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Katelyn Burns

MSNBC Columnist

Katelyn Burns is a freelance journalist based in New England. She was the first openly transgender Capitol Hill reporter in U.S. history.

Katelyn Burns is a freelance journalist based in New England. She was the first openly transgender Capitol Hill reporter in U.S. history.

Latest from Katelyn Burns

17d ago

J.K. Rowling’s anti-trans obsession is so bad even Elon Musk is over it

Author J.K. Rowling has become so obsessed with antagonizing trans people that even Elon Musk, who shares her views, thinks her posts are a little much.
23d ago

Trans rights are at the mercy of the president — that could go terribly wrong

The Biden administration finalized federal rules protecting trans people from discrimination in health care facilities. But if Trump gets elected in November, those protections will likely disappear.
33d ago

This study on trans women's athletic disadvantages ought to change the debate

A study sponsored by the International Olympic Committee compared a range of athletic abilities between trans athletes and their cisgender counterparts.
43d ago

I sometimes miss my Catholic faith. The Vatican’s new decree reminds me why I’ll never go back.

Despite Pope Francis calling on Catholics to stop persecuting gay and lesbian people, the Vatican has always lacked inclusivity for LGBTQ and transgender individuals.
47d ago

Dawn Staley just won another title — and still had time to stand up for trans athletes

Before South Carolina defeated Iowa, South Carolina Coach Dawn Staley joined other legends of women's sports who support trans inclusion in women's sports.
55d ago

How Mike Johnson infuriated the anti-trans right

Over the last couple years, trans people in the U.S. have been beaten down by anti-trans conservative state legislation, with dozens of states heavily restricting trans life, particularly for the youth.
103d ago

The U.S. Trans Survey proves the inaccuracy of this right-wing talking point

A survey of over 90,000 trans people in 2022 found 94% reported being “very satisfied” with their transition-related medical care.
136d ago

Mike DeWine's executive order for transgender care is cynical concern trolling

DeWine announced a new executive order and a set of rules that could threaten access to gender-affirming care across the state.
159d ago

‘Grandfather’ clauses are the GOP’s latest disguise for attacking trans teens

Last week, the Ohio Legislature passed a sweeping bill banning both gender-affirming care for minors and trans girls’ participation in girls' school sports.
166d ago

This awful anti-trans propaganda film is an absurd fantasy of male domination

At the heart of “Lady Ballers,” a film written and directed by the Daily Wire's CEO Jeremy Boreing, is a sweeping, transphobic lie.
197d ago

Anti-trans policies don’t win elections. The GOP hasn’t figured that out yet.

Despite the beliefs of many Republican leaders, transphobia and anti-trans rhetoric don’t win elections. This notion is proving true ahead of the 2024 election.