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Rick Perry's Revolutionary fail

10/12/11 04:57PM

Texas Governor Rick Perry admitted debates aren't his "strong suit." Let's say he's no Revolutionary War buff either.The presidential candidate headed over to the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house at Dartmouth after last night's GOP debate for a press conference. (Keg stand!!!) When discussing the founding fathers —... read more

Mass. GOP's scary Elizabeth Warren ad

10/12/11 04:32PM

Talking Points Memo turned our attention today to a new web ad against Elizabeth Warren who is running against incumbent Republican Scott Brown for the Massachusetts Senate seat. The ad, created by the Massachusetts Republican Party, focuses around a statement Warren made in an interview with msnbc's own Rachel Maddow.In the interview,... read more

First Word: Wednesday, October 12

10/12/11 03:05PM

Here's a look at the stories shaping tonight's rundown. What's on your radar?New NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released today provides optimistic numbers on Obama and his baseRepublican debate last night baffles manyMark McKinnon asks if its time to start taking Herman Cain seriously? Rick Perry shamed for his flimsy grasp of... read more

Warren talks financial panic cycle

10/11/11 10:47PM

Self-regulate, panic, repeat. Elizabeth Warren reminds us that we should've seen the financial crisis and Occupy Wall Street coming. A new viral video promoting the Occupy Wall Street movement features the Massachusetts Senate candidate in a 2009 interview with Dan Rather recounting the economic history Washington ignored that led to the... read more

OWS protesters’ Millionaires March

OWS protesters’ Millionaires March

10/11/11 08:00PM

Occupy Wall Street takes the march north to where the millionaires live. PCCC’s Adam Green and former Louisiana governor and current Republican presidential candidate, Buddy Roemer join The Last Word to describe their experiences at the OWS protests. watch

Jobs vote fails in the Senate

Jobs vote fails in the Senate

10/11/11 08:00PM

The difference between Republicans and Democrats was on full display in the Senate, as the president's jobs bill came to the floor. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell discusses how tax cuts and played into the final vote with Senator Barbara Boxer of California. watch

Rewriting the Axelrod memo

Rewriting the Axelrod memo

10/11/11 08:00PM

President Obama’s campaign for the American Jobs Act tells us how he will campaign for re-election. MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell has more in the Rewrite. watch

Christie backs Romney for president

10/11/11 04:37PM

Today, Chris Christie formally endorsed Willard M. Romney for the Republican presidential nomination during a press conference.The New Jersey governor, who bowed out of his own bid 2012 for the White House to the dismay of many in the GOP establishment, said it was an "easy decision" to make his pick. read more

First Word: Tuesday, October 11

10/11/11 03:02PM

Here's a look at stories shaping tonight's rundown. What headlines are you following right now?Chris Christie endorsing Mitt RomneyObama says may have to 'break up' jobs billReid ontrying to restore Senate comityBattle for the Right: Rove vs. the Koch brothersDavid Plouffe: Obama on side of Occupy Wall Street protestersU.S.... read more


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