on the 4/24 Maddow showMark Sanford takes on Pelosi - a cardboard cutout, that isVery Last Word: Boston suspects' mother's conflicting emotionsThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/24/13Links for the 4/24 TRMSObama's confusing stumble in the fight against AIDSBush kept America safe, conservatives say--ignoring 9/11Debunked: The Harvard study that Republicans used to push austerityThe Boston-Russia connection--and the 'Misha' mystery#click3: Digging through Facebook photos of Romney campaign intern in troubleDecryptomaddowlogical #42Morning Headlines for Thursday, April 25What we're reading: Thursday, April 25, 2013Ignoring a problem does not make it go awayLet Me Start: Obama's 'delicate task'Jobless claims show unexpected improvementGOP looks to Bush confidant in Montana Senate raceHouse GOP kills Cantor's health-care schemeBarbara Bush: 'We've had enough Bushes'Chris' list: Top complaints at the doctor's officeThe Company Memo: Thursday, April 25, 2013Must read: First parenting styleThe non-snub of Planned ParenthoodThe foolish fight over FiskerKelly Ayotte's popularity plunges after 'no' vote on background checksGiffords' gun control ads attack Kelly Ayotte and Mitch McConnellSequester's flight delays prompt congressional actionBush, who fought to keep records secret, opens library archivesA new day for the 'war on drugs'Immigration policy has a security problem, but not the kind you thinkThursday's campaign round-up'The Ed Show' returns to MSNBC on May 11Airport frustration sparks talk about replacing sequesterOut of the shadows: Bush goes on media blitz before library openingWill the Bush library whitewash Hurricane Katrina?For GOP and health care, it's all or nothingLawmaker: FBI did its job on Tsarnaev caseFirst Word: George W. Bush Presidential Center dedicationMayor: Boston suspect said NYC was next targetSyria at 'red line': Chemical weapon use confirmedBoston suspects had sights on Times SquareENDA introduced with bipartisan backingMike Rogers: Boston suspect read his rights too soonThe fight for ENDA: Think you can't be fired for being gay? Think againSnowe sheds light on a misguided meme#ObamaFlightDelays hashtag unites GOP leaders on TwitterGen. McChrystal: Americans should redefine 'service member'The GOP just can't stop politicizing BenghaziThe artist known as '43'After coming out, positive responses for Kelvin AtkinsonThe burden of being a BushThursday's Mini-ReportPhoto: The five living presidents, together'You're not forgotten,' Obama tells TexasVery Last Word: Conservatives revise Bush's terrorism recordLeaving politics behind to celebrate the Bush LibraryGuantanamo: Increasing pressure to transfer detainees who've been clearedHey the podcast is fixed!Welcome to Twitter, @billclinton! (He already has 400,000 followers)Ahead on the 4/25 Maddow showThe Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 04/25/13FAA furloughs: The Senate approves a fast fix for flight delays#click3 I'm Too Sexy For My CountryBush and the West explosion: The untold story of deregulating chemical plantsTexas fertilizer plant: 28 years, no full inspectionLinks for the 4/25 TRMSThe NFL holds a sorting ceremonyDecryptomaddowlogical #43Morning Headlines for Friday, April 26What we're reading: Friday, April 26, 2013Morning Maddow: April 26Senate easily approves fix for flight delaysWatch: Why Hillary needs to commit (or not) to 2016Candidates walk 'fine line' on terrorism in Mass. Senate raceEconomic growth improves, but falls short of expectationsToo Young to Die: Michael GrahamLet Me Start: Pres. Obama's Syrian DilemmaThe Company Memo: Friday, April 26, 2013Chris' list: The best words created by the InternetMust read: Deported for being "too handsome?"From the far-right fringe to the halls of CongressAnthony Weiner 'can't say' if there are more lewd imagesReinhart and Rogoff need to stop diggingLegalizing marijuana: Side effects mount with states' drug experimentationHillary for president?Welcome back, Tea Party CaucusWhy Ayotte and Toomey are moving in opposite directionsTop Links: You can thank austerity and sequestration (in part) for today's mixed bag of a GDP reportIowa GOP eyes pay cuts for pro-marriage justicesSen. Bill Nelson says he won't run for Florida governorBoozman gets tautological on sequestrationFrom 'A Nation at Risk' to a nation in 'crisis'Todd Akin: The next comeback kid?Picking favorites? Congress speedily patches up flight delaysThe Decision Points Theater makes the presidency a multiple choice testObama: Planned Parenthood is 'not going anywhere'Drumbeat begins for action on SyriaAnti-abortion Cuccinelli enlists wife in campaign adCantor gloats after FAA fix passesRoad to 2016: Can you duck a dynasty?