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E.g., 9/17/2014
E.g., 9/17/2014
Governor Kasich welcomes Wendy's and 50 new jobs at its HQ.

The Ohio jobs puzzle

08/19/11 10:11AM

Ohio Governor John Kasich says his reforms should be judged on whether they create jobs. The last while hasn't been kind to him on that score. In July, the state now reports, unemployment rose for the second consecutive month. It's now at 9 percent, up from 8.8 percent in June. The rate had been falling -- it was 10 percent a year ago, before Mr. read more

Morning Maddow: August 19

Morning Maddow: August 19

08/19/11 07:51AM

Unions to Ohio Gov. Kasich: keep your "compromise", we'll go for repeal, thanks.Obama administration halts deportations of many illegal immigrants.Rep. Allen West learns: live by the Tea Party, die by the Tea Party.Are military pensions under threat?The West Memphis Three might go free today.The Taliban attack a British compound on Afghan Independence Day.Put away the blinis! Here's the REAL solution to the Alaskan orange goo mystery. read more

Links for the 8/18 TRMS

Links for the 8/18 TRMS

08/19/11 02:04AM

Dear Prez-O Tax-Cut Tour 2003, at a Factory Near You American Crossroads likes the bus Mitt Romney, president might have Rock-y run-in Make us great again Restore our future Keep conservatives united Revolution PAC Priorities USA Action Horizon PAC Super PACs, 'independent' in name only? Colbert Super PAC: Behind the Green Corn Super PAC Ad - Episode IV: A New Hope Butter Cow, Obama, "Parry" & "Paylin" all got Straw Poll votes read more

Medvedev comes up short

Medvedev comes up short

08/18/11 08:00PM

Rachel Maddow compares her summer catch to that of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev while teasing an upcoming segment about presidential vacations. watch

'Day of Destruction, Decade of War' to air 9/1 at 9 p.m. ET

08/18/11 07:42PM

For months, Rachel has been essentially working two jobs. When she hasn't been working on the show, she's been researching and recording this documentary with Richard. It's a look at how the U.S. has responded to the events of 9/11 both domestically and internationally, and as you may have caught at the end of the commercial above, it takes two days to play the whole thing. Expect epic.Here's Rachel describing it last week:  read more

Ahead on the 8/18 Maddow show

08/18/11 05:44PM

Tonight's guests include:E.J. Dionne, columnist for The Washington Post and senior fellow at The Brookings Institution and msnbc contributorEugene Robinson, columnist for The Washington Post and msnbc political analyst  Michael Isikoff, NBC News national investigative correspondentExecutive producer Bill Wolff (and Rachel Maddow!) share a preview of tonight's show: read more