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Velshi: If we put our tax dollars toward Americans who need it most, we can lift millions out of poverty


Democrats are working to push through a transformative $3.5 trillion budget bill. It’s a crucial step toward accomplishing core agenda items that include strengthening the social safety net, expanding paid family and medical leave, more accessible child care, universal pre-K, tuition-free community college, lowering the Medicare eligibility age and expanding benefits to include dental, vision and hearing. Democrats want wealthy Americans and large corporations to foot the bill for this legislation. Republicans say it’s too expensive. Taxing a few millionaires and billionaires could feed millions of children, give poor and low wealth people things like dental care and eyeglasses, or provide care for the elderly. This shouldn’t be a tough decision, but greed gets in the way every time. We should insist on a government that spends our money as efficiently as possible. But that should be spent with an eye on providing the greatest return – both financially and morally.