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All In goes back to Baltimore

12/11/15 09:23PM

As the back-to-back trials for the six police officers charged in connection to the death of Freddie Gray get underway, Chris Hayes goes back to Baltimore for a special in-depth look at what’s happened since the cameras left - and what needs to happen next.

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Eat your words!

Eat your words!

05/04/16 08:54PM

Checking in with two reporters who predicted Donald Trump wouldn't be the GOP presidential nominee - one of whom now plans to eat his column. watch

Republicans for Hillary

Republicans for Hillary

05/04/16 08:20PM

Just how many 'Never Trumpers' would vote for Hillary Clinton? A major 'Never Trump' proponent says he will vote for Hillary Clinton, and he's not alone. watch

'The woman's card'

'The woman's card'

04/28/16 08:17PM

With the general election shaping up to be a contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, we're witnessing certain members of the political industrial complex convince themselves it's going to be a close race. watch

Dissecting Trump's 'woman's card' comment

Dissecting Trump's 'woman's card' comment

04/27/16 08:53PM

Donald Trump concluded that the only reason why Hillary Clinton is winning primary contests is because of her gender. Chris Hayes talks with Katie Packer and Jess McIntosh about the two frontrunners and the women's vote. watch

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks during a town hall with MSNBC's Chris Hayes, April 25, 2016, in Philadelphia. (Photo by Nathan Congleton for MSNBC)

The ten most revealing moments from MSNBC's town hall with Bernie Sanders

04/26/16 06:38PM

On the eve of critical primaries in five northeastern states, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sat down with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes for a town hall at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.  At a make-or-break moment in his campaign, Sanders made the case for staying in the race and continuing to fight for political... read more


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