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Friday's Mini-Report, 7.22.16

Today's edition of quick hits.
Today's edition of quick hits:
* Many expected Hillary Clinton to announce her running mate this afternoon, but as of now, there's been no word. Whether we learn today or not, Clinton will reportedly campaign with her running mate in Florida tomorrow.
* Germany: "A shooting at a popular shopping center Friday evening in Munich, Germany, killed at least eight people, injured others, and brought the city to a standstill as police hunted for up to three suspects in what is believed to have been an act of terrorism."
* Oh my: "The temperature in Mitribah, Kuwait, surged Thursday to a blistering 129.2 degrees. And on Friday in Basra, Iraq, the mercury soared to 129.0 degrees. If confirmed, these incredible measurements would represent the two hottest temperatures ever recorded in the Eastern Hemisphere, according to Weather Underground meteorologist Jeff Masters and weather historian Christopher Burt, who broke the news."
* South Florida: "Authorities in North Miami, Fla., said Friday that they had placed a second police officer on leave as part of the investigation into a police shooting there earlier this week in which an officer shot and wounded an unarmed man."
* Obviously: "President Barack Obama on Friday insisted that the United States had no prior knowledge or involvement in last week's attempted coup in Turkey, saying such claims 'are completely false.' Furthermore, Obama added, such rumors threaten the fabric of the U.S.-Turkey relationship."
* Self-inflicted wound: "The British economy is getting smaller, according to a major survey of business executives in the country. The new data is the latest in a series of signs that the country's vote for a so-called Brexit -- or exit from the European Union -- last month is already putting downward pressure on the economy."
* Busted: "It's time to update our list of places where you really, really shouldn't play Pokemon Go. The list's newest addition: during State Department press briefings about the self-declared Islamic State. State Department spokesman John Kirby called out a reporter Thursday who'd been distracted by the popular mobile game during a briefing about -- yawn -- ISIS."
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