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#VelshiBannedBookClub: 'This Book is Gay' by Juno Dawson


The reality is this: at some point between high school, college, and young adulthood, almost everyone will be confronted with a situation related to sex and sexuality. Relationships can be the most beautiful and rewarding part of life, and they can also be the most damaging – physically and emotionally. And for LGBTQ youth, the stakes are even higher. Despite all of that, adequate sexual education is rapidly disappearing from schools across America. Even if it exists in your high school it will likely exclude information pertinent to LGBTQ youth. So 7-year teaching veteran and LGBTQ advocate Juno Dawson decided to write her own. “This Book is Gay” is a guide. Equal parts humorous and informative -- this book would make as much sense laying on your coffee table as it would being assigned reading in a high school sexual education class. “This Book is Gay” is divided into sections: identity, stereotypes, queer history, coming out, relationships – including sex -- and interspersed with candid first-person narratives from real people. It is a crucial read for all LGBTQ youth, their parents, and their allies.