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All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 6/30/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 6/30/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 6/30/2016Citations for the June 30, 2016 TRMSTrump vows to look into Muslim 'Heebeejabees'Clinton, Lynch, and a 'scandal' that doesn't existNRA gets everything wrong in new attack adLePage receives plenty of letters asking for his resignationAs North Carolina is learning, culture wars are expensiveFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.1.16Trump's baffled: 'Why am I not doing better in the polls?'All In on smart gunsSarah Palin takes aim at 'RAT' (or 'Republicans Against Trump')Friday's Mini-Report, 7.1.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 7/1/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 7/1/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 7/1/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 7/1/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 7/1/2016Citations for the July 1, 2016 TRMSThis Week in God, 7.2.16Politics Nation with Al Sharpton, Transcript, 7/3/2016Week in Geek: Jupiter or bust editionIndependence Day 2016Donald Trump riles 2016 race with anti-Semitic imageryWhy does McCain keep blaming America for terrorist violence?Trump's 'birther' crusade was a scam wrapped in a conBernie Sanders scores big wins with Democratic platformRepublican senator backs Trump, but won't say whyGingrich shows how far he'll go to be vice presidentTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.5.16FBI Director: Clinton shouldn't face charges in email flapPaul Ryan rebukes Trump again, but he won't back it upTuesday's Mini-Report, 7.5.16Publisher: 'Mein Kampf' profits will go to Holocaust survivorsHardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 7/5/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 7/5/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 7/5/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 7/5/2016As President Obama makes history, Hillary Clinton benefitsFor his next trick, Trump offers praise for Saddam HusseinWhat James Comey and John Roberts have in commonThe misguided push to condemn the wrong Justice DepartmentIn the presidential race, Atlantic City isn't just another placeWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.6.16House Republicans find a new partisan toy to play withAs contenders quit, Trump's challenge is finding a willing VPWednesday's Mini-Report, 7.6.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 7/6/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 7/6/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 7/6/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 7/6/2016A Party Divided: How Donald Trump emerged from decades of GOP tensionWhere is Steve?Thursday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.7.16Following odd tirade, is there 'something wrong with' Trump?Paul Ryan, GOP settle on a new anti-Clinton schemeGOP accidentally does Clinton a favor with James Comey hearingThursday's Mini-Report, 7.7.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 7/7/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 7/7/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 7/7/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 7/7/2016Police murders bring a 'nightmare' to life in DallasU.S. job market bounces back in a big wayTrump creates more controversy with congressional GOP meetingsFlorida Democrat latest member of Congress to face indictmentTexas Republican raises eyebrows with response to mass shootingFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.8.16Republicans' Benghazi Committee comes to end (sort of)Ruth Bader Ginsburg imagines a Trump presidencyTexas' Dan Patrick loses sight of what 'hypocrisy' meansFriday's Mini-Report, 7.8.16This Week in God, 7.9.16Politics Nation with Al Sharpton, Transcript, 7/10/2016Week in Geek - Eyes in the Sky editionTrump backer says he's running 'as a racial healer'Would Republicans accept a pro-choice VP candidate?Clinton, Dems embrace a progressive vision with little resistanceRepublican outreach to LGBT voters takes big steps backwardHouse Republicans want FBI to investigate Clinton againIndiana's Evan Bayh prepares Senate comeback bidMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.11.16Campaign to privatize VA care moving in the wrong directionOne day later, VP contender reverses course on abortion rightsInvestors still benefiting from Obama's 'socialism'Monday's Mini-Report, 7.11.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 7/11/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 7/11/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 7/11/2016Republican platform labels pornography 'a public health crisis'Donald Trump is serious about privatizing veterans' careObama renews push for a public option in unexpected forumEven Trump's allies don't believe he'll keep his promisesPaul Ryan's anti-Clinton gambit comes up emptyTrump in '08: Clinton would 'make a good president'Tuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.12.16Bernie Sanders endorses, is 'proud to stand with' Hillary ClintonOp-ed: Orlando victim's parents: Why we're going to DC one month laterTrump puts a twist on Nixon's playbookRuth Bader Ginsburg abandons all subtlety towards TrumpTuesday's Mini-Report, 7.12.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 7/12/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 7/12/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 7/12/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, Transcript 7/12/2016Citations for the July 13, 2016 TRMSAsked about race, Donald Trump gives the wrong answerThe running-mate race starts coming into sharper focusThe 20th Anniversary Spotify PlaylistsRepublicans ready to ignore the Zika threat until the fallJoin Morning Joe LIVE from the Republican National ConventionControversy surrounds Trump's donations (or lack thereof)Ties to for-profit colleges trip up several GOP senatorsRepublican platform reflects the party's far-right evolutionWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.13.16Paul Ryan: 'This is not the Democratic Party of the mid-1990s'Twenty Millennials on Twenty YearsTrump picks an odd time to sue a former stafferLatest polling points to a presidential race at the crossroadsWednesday's Mini-Report, 7.13.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 7/13/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 7/13/2016The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript 7/13/2016Citations for the July 13, 2016 TRMSOne year later, Obama gets the last laugh on Iran dealOpioid bill to become law, but not without grumblingPresumptive Republican nominee can't shake 'Trump U' controversyAt GOP convention, toy guns are banned, but real guns are notTim Scott offers a perspective his colleagues need to hearMaybe Trump should come with a parental advisory warningThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.14.16Republican Convention lineup fails to match the hypeThursday's Mini-Report, 7.14.16Attack in France jolts U.S. presidential raceTrump's delay leaves Indiana politics in limboRepublican Convention finds itself in need of a bailoutGOP senator: Confirming judges unrelated to 'doing our jobs'Trump's lock on the GOP nomination is suddenly more secureNew polling points to a clear presidential favoriteFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.15.16Pence becomes the most far-right running mate in modern historyTeam Trump struggling with the easy stuffFriday's Mini-Report, 7.15.16Britain's Battle with post-Brexit Hate CrimesThis Week in God, 7.16.16Op-ed: TransCanada lawsuit highlights need to scuttle TPPTrump's Pence introduction takes 2016 in even weirder directionOp-ed: Two years after Eric Garner's death, continuing a quest for justiceWeek in Geek - Science like a BOSS editionAfter slayings, Trump sees US as a 'divided crime scene'Blaming Obama for Turkey's attempted coup is bonkersCleveland police make an appeal over gun policyLatest polls raise eyebrows as Republican Convention beginsTrump's line on Iraq descends into incoherenceMike Pence saw secret propaganda in Disney filmMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.18.16Donald Trump picked Mike Pence for a specific reasonTrump sees himself as a leader, not a readerJohn McCain blames U.S. for international violence (again)How not to report on the U.S. budget deficitMonday's Mini-Report, 7.18.16Plagiarism controversy jolts Republican conventionRNC manipulates the pain of a grieving mother for partisan gainSteve King raises eyebrows with racially charged commentsAt this convention, even the benediction sparks controversyTeam Trump shows how not to respond to a controversyThe GOP's preoccupation with imprisoning Clinton isn't normalTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.19.16Team Trump confronts questions about its competenceTrump may have a controversial Treasury Secretary in mindRepublicans accidentally boast about Obama-era economyTeam Trump falls in a ditch, but keeps diggingTuesday's Mini-Report, 7.19.16Ben Carson brings 'Lucifer' into the political conversationChris Christie turns convention into Kangaroo CourtRepublican convention forgets its economic focusWhat Team Trump was prepared to offer John KasichWith decision looming, Clinton narrows VP short-listWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.20.16Trump adviser endorses violence against Hillary ClintonTrump campaign rolls out brand new plagiarism explanationJust how far do Trump's ties to Putin go?Wednesday's Mini-Report, 7.20.16GOP divisions laid bare as Ted Cruz draws relentless boosTrump takes steps to silence his former ghostwriterTrump trashes the moral authority of the United StatesSecret Service takes an interest in Trump adviser's rhetoricLooking ahead to the 2020 race, GOP jostling is already underwayThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.21.16How the RNC turned into The Mistake by the LakeThursday's Mini-Report, 7.21.16Trump's bold vision: Make America Hide Under the Bed AgainFrom 'Yes we can' to 'I alone can fix it'Team Trump has no use for reliable crime dataThe opportunity cost of the Republican conventionJoe: Will a mistake-filled convention doom Trump? Don't count on it.Why Trump keeps focusing on the 'Johnson Amendment'McConnell tries (and fails) to reassure U.S. alliesOp-ed: Superdelegates impede the democratic processFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.22.16With the convention over, Trump returns focus to Cruz's dadObama pushes back against Trump's dystopian visionFriday's Mini-Report, 7.22.16Op-ed: For all the political talk, 'free trade' is a misnomerOn the July 22, 2016 TRMSHillary Clinton decides to raise KaineOp-ed: Education policy represents a top issue for Latino votersOp-ed: Reform is badly needed on lethal use of force lawsNew questions surround Putin's interest in Trump's electionOn eve of Democratic convention, DNC chair steps asideTeam Trump eyes new super PAC -- to target RepublicansWhite supremacists feel inspired by Trump's 2016 campaignRepublican Convention audience fails to live up to expectationsThe wrong campaign picks the wrong fight over religionMonday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.25.16Latest polls shed light on Trump's post-convention bounceFlashback 1992: Clinton's comeback could provide 2016 blueprintFBI scrutinizing alleged Russian hack of DNC networkTrump campaign believes job numbers are 'massaged'Monday's Mini-Report, 7.25.16Michelle Obama: 'When they go low, we go high'Bernie Sanders: Clinton 'will make an outstanding president'Trump eyes 'expansion' of his proposed Muslim banThe 'war on voting' takes some unexpected turnsCotton wants Trump to change his mind about PutinThe death of one party, the birth of anotherTuesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.26.16Trump's hidden tax returns take on new significanceA Watergate comparison that finally makes senseFor his fans inclined to boo, Bernie Sanders has a messageTuesday's Mini-Report, 7.26.16Bill Clinton introduces Americans to the real Hillary ClintonTrump can't keep his story straight on the minimum wageRNC dispatches TV personality to tackle foreign policyTrump campaign: No tax returns for youGOP picks an awkward fight over campaign name-callingExperts are 'convinced' of Russia's role in DNC hackWednesday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.27.16Donald Trump calls for Russia to help elect him presidentTrump sees Geneva Conventions as 'out of date'Wednesday's Mini-Report, 7.27.16Joe: Donald Trump takes us all for a ride againObama passes the baton while scorching TrumpTrump's 'assault on the Constitution' startles expertsMarco Rubio endorses presidential on-the-job trainingDems suggest scrapping Trump's intelligence briefingsUnder Brownback, Kansas' credit faces another downgradeTrump thinks following the ADA is worthy of boastsThursday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.28.16Trump's antics compared to 'a child playing with matches'Thursday's Mini-Report, 7.28.16Hillary Clinton presents herself as the anti-TrumpEconomic growth remains sluggish in 2nd quarterTrump draws an even harder line on tax returnsKentucky Republicans try to redefine 'insured'Khizr Khan's words won't soon be forgottenTrump throws the RNC under the busFriday's Campaign Round-Up, 7.29.16Flipping the script without changing the platformA tale of two grieving parentsNorth Carolina voting restrictions rejected by appeals courtFriday's Mini-Report, 7.29.16Hardball With Chris Matthews, Transcript, 7/29/2016All In With Chris Hayes, Transcript, 7/29/2016Is this Tim Kaine?The Rachel Maddow Show, Transcript, 7/29/2016The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donell, Transcript, 7/29/2016This Week in God, 7.30.16Politics Nation with Al Sharpton, Transcript, 7/31/2016Week in Geek - A year in the life edition