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Chart: Paul Ryan on what ails you

Chart: Paul Ryan on what ails you

10/24/11 01:19PM

Congressman Paul Ryan, the Republican budget guru, held a series of talks last week back home in Wisconsin. @triumph68 sends this pic from his talk in Oak Creek. Debt and deficit are not the same thing, but they're at least on a first-name basis. You can see, above, Congressman Ryan's chart about what he considers the root cause of debt. In short, it's the slate of entitlement programs Mr. Ryan wants to curb.And below, you can see the view from the Center on Policy and Budget Priorities. In short, it's the Bush tax cuts, which Congressman Ryan supports in the name of lessening uncertainty. read more

Grassroots Tea Party ad, take two

10/24/11 11:20AM

Back on October 7, the posted a "30 Second made for TV add" with a call for contributions to help get the spot on air -- it's embedded above. Today, sends a link to version two, below, with the same title but slicker production of the same message (in places, verbatim). The group again asks for help airing the spot."If you are tired of being called an extremist, or astroturf, or a teabagger, or racist well then now is your opportunity to proudly show your community the real Tea Party movement!" writes freedom organizer Todd Cefaratti. read more

Logic class with Scott Walker, round II

Logic class with Scott Walker, round II

10/24/11 10:07AM

Last week, you smarties bravely wrestled with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's reasoning for why requiring a photo ID to vote is no big deal. Governor Walker's argument began:There are more photo ID’s currently issued than there are registered voters in Wisconsin.  I've made some attempt to winnow the dozens of responses down to a few that seem rewarding/plausible to me. read more

Parade Magazine

Morning Maddow: October 24

10/24/11 07:38AM

Rick Perry takes the birther bait.President Obama will bypass Congress to tackle economic problems.Rep. Eric Cantor cancels a speech protested by Occupy Philadelphia. But don't worry! You can still read the speech!Republican candidates: I'm waaaay more anti-abortion than you are!Nevada blinks and reschedules its GOP caucuses.LA Gov. Bobby Jindal wins reelection.10 months after Bouazizi, Tunisians vote.The U.S. recalls its "Ambadassador" from Syria for his safety.Nuclear talks with North Korea begin. read more

Ahead on the 10/21 Maddow Show

10/21/11 08:03PM

Tonight's guests:Richard Engel, NBC chief foreign correspondentChris Hayes, the host of msnbc's "Up! With Chris Hayes"Tim Wise: educator, anti-racist activist, and author of "White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son"Here's senior producer Cory Gnazzo with a look ahead at what we're covering:  read more

Breaking: World still here*

Breaking: World still here*

10/21/11 08:00PM

Melissa Harris-Perry notes that predictions about the end of the world have not come true (again) (*though there are still a couple of hours left in the day). watch

For a flat tax, that's a pretty tall graph

For a flat tax, that's a pretty tall graph

10/21/11 04:57PM

When the detailed analysis of Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan came out earlier this week I thought for sure it would mean he'd be laughed out of the race. Just looking at that "Average Federal Tax Change" column, everyone making less than $200,000 per year gets a tax hike and the rich pay less? A 15% tax cut for people making more than a million dollars a year? How can that be a serious proposal? read more

Tennessee makes woman, 91, stand in line for voter ID

10/21/11 03:32PM

The good news is that Dorothy Cooper, 96, finally got the new ID she needed to vote in Tennessee. Ms. Cooper had been turned down at the DMV before because the name on her marriage certificate didn't match the one on her birth certificate.The bad news? Virginia Lasater, 91, couldn't wait in line long enough to get hers.Aided by a walking cane to get around, she quickly decided she couldn't stand up long enough to wait and her son could find no chairs available for her to sit. read more