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E.g., 11/26/2014
E.g., 11/26/2014
Conservatives on 'the trouble with early...

Conservatives on 'the trouble with early voting'

10/23/14 06:15PM

An article from the conservative National Review called “The Trouble with Early Voting” says: “Too much of anything can be bad.” Rev. Al Sharpton talks to Ed Rendell and Karen Finney about the GOP’s fight to discourage Democrats from voting. watch

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Rev's Early Reads: October 23

10/23/14 07:05AM

Justice Dept. blasts leaks in Michael Brown investigation... GOP rep. uses ISIS propaganda for political ad... Fox News blames min wage for McDonald's profits. read more

Vigilance vs. fear

Vigilance vs. fear

10/22/14 06:58PM

Rev. Sharpton explains why, despite the uncertainty of Wednesday's events, we must stay vigilant and not give into fear. watch