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Glenn Kirschner

Glenn Kirschner is a former assistant U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia. He is currently an NBC News/MSNBC legal analyst.

Glenn Kirschner is a former assistant U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia. He is currently an NBC News/MSNBC legal analyst.

Latest from Glenn Kirschner

22d ago

Derek Chauvin's guilty verdict — and how his defense fell apart

The jury’s decision tells us much about the prospect of holding accountable a police officer who — before our very eyes — decided he had the power to be judge, jury and executioner.
29d ago

What killed George Floyd? Chauvin trial prosecution is having trouble answering.

There is still a significant cause-of-death battle to be fought in the coming trial days.
43d ago

Derek Chauvin's defense strategy in George Floyd trial emphasizes pathology

Video of George Floyd's death may make folks think this is an easy case for prosecutors. But the forensic pathology piece suggests otherwise.

DOJ drops Flynn's criminal case — or at least Barr wants to. And cronyism is the only reason.

There is absolutely no legitimate basis in law or in fact to dismiss Flynn’s guilty plea.
370d ago

Mitch McConnell, Judge Justin Walker and the death of judicial qualifications

Judges appointed today will literally be making consequential legal decisions for decades to come. Hopefully lawmakers can, at the very least, agree that experience still matters.
379d ago

Is Michael Cohen getting out of prison? Why Barr's coronavirus release rules deserve scrutiny

These Bureau of Prisons flip-flops are yet another example of Barr’s lack of leadership — and a sign of a Department of Justice in free fall.
447d ago

Roger Stone case reveals Barr and Trump's gross politicization of American criminal justice

Barr’s gross distortion of the Mueller report led to calls for him to step down. He did not, and now we are facing the same situation all over again.
499d ago

Trump tweets that impeachment is a 'coup.' He's almost right — but not in the way he thinks.

We either have three co-equal branches of government or we have something that looks more like a dictatorship and less like a democracy.
580d ago

Democrats' Trump impeachment inquiry should revisit the testimony of Michael Cohen

Trump's strong-arming of the Ukrainian president seems to closely follow the methods described by Michael Cohen, Andrew McCabe — and "The Godfather."
595d ago

Why Democrats in Congress should use inherent contempt to force Trump officials to testify

As congressional Democrats begin issuing subpoenas expressly in furtherance of a presidential impeachment inquiry, lawmakers need to use the most aggressive arrow in their quivers.

As Trump's scandals mount, General James Mattis' silence does a disservice to America

I much admire Mattis’ inclination to be circumspect. But I hope those close to this respected warrior will implore him to take on one last battle.