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READ: Jury questionnaire for Trump’s hush money trial

Here are the 42 questions that prospective New York jurors will be asked in the first criminal trial against a former U.S. president.


In one of the latest signs that Donald Trump’s hush money trial will actually happen, Judge Juan Merchan wrote to the parties regarding jury selection. Included in the judge’s Monday letter to lawyers for the former president and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is the jury questionnaire.

Jury selection is set to begin next Monday in New York.

The judge noted that the questionnaire is “broad and exhaustive” and is the product of proposals by both parties, some of which the judge modified or excluded according to legal requirements. The resulting list has 42 numbered questions, as well as sub-questions within them.

The questions range from standard biographical queries you’d see in any trial to more bespoke offerings, like whether prospective jurors have listened to Michael Cohen’s podcast or have strong feelings about former presidents being charged in state court.

The New Yorkers will be asked about their news media consumption (yes, including MSNBC) and whether they consider themselves supporters of, or have belonged to, the QAnon movement or antifa. There are no questions about whom they have voted for or intend to vote for, but some of the answers to these questions may provide some clues.

You can check out the full questionnaire here:

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