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E.g., 8/22/2014
Supporters of the Violence Against Women Act rally in Washington, DC.  (Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Silence Against Women: House GOP silent as Senate poised to pass VAWA

02/11/13 03:40PM

With 62 co-sponsors and a handful of amendments to work out Monday afternoon, senior senate aides tell NBC News the Senate is poised to pass the Violence Against Women Act Tuesday, but in the Republican-controlled House, the bill's fate is far less certain. House Republicans leaders are reportedly struggling to come to terms with a provision in the act that would allow Native American police and courts to pursue non-Indians who attack women on Native-controlled tribal lands. read more

President Obama speaking at the House Democratic Issues Conference in Lansdowne, Va. on Feb. 7, 2013. (File photo by Charles Dharapak/AP)

Obama better trusted on economy than GOP

02/11/13 08:40AM

The president has the trust of more Americans in economic matters on the eve of a State of the Union address in which he's expected to lay out a clear vision for his economic agenda. According to a Quinnipiac University poll released Monday morning, 47% trust President Obama to handle the economy over Congressional Republicans, who win trust from only 41%. read more

Pushing for change on guns

Pushing for change on guns

02/08/13 07:00PM

The push for change on guns is coming from many voices, including victims of gun violence and former President Clinton. Lawmakers may be close to a... watch

GOP uniting against Karl Rove

GOP uniting against Karl Rove

02/08/13 07:00PM

Republicans are having a hard time agreeing on anything, but they’re all turning on Karl Rove. Author Wayne Slater joins Rev. Al Sharpton to talk about the... watch

Mourners place candles and stuffed toy animals on a memorial for victims of the recent mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut December 16, 2012. (Photo by Lucas Jackson/Reuters)

State of the Union: Dems use the guest list to keep gun violence in the spotlight

02/08/13 05:20PM

As Congress appears ready to pursue at least some bipartisan gun reform measures, a number of House Democrats will be putting an even stronger spotlight on the issue of gun violence during next week's State of the Union address. Several Democrats will be seated next to people who've been affected by gun violence, including the family members of many shooting victims, as their official guests during president's annual address on Tuesday. read more

Here they toast Mexican President Felipe Calderon during a luncheon at the State Department.  (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Poll: Clinton top of her field in popularity

02/08/13 09:15AM

Talk about going out on top! A week after leaving her post, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's popularity surpasses most major national politicians, including President Barack Obama, her successor John Kerry, and many other possible 2016 rivals in both parties, according to a poll released Friday. Clinton has a 61% favorability rating, with only 34% unfavorability, according to the Quinnipiac poll. Vice President Joe Biden is the second most popular politician by the same measure, with a 46% -41% favorability. Obama trails him slightly with a 46% - 45% split. read more

Don't let the halo being put above New Jersey governor Chris Christie fool you, argued host Melissa Harris-Perry Saturday in her open letter. (AP Photo/Mel Evans, File)

Weight, weight, don't tell me...

02/07/13 08:21PM

The growing controversy over New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's weight hit a new high this week when Christie told a doctor to "shut up" over her criticism of his weight. read more