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Morning Headlines: Wednesday, Sept. 14th

09/14/11 05:52AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?There was a special election in New York last night. It was over Weiner's seat.Republican wins easily in Nevada special electionElizabeth Warren will runYou know how those U.S. hikers were going to be freed? Well, it's a bit complicatedRivera notches up 600th save, closes in on recordAttack on Kabul ends after 20 hours of fightingNearly one in six in poverty in the U.S.; children hit hard, Census saysGirls played on Fallon last night, and it was good read more

Quote of the Day: Axelrod on why GOP debate lacked real substance

09/13/11 01:19PM

David Axelrod, senior strategist for President Obama's re-election campaign: “I think if you are an independent voter watching that debate last night, you’d kind of scratch your head and say ‘How can we spend 10 minutes talking about whether we should have created Social Security and not one minute on education?’ ‘How can we spend all this time talking about the inoculation program in Texas and not talk about how we get research development and innovation going in this country?’ There was nothing there. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for September 13, 2011

09/13/11 12:14PM

IF IT FEELS RIGHT... BY DAVID BROOKSNEW YORK TIMESIn most times and in most places, the group was seen to be the essential moral unit. A shared religion defined rules and practices. Cultures structured people’s imaginations and imposed moral disciplines. But now more people are led to assume that the free-floating individual is the essential moral unit. read more