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E.g., 10/20/2014

Theory A: John Boehner is bad at his job (payroll tax cut edition)

12/19/11 09:34AM

If you're the Speaker of the House, it's your job to set your party's agenda and get your caucus on board for it. How then did we go from a supposed deal for a two-month extension of the payroll tax cut for working families to another race against the clock in Washington? Speaker John Boehner told Meet the Press yesterday: It's pretty clear that I and our members oppose the Senate bill. . . . If you talk to employers, they talk about the uncertainty. How can you do tax policy for two months? read more

Morning Maddow: December 19

12/19/11 07:46AM

The fight over the payroll tax cut extension is so not over.Romney is still a Bain man.Can't read enough about Callista Gingrich? Here's one for you.Rick Perry: beard tugger.Occupy Obama HQ.The AP takes a look at the impact of new EPA regulations on coal-fired power plants.The Koch brothers are hiring.North Korea reportedly conducts a short-range missile test. Which may or may not be related to this.He was the last American soldier to die in the Iraq war. read more

Kim Jong-Il

North Korea says Kim Jong-Il is dead

12/18/11 11:01PM

North Korean television reports that Kim Jong-Il is dead at the age of 69.  According to NBC's Jo Ling Kent the announcer on state TV was dressed in all black which "never happens."  As we continue to learn more regarding the circumstances of the North Korean dictator's death, a few things to know:1. In 2009 Kim Jong-Il reportedly picked his youngest son to succeed him.2. Forget "President;" Kim Jong-Il had a lot of titles.3. Vaclav Havel once wrote a stirring profile of Kim Jong-Il's sickening cruelty toward his own people.4. You can follow North Korean state TV here.5. read more

Links for the 12/16 TRMS

Links for the 12/16 TRMS

12/16/11 11:39PM

Links to material cited on the show: New Capitol access policy enactedOWS Nevada County Responds to Local Eviction - Eviction PostponedTake Back The Land NRA criticizes Delaware private sale legislation Point, click, fire: an undercover investigation of illegal online gun sales Making gun safety politically safe read more

The Whiskey Skin

12/16/11 09:31PM

The Whiskey Skin is a variation on a hot toddy. This recipe from David Wondrich's great book, "Imbibe!"Ingredients:WaterSugar (White sugar, demerara sugar -- depending on what you like)A lemonScotch (Good, scotchy scotch; a single malt, a good peaty one if you can get it, like Ardbeg from Islay)Preparation:Start by setting the water to boil. You want a heat proof mug.Wondrich calls for about a teaspoon of sugar. Rachel likes a little less than that. Then, you want a looooooong thin piece of lemon peel.If you're following the recipe properly, you just drop the peel in there. read more

Toys Are Us

Toys Are Us

12/16/11 09:13PM

As end of the year roundups go, cheers to L.A. Weekly for re-creating 2011's most compelling stories (like this Occupy Wall Street tableaux) using Lego people.You can feel the class tension right down to TraderMan's tiny plastic briefcase. read more

Ahead on the 12/16 Maddow Show

12/16/11 07:57PM

Tonight's guests:Kristen Welker, NBC news White House correspondentWayne Slater, senior political writer for the Dallas Morning NewsMax Rameau, founder of the "Take Back the Land" protest movementNow here's executive producer Bill Wolff with a story preview and here is the musical accompaniment:  read more

On tonight's show

On tonight's show

12/16/11 07:00PM

Bill Wolff, executive producer for the Rachel Maddow Show, shares a preview of tonight's show - Italy is doing a major infrastructure overhaul, Bloomberg... watch

Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree, how do you string the lights right?

Oh, Christmas tree, oh, Christmas tree, how do you string the lights right?

12/16/11 04:03PM

The other day at my house, we brought home our Christmas tree. In New York City, this usually means buying one from a stand on the corner -- the same Vermont guy has sold us a tree for eight years running -- and then carrying it home, everybody taking a turn with the heavy end.For reasons that don't matter and we'd just as soon forget, we had to put the lights on three times before we got it right. That meant passing the strands of lights around the tree, starting at the top, and going from hand to hand, around and around, three times. read more