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President Obama’s fight for fairness

President Obama’s fight for fairness

01/12/15 06:16PM

Fighting inequality has been a pillar of the Obama Presidency. Today, the vast majority of people are behind it. Now, even the GOP is buying in. Rev. Sharpton talks to Joan Walsh and Jared Bernstein for details. watch

Where is Hayat Boumeddiene?

Where is Hayat Boumeddiene?

01/12/15 06:00PM

Rev. Sharpton talks to Evan Kohlmann and Jim Arkedis for the latest on the whereabouts of the widow of the gunman who attacked a Jewish grocery in Paris last week. Then, they discuss the hacking scandal at US Central Command. watch

McConnell tries to take credit for economy?

McConnell tries to take credit for economy?

01/08/15 06:42PM

Despite unprecedented obstruction from Republicans in Congress, Pres. Obama has managed to drop unemployment and raise job growth. Yet, Sen. McConnell wants to the GOP to take credit for the economy? Rev. Sharpton talks to Angela Rye and Mark Hannah. watch

The NAACP bombing investigation

The NAACP bombing investigation

01/08/15 06:33PM

The FBI is on the ground in Colorado Springs, looking for a person of interest after a homemade bomb went off outside the local chapter of the NAACP Tuesday morning. Rev. Sharpton talks to Marq Claxton for details. watch

Suspected brothers & history of terror...

Suspected brothers & history of terror charges

01/08/15 06:18PM

Authorities are scouring parts of northern France, looking for the two brothers suspected in the Paris terror attack. One was even arrested on terrorism charges in 2005. Rev. Sharpton talks to Fred Burton and Christopher Dickey for more on their history watch

On the hunt for terrorists in Paris

On the hunt for terrorists in Paris

01/08/15 06:00PM

French swat teams are going house-to-house in a town about 90 miles northeast of Paris. Rev. Sharpton talks to Ron Allen, Michael Sheehan and Jim Cavanaugh for the latest. Also, we’re getting our first images from inside the magazine’s offices. watch


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