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These are all the jurors in Trump's hush money trial

The 12 jurors and 6 alternates said they got their news from a range of media outlets and social media platforms, and appear to have a wide variety of interests.


After a weeklong jury selection process, 12 jurors and six alternates have been seated in Donald Trump's New York hush money trial.

The difficulty of selecting a group of impartial jurors in the criminal trial of a former president was on full display. Media reporting on the jurors’ personal details — including one plainly critical segment from Fox News' Jesse Watters — sparked criticism from Judge Juan Merchan, who ordered journalists not to report on many specifics about their backgrounds.

Two jurors were excused on Thursday, with one saying they couldn't be fair amid concerns about being identified, and another who was frustrated about how much their personal information had been made public. Despite some snags in the process, a complete jury and its alternates were selected by the end of the week, setting the stage for opening statements in the historic trial on Monday. The jurors' media diets encompass a range of news outlets, including MSNBC, Fox News, the New York Post and The New York Times. Some said they got their news from social media, including TikTok and Facebook.

  • Juror 1, the foreperson: A man who works in sales.
  • Juror 2: A man who works in investment banking.
  • Juror 3: A young male attorney.
  • Juror 4: A man in security engineering.
  • Juror 5: A young woman who works in education.
  • Juror 6: A young woman in software engineering.
  • Juror 7: A male attorney.
  • Juror 8: A man who has retired from the finance industry.
  • Juror 9: A woman who works as a speech therapist.
  • Juror 10: A man who works in commerce.
  • Juror 11: A woman in product management.
  • Juror 12: A female physical therapist.
  • Alternate 1: A woman who works in asset management.
  • Alternate 2: A woman who is not currently employed.
  • Alternate 3: A man who works at a university.
  • Alternate 4: A female contract specialist.
  • Alternate 5: A clothing company employee.
  • Alternate 6: A construction project manager.