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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor

Cantor gets serious on debt ceiling

06/07/11 05:59PM

With the August 2 deadline rapidly approaching, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is reversing his view on the nation’s debt ceiling.In an interview this week Cantor said, “Secretary Geithner feels August 2 is his deadline…I don’t question the Secretary of the Treasury other than to say we’re trying to get in place real spending reductions — trillions of dollars of spending reductions — if the president wants us to increase the credit limit of this country by trillions of dollars.” Cantor has been denying of the severity of a default for quite some time. read more

Tim Pawlenty speaking at the University of Chicago on Tuesday.

Tim Pawlenty's Google test

06/07/11 04:42PM

Republican Tim Pawlenty proposed a brand new economic policy today based upon the Internets. While giving a speech in Chicago, the former Minnesota governor touted a little thing he likes to call the “Google Test.”Basically, if you can Google it, then the government should cut it."We can start by applying what I call 'The Google Test.' If you can find a good or service on the Internet, then the federal government probably doesn't need to be doing it," said Pawlenty. read more

First Word: June 7, 2011

06/07/11 03:12PM

Here's a look at stories shaping tonight's rundown.Rep. Weiner faces mounting legal and ethics questions over sexting scandalDemocrats shy from Weiner as GOP seizes on scandalGOP chairman demands Weiner resignA brief history of the sex scandal press conferenceObama's post-bin Laden bounce comes to an endSarah Palin's revisionist ride read more

Rewriting the Edwards case

06/06/11 09:26PM

In tonight's Rewrite, Lawrence explained why John Edwards should be prosecuted for trying to use a million dollars of unreported money to keep his presidential campaign alive and why he should not go to prison. read more

Sarah Palin defends Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin defends Sarah Palin

06/06/11 08:00PM

Is she stealing much-needed publicity away from the real presidential candidates? MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell talks to David Frum, former Speechwriter to President George W. Bush, for analysis. watch

Why Edwards should be prosecuted

Why Edwards should be prosecuted

06/06/11 08:00PM

If John Edwards is not convicted of spending a million dollars of campaign money to cover up his daughter with Rielle Hunter, it could change the face of campaign finance forever. Msnbc’s Lawrence O’Donnell has more in the Rewrite. watch

Rep. Anthony Weiner giving a press conference in New York on Monday.

Weiner to cooperate with ethics probe

06/06/11 07:11PM

Rep. Anthony Weiner will cooperate with an ethics probe into whether he broke House rules. Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi called for an ethics committee investigation following Weiner’s afternoon press conference, in which he admitted to lying about scandalous pictures he sent via Twitter.The Democratic congressman from New York released the following statement, "I welcome and will fully cooperate with an investigation by the House Ethics Committee. read more

Weiner admits to tweeting lewd pic

06/06/11 05:45PM

After more than a week of denials, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner finally came clean. In what turned into a bizarre press conference of epic proportions (more on that later), Weiner admitted to sending a picture of his crotch to a young woman over Twitter."The picture was of me, I sent it," he confessed to room of reporters in Manhattan. He said he meant to send the picture as a joke, but panicked and told people he was hacked instead. Weiner called the whole thing a "hugely regrettable mistake" and apologized for lying. read more

Former Sen. Rick Santorum announcing his 2012 plans in Somerset, Pennsylvania on Monday.

Santorum doomed by news cycle

06/06/11 04:37PM

Rick Santorum is suffering a similar fate as Mitt Romney. He’s destined to be overshadowed by the day’s news cycle.The same day the former Massachusetts governor announced his plans to enter the 2012 race, Sarah Palin swept into New England on her bus, stealing the spotlight by spouting historical fiction and running away from reporters.She’s since apologized to Romney, saying "I apologize if I stepped on any of that PR that Mitt Romney needed or wanted that day," Palin said in an interview with Chris Wallace. "I do sincerely apologize. read more

First Word: June 6, 2011

06/06/11 02:42PM

Here's a look at stories we're following right now. What headlines are you clicking on?Former Sen. Rick Santorum enters 2012 presidential raceEditing Wikipedia to make Palin right about Paul RevereRep. Paul Ryan confronted over Ayn Rand at Ralph Reed ConferenceDem senators to Biden: Ryan Medicare plan should be off the tablePrison sentence doomed John Edwards plea dealHouse Majority Leader Eric Cantor relents, agrees on timeline of debt defaultNJ GOPer premieres anti-abortion suspense flick this weekend read more