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E.g., 9/2/2014

Best noon thing

11/14/11 12:00PM

This is an oldie... well, it's an oldie where I come from. Okay, it's no "Enchantment Under the Sea" dance, but here's Marty McFly Michael J. Fox playing "Johnny B. Goode" this weekend at a charity event.  read more

Supreme Court to hear health reform case

11/14/11 11:22AM

The U.S. Supreme Court has announced that it will take on the question of whether President Obama's health reform law is constitutional, with arguments by March 2012 and a decision in June. This note, from an earlier case, still matters:There was no indication, on the other hand, that Justice Clarence Thomas had disqualified himself from the case involving the health care law. read more

Herman Cain's got a German nuclear power plant to sell you

Herman Cain's got a German nuclear power plant to sell you

11/14/11 10:37AM

Herman Cain's got a revamped website going, so you can see his positions and give him money. Among those positions is his take on energy policy:From the oil-rich states of Louisiana and Alaska to the mighty dams along rivers across the states, the options for many forms of energy are real and plenty. Still, liberals continue to perpetuate the misunderstanding that the high energy consumption of a thriving nation and conservation of our precious planet are at odds with one another.The illustration, as you can see, is a photo of a steaming nuclear plant. read more

Welcome to a new occupation

Welcome to a new occupation

11/14/11 09:49AM

Taking a page from activists around the world and throughout modern history, Occupy Cleveland is taking a stand today and tomorrow against the eviction of a mother and her two small kids.Occupy Cleveland plans to spend the day marching to foreclosed homes in the neighborhood and knocking on doors to build support. Tonight, the call is out to set up camp at the house. On Tuesday, the sheriff comes. read more

Morning Maddow: November 14

11/14/11 07:54AM

A weekend of arrests as police around the country clear out "Occupy" encampments.Photojournalism from this weekend at Occupy Portland.Is Occupy Oakland next?Scott Olsen speaks.President Obama takes on GOP candidates after their foreign policy debate.Scott Walker recall effort (the real one) begins tomorrow.The New York Times reminds us of Romney's history of laying off American workers.One reason it's hard to catch Medicare cheats.A Utah mayor admits writing news articles praising his city under a fake name.  read more

Mourning Happy Valley

11/13/11 03:30PM

By Amy ShusterThroughout yesterday's losing game against Nebraska, Penn State fans repeated the roar "We are Penn State" as they have for countless seasons. The cheer rings hollow and no longer sounds true to my ears. I am not Penn State, at least not the Penn State I've watched this week, though I am an alum.As this story unfolded and worsened each day, my heart ached for a Penn State that never existed. The Philadelphia Inquirer's Bill Lyon perfectly captures autumn in "Happy Valley," the downfall of Joe Paterno and perhaps the university itself -- from Camelot to this. read more

Waiting for Romney to flip a flop

Waiting for Romney to flip a flop

11/13/11 11:29AM

Mitt Romney policy flip-flops last week alone:(1) Payroll taxcut extension (was con, now pro)(2) Life-begins-at-conception constitutional amendments (was pro, now con)And as of 3PM ET Friday, he's apparently for privatizing the VA.Start the flip-flop countdown clock? Or will he stick with this one? read more

The once and future veteran

The once and future veteran

11/12/11 11:22AM

The repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" in September not only made it possible for active-duty servicemembers to stop hiding who they are in order to serve their country, it also opened the door for those who were kicked out under the policy to re-enlist.Major Mike Almy was kicked out of the Air Force under DADT, even though he was asked, and he never told. Someone who read Major Almy's private emails turned him in, and those emails formed the basis of the Air Force's case against him.Yesterday, as a veteran, Maj. Almy was invited to have breakfast at the White House with President Obama. read more

The Applejack Rabbit*

11/11/11 09:25PM

2 oz of Laird's Applejack --You want the bonded kind.  Bonded means it's 100 proof, 50% alcohol.  It's better than the blended kind.3/4 oz lemon juice 3/4 oz orange juice 1/2 oz maple syrup -- Use grade B, that's the darker kind. No Garnish.  Except your "I Voted" sticker. *As listed in Jim Meehan's newly released "The PDT Cocktail Book," which even has a neat little video: read more

The Friday Awesome (Route 66 Edition)

11/11/11 07:19PM

Greetings Awesome-istas! Not only is today the numerologically impeccable 11-11-11, it also marks the opening of Route 66 back in 1926. Fabled in song and screen, they didn't call it The Mother Road for nothing. Much Highway 66 old school awesome here and here.Important reminder: the French are crazy sometimes. Mon dieu!Chapter One: Brk, Brk, braaaakkkkk!!!The perennially awesome Keith Haring —rescued!Yes we can!Happy Birthday Kurt Vonnegut! Jonathan Winters!Inc. StainedSci-Fi fans--just watch this. Have replacement brain handy.And finally, 90 foot wave? read more

Democracy moot in Michigan

Democracy moot in Michigan

11/11/11 07:00PM

Rachel Maddow reports on how Michigan governor Rick Snyder has embarked on a program to unilaterally overrule democratically elected local governments with... watch