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E.g., 9/30/2014
The future of the new left

The future of the new left

09/14/13 08:55PM

There seems to be a shift in American politics, prompted by the Millennials, the age group between 18-29. Chris Hayes talks with Nicole Carty, an organizer... watch

Best. Pope. Ever.

Best. Pope. Ever.

09/13/13 08:35PM

Cold calling the faithful. Driving a used car. Taking selfies. Those are just a few recent examples of why many love the new pope, including Chris Hayes.... watch

#click3 : A Vote for Madness

09/13/13 08:34PM

1. In Jeffery Alan Wagner’s shirtless campaign ad for Minneapolis mayor, he enforces that he will not take money from developers or from political angles. All great points that could have been made wearing shirt. Your move, Anthony Weiner. 2. Meet hamster Charlie. As this video shows, Charlie’s passions include eating carrots, running around and driving 16.5-ton trucks. 3. Animals are having the best week ever. When you’re done listening to “The Fox”, check out these classic rocket frog photoshops. read more

Sorority Rush - Collier Meyerson - 09/13/2013

Sisters rebel after sorority rejects African-American applicant

09/13/13 07:52PM

Sororities at the University of Alabama are selective. For acceptance, they take into consideration grades and even letters of recommendation from sorority alumnae. But a recent article in the school's student newspaper, The Crimson White, reveals that the applicant's race may also play an integral role in the admissions process.  read more

All In agenda: WTFlorida?

09/13/13 05:36PM

Friday night on All In with Chris Hayes: Congress has been focused on Syria since returning from summer recess, but another important battle is looming on the horizon. The U.S. is projected to hit the debt ceiling in about a month, according to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. read more