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Day 101: Will Loretta Lynch get sworn in?

Day 101: Will Loretta Lynch get sworn in?

02/17/15 06:16PM

More than 100 days have passed since Loretta Lynch was nominated for Attorney General, and her confirmation still has not been voted on. Rev. Sharpton talks to Joe Madison about the GOP stalling despite the fact they don’t have a problem with her. watch

Judge blocks Obama immigration order

Judge blocks Obama immigration order

02/17/15 06:00PM

A Texas judge claimed that Pres. Obama had “exacerbated illegal immigration.” Rev. Sharpton talks to Rep. Lloyd Doggett and Dana Milbank about this, and then they discuss a new poll showing Americans would blame the GOP for a DHS shutdown. watch

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Rev's Early Reads: February 17

02/17/15 07:26AM

Judge temporarily blocks Pres. Obama's action on immigration... Prosecution to rest in "American Sniper" murder trial... outtakes from the Obama Buzzfeed video. read more

Why GOP didn’t alert Obama over Bibi visit

Why GOP didn’t alert Obama over Bibi visit

02/16/15 07:32PM

In a brazen political attack from Republicans, Speaker Boehner explained why he invited the Israeli Prime Minister to address Congress without telling President Obama. Rev. Sharpton talks to Joan Walsh and Ed Rendell for analysis. watch

Why won’t Jeb talk about the past?

Why won’t Jeb talk about the past?

02/16/15 06:42PM

Rev. Sharpton talks to Shaun Robinson, Jason Johnson and Victoria DeFrancesco Soto about a topic Jeb Bush refuses to revisit - and is his mom backtracking on her previous comments about not wanting him to run in 2016? watch

Behind ISIS' murder of Coptic Christians

Behind ISIS' murder of Coptic Christians

02/16/15 06:15PM

In Libya, there are reports that 35 more Egyptians have been kidnapped by ISIS, just hours after a video surfaced showing 21 others being beheaded by the terror group. Jim Arkedis gives analysis on this, plus an update on the attacks in Copenhagen. watch

GOP’s ‘Buzzfeed’ backlash

GOP’s ‘Buzzfeed’ backlash

02/13/15 06:30PM

Zerlina Maxwell Eric Guster and Victoria DeFrancesco join Rev. Sharpton to talk about the GOP’s inevitable backlash against the Pres. Obama’s “Buzzfeed” interview. watch

The Keystone signing ceremony fail

The Keystone signing ceremony fail

02/13/15 06:17PM

Republicans promised to knock our socks off in this new Congress. That was supposed to start with the Keystone Pipeline. Speaker Boehner held a sad signing ceremony today for a bill Pres. Obama has already promised to veto. watch


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