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E.g., 8/29/2015

Q&A with Julia Koch from the Hope Project

11/06/14 10:43AM

Julia Koch is the Director of Development and Advocacy at the Hope Project, an outreach program dedicated to raising domestic and global awareness of human trafficking. Serving the West Michigan area, the Hope Project is currently working to open one of the first therapeutic safe houses for trafficking victims rescued in Michigan. read more


10/31/14 04:19PM

On Sundays this month, from 6-10 PM Eastern, MSNBC’s Sex Slaves series will take you coast to coast as we examine the horrors of human trafficking.  The featured locations are: Detroit (Nov. 2); Chicago (Nov. 9); Florida (Nov. 16); San Francisco/Oakland (Nov. 23). read more

“Sex trafficking is a $32 billion industry…That’s like a Fortune 500 company with profits being made underground.”
Sex Slaves: Motor City Teens

Sex Slaves: Motor City Teens

10/30/14 10:18AM

On the streets and suburbs of Detroit, the FBI, state and local police are taking part in “Cross Country 5,” a nationwide dragnet aimed at cracking down on those who exploit juveniles in the sex trade. watch

Cult Killer

Cult Killer

10/22/14 05:12PM

After escaping the “Family of Love” religious sect, former member Rick Rodriguez sought revenge for the years of sexual abuse he allegedly endured at the hands of cult leaders. watch

Bodysnatchers of New York

Bodysnatchers of New York

10/22/14 05:07PM

The case of the “New York Body Snatchers” reads more like a pulp horror novel, with a hungry press reporting on over 1000 corpses that had been allegedly stolen, carved up and sold in a million-dollar scheme. watch

In Coldest Blood

In Coldest Blood

10/22/14 05:06PM

Torey Adamcik and Brian Draper were considered average high school boys until one grisly murder, and videotape evidence, shattered their images forever. watch

Runaways: Ocean Beach

Runaways: Ocean Beach

10/16/14 03:55PM

Although known for its surfing and sunny weather – Ocean Beach, California plays host to a growing homeless population of runaway youth. watch


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