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Friday's Mini-Report, 7.1.16

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* An ongoing crisis in Bangladesh: "Attackers stormed a restaurant Friday night in Bangladesh's capital, taking about 40 people within the diplomatic enclave hostage and exchanging gunfire with police, killing four security personnel, officials said."
* An accounting on drones: "The Obama administration disclosed its long-awaited estimate Friday that between 64 and 116 noncombatants were killed in 473 counter terrorist airstrikes since January 2009, but officials pointedly declined to dispute much higher estimates of civilian casualties from outside groups."
* Mississippi: "A federal judge struck down Mississippi's controversial 'religious freedom' law late Thursday, hours before it was slated to take effect. If allowed to go forward, the law -- known as House Bill 1523 -- would have made it easier for individuals, organizations and private associations to deny services based on religious objections to one of three things: same-sex marriage, transgender rights and even extramarital sexual relationships."
* Florida: "A federal judge late Thursday night blocked parts of Florida's controversial abortion law within hours of its going into effect."
* On a related note: "Less than a week after the Supreme Court's major abortion ruling in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt, related restrictions across the country began falling like dominoes."
* California: "Gov. Jerry Brown this morning took swift action on a sweeping package of bills designed to keep the state's residents safer from deadly gun violence, signing a series of new restrictions on firearms owners into law while vetoing others."
* The latest mass-shooting was in Nevada: "A good Samaritan could not save a Las Vegas woman screaming for help as her gun-wielding estranged husband chased her from their home to two drug store parking lots in a chaotic murder-suicide that left a family of five dead, authorities said Thursday. The man gunned down his wife outside a business and killed their children, ages 9 to 15, at their apartment before shooting himself at the residence, police said."
* Austria on track for re-vote: "Austria's highest court on Friday overturned the result of the May presidential election and called for a rerun, a legal victory for the far-right candidate who lost by a razor-thin margin."
* A done deal: "President Barack Obama on Thursday signed into law legislation aimed at rescuing Puerto Rico from its debt crisis."
* Some welcome news for holiday travelers: "Independence Day travel could be some of this decade's cheapest, thanks to falling gas prices. They are on track to be at a 13-year low this Fourth of July holiday."
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