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E.g., 10/24/2014

All In America: Coal Country

09/19/14 10:53PM

On October 6th All In America heads to Coal Country. From Kentucky to Mississippi to North Dakota, to West Virginia, to North Carolina, Chris Hayes and his team talk to everyone from miners to politicians to the biggest energy company in the country. We’ll look at the role of coal in the upcoming midterm election, and why so many coal jobs have gone. read more

Leaks from the Mike Brown investigation...

Leaks from the Mike Brown investigation surface

10/22/14 08:35PM

Chris Hayes says that the steady stream of leaks out of Ferguson “has turned what is supposed to be a secret proceeding driven by the prosecution into a public proceeding taking place in the media that seems far more beneficial to the defense.” watch

Shooting attack in Ottawa stuns Canada

Shooting attack in Ottawa stuns Canada

10/22/14 08:00PM

A gunman, recently converted to Islam, kills a soldier at the Ottawa War Memorial and fires shots in the parliament building before being killed by the sergeant at arms. Chris Hayes has the latest. watch