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Joe: Now is time for Trump to stop winging it

Joe: Now is time for Trump to stop winging it

05/26/16 06:12AM

Top Talkers: Donald Trump commented on the inspector general report on Hillary Clinton's private email, and he also pondered the thought of running against 'Crazy Bernie.' Will Trump ever change his tone? watch

How Trump resonates with white male voters

How Trump is resonating with white male voters

05/25/16 08:38AM

New York Times columnist Anand Giridharadas discusses his latest piece, “Trump Taps Into the Anxiety of American White Males,” and explains how this demographic is feeling replaced by women and minorities. CNBC’s Brian Sullivan reflects on the economic impact of this shift. watch

McAuliffe shocked by reports of FBI probe

Gov. McAuliffe: Shocked by reports of FBI probe

05/25/16 07:14AM

Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has addressed reports he is being investigated by the FBI for a potentially illegal campaign contribution. The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein weighs in on the circumstances and potential outcomes. watch

NYT: GOP rethinking nomination process

NYT: GOP rethinking nomination process

05/25/16 07:11AM

Jeremy Peters discusses his New York Times article on why Republicans are considering changes to the primary structure next election cycle. He explains how Donald Trump’s demonstrated success has produced a call to turn some of the primaries into closed races. watch

Trump contradicted on Bill Clinton criticism

Trump faced with latest contradiction on Bill Clinton criticism

05/25/16 07:03AM

As Donald Trump has begun an all-out barrage on Bill Clinton’s history with women, some are calling the candidate out for his past statements dismissing scandals around the former president. Among the references is a Morning Joe interview last June where Trump allegedly calls Clinton the greatest president of the last quarter-century. watch

Report: Dems discuss dropping DNC Chair

Is the DNC Chair too divisive to unify the party?

05/25/16 06:40AM

A new report from The Hill says that Democrats are discussing whether Debbie Wasserman Schultz should step down as DNC Chairwoman before the party's national convention in July. Alex Bolton, Senior Reporter for The Hill and author of that piece, explains some of the frustrations. watch

Betting markets size up VP hopefuls

Betting markets size up VP hopefuls

05/25/16 06:23AM

Former Treasury official Steve Rattner lays out several charts on what the betting markets are predicting in terms of Vice Presidential picks on both the Democratic and Republican sides. The panel discusses Newt Gingrich’s 31% ranking, along with standings for Sen. Tim Kaine and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. watch


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