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E.g., 9/23/2014
E.g., 9/23/2014
Travelers stand in line at Los Angeles International airport in Los Angeles Monday, April 22, 2013. The FAA said late Sunday night that staffing cuts were causing delays averaging more than three hours for flights arriving at Los Angeles International...

Poll: Most Americans believe sequester doesn't affect them

05/01/13 03:12PM

Two months after the sequester forced across-the-board cuts in government spending, a supermajority of Americans say they have not felt the consequences, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll. Out of the 965 adults surveyed nationwide, 69% told pollsters that they had not been "personally affected" by the sequester. Only 8% said they had been affected a "great deal," while 19% said they had been "somewhat" affected. read more

Arizona union supporters gather in support of comprehensive immigration reform outside the Arizona State Capitol building on March 11, 2013, in Phoenix. The rally, organized by the AFL-CIO, was the last of a national tour in support of immigration...

American job prospects make for dim May Day celebration

05/01/13 07:00AM

For working America, the trend over the last few decades has been toward lower wages, fewer workplace rights, and diminished voice in the public sphere. The relative obscurity of the annual May 1 International Workers' Day celebration in the United States is perhaps emblematic of just how marginal working class concerns have become to the country's political order. read more


#click3 Happy 20 year anniversary internet!

04/30/13 09:51PM

The All In with Chris Hayes team puts out a daily call to the Twitter and Facebook communities for the “awesomest things” they encountered on the Internet. 1. Today the World Wide Web turns 20 years-old. Since, #click3 is based on all things internet, we thought it was only fair to pay homage to where it all started: the first website ever. Classic. 
 read more

The importance of coming out

The importance of coming out

04/30/13 08:50PM

Chris Hayes is joined by author and columnist Dan Savage and co-founder of the It Gets Better project and  Bill Rhoden, sports columnist for the New York... watch