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Transcript: The ReidOut, 1/28/2021

Guest: David Hogg, Val Demings, Taylor Lorenz�


QAnon-supporting GOP congresswoman under scrutiny. GOP Representative Greene pushes racist, far-right conspiracy theories. Marjorie Taylor Greene harasses Parkland survivor. Reporter booted from Representative Green town hall. Pelosi says, putting Representative Greene on Education Committee appalling. GOP Representative Greene faces growing backlash over incendiary posts. House Minority Leader McCarthy under fire for putting QAnon supporter on Education Committee.



ARI MELBER, MSNBC HOST: Thanks for watching THE BEAT. Joy Reid is up next

with a special interview with Parkland survivor David Hogg.

JOY REID, MSNBC HOST: Good evening, everyone. We begin THE REIDOUT with the

Republican embrace of yet another cult, voters ousted one dangerous

Republican in November, the MAGA cult leader in the White House. But just

as Republicans were complicit in their silence on his antics for four long

years, they`re doing it again with the newest, dangerous right-wing cult

that`s coming from inside the House.

Marjorie Taylor Green, the QAnon-supporting Georgia congresswoman, with a

history of dangerous false claims and Islamophobic and racist comments.

Now, normally, we wouldn`t do this, because, believe me, we want no more

part of amplifying this cult figure than we did with the Florida man. But

for your to really understand who this person is, you need to hear it for

yourself. So just buckle up and take a listen to this.


REP. MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE (R-GA): Q is a patriot. We know that for sure.

There is an Islamic invasion into our government offices right now, okay?

They are -- you saw after midterm elections, what, we saw so many Muslims

elected. I don`t know the exact the number but there were quite a few.

The generations of black and Hispanic men, do you want to know what holds

them down? Gangs, being in gangs and dealing drugs is what holds them down.

The gangs are holding them back. It`s not white people.

How do you get avid gun owners and people that support the Second Amendment

to give up their guns and go along with anti-gun legislation? How do you do

that? Maybe you accomplish that by performing a mass shooting into a crowd

that is very likely to conservative.

Is that what happened in Las Vegas?


REID: Okay. Okay. Now, keep in mind that this person is not just some lady

selling QAnon tracks on the side of the ride. She is a United States

congresswoman with all of the privileges and powers therein. Greene`s

prolific internet trail has come under increased scrutiny. Now, in part

after CNN unearthed old Facebook posts of hers expressing support for

executing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other prominent Democrats.

Now, NBC News has not reviewed those posts, which are now deleted. However,

amid the follow-up from that, video has also resurfaced showing Greene

confronting Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg on Capitol Hill in 2019,

a year nearly to the month after the massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas

High School in Florida.


GREENE: You are using your lobby and the money behind it and the kids to

try to take away my Second Amendment rights. You don`t have anything to say

for yourself?

He is a coward. He can`t say one word because he can`t defend his stance,

because there is no defense for taking away guns.


REID: Okay. Now that behavior against a then 18-year-old is disgusting in

and of itself. But on her Facebook post from one year earlier showed her

agreeing with comments that the Parkland School massacre was a false flag

planned shooting.

And while she demanded answers from David Hogg in 2019, last night, a local

news crew was escorted out of a town hall with Greene after a reporter

tried to ask her about her internet posts.

Now, again, this woman has been elected to the United States Congress. Only

12,000 people have ever, ever served in that capacity in the entire history

of the United States as a republic and she was elected by nearly 50 percent

margin last November, which either means that a plastic doll could name

Satan Beelzebub could win in a Republican district as long as it`s got an R

next to its name or her constituents think her views are A-okay, that this

is what they affirmatively want representing them in Washington.

But the real question is for Republican minority leader in the House, Kevin

McCarthy. Is this what he wants? Why would you take someone like this with

these views, particularly on school shooting, who would treat a 18-year-old

kid like that and put her on the House Education Committee? Well, we`d love

to ask Mr. McCarthy. But he is not even in D.C. tonight. He`s down in

Florida where he spent today meeting with his apparently not so former

boss, the retired Florida MAGA cult leader who once labeled Greene a future

Republican star.

A spokesman for McCarthy told Axios that Greene`s unearthed comments are

deeply disturbing and that he`d have a conversation with her. Okay.

While Republicans conspicuously silent as the QAnon caucus extremist in

their midst, and, by the way, she`s only one, several of them in the GOP

House caucus today, Speaker Nancy Pelosi torched Republican leadership,

meaning you, Kevin McCarthy, for watching the T.V., for overlooking

Greene`s past comments when handing out her committee assignment.


REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA): Assigning her to the Education Committee when she

has mocked the killing of little children at Sandy Hook Elementary School,

when she has mocked the killing of teenagers in high school at the Marjorie

Stoneman Douglas High School, what could they be thinking or thinking, too

generous a word, for what they might be doing? It`s actually appalling.


REID: Joining me now is David Hogg, co-founder of March For Our Lives.

David survived the 2018 Parkland School shooting which killed 17 people.

And, first of all, David, I have to ask, how are you? How is your family? I

have not seen you in person since 2018. So, how are you?

DAVID HOGG, CO-FOUNDER, MARCH FOR OUR LIVES: You know, just like millions

of other of young people across the country trying to get through school

online right now. And it`s a challenge but we`re doing it. And, sadly, our

generation has to continue to persevere because of incompetent government

leadership, whether it be because of gun violence happening that easily

could have been prevented or an out of control pandemic, that is more than

basically any other developed country in the world, per capita.

REID: Yes. And, I mean, it`s sad to me that you guys have had to take up

this activism on behalf of all of us given what all of you face. So I got

to ask, what do you make of the fact that somebody like this who denies

that what happened to you and your friends happened at all, things

(INAUDIBLE) false flag because people want to go in black helicopter her

guns winds up on the House Education and Labor Committee?

Let me read you what the chairman of that committee said. His name is

Representative Bobby Scott, Robert Scott. He said, House Republicans made

this appointment and Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy must explain

how someone with this background represents the Republican Party on

education issues. He is sending a clear message to students, parents and

educators about the views of the Republican. He is sending messages to

people like you. What do you make of the fact that she landed that plum


HOGG: I think it`s absolutely horrific. And the only person I blame for

more than anything is Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, who is in Florida,

frolicking around with Trump right now, as one of his congress people that

he has a large amount of control over, had continued to peddle these

conspiracy theories that school shootings don`t happen, that laser beams

came down from space started wildfires in California and incredibly just

horrific and ridiculous conspiracies.

So, what do I make of it? I think it`s disgusting. And I`m calling out

every single Republican, especially people like my father, who was a former

Republican, I know not all of them stand behind us, but you need to come

out and say that. Call on Leader McCarthy to come out and condemn the

actions of Marjorie Taylor Greene and prove that you actually are able to

put politics aside and work towards unity. Because if there`s anything we

should be able to (INAUDIBLE) is the fact that our children should not be

dying in our schools, they should not be dying in our communities and they

should not be dying, period, from a preventable issue, like gun violence in

the United States that takes so many.

One of the things that frustrates me most, Joy, more than anything is the

fact the attention that needs to be brought here are the communities that

never get attention about gun violence that happens on a daily basis as a

result of systemic racism in this country.

What pisses me off about this is the fact that the attention is being

brought to Marjorie Taylor Greene but it`s not being brought to the fact

that there are millions of parents across this country that have to have an

empty bedroom that is permanently left empty and untouched since the day

that their child died from an absolutely preventable issue such as gun


It is on leaders like Kevin McCarthy and so many others to act and bring

this country together around something that we should all be able to agree

on, which is the safety of our children, both inside and outside of our

school, no matter their zip code or how many figures are in their parent`s

bank account.

REID: And you talk about your dad being a former Republican. And I think

about the state of Florida, where I lived for 14 years and Lived not far

from Parkland, to be honest with you. And Florida is run by Republicans.

Broward County is the county that you lived in, but Florida is.

You`ve got Marco Rubio there. You`ve got Rick Scott. You`ve got people like

Ron DeSantis. They have been silent in the face of the NRA. They feel to me

like they didn`t really react that much to happened to you because of these

fears of the NRA. Do you get the sense when talking to your dad, or does he

get the sense, if you`ve asked him, is this what Republicans want? Is this

conspiracy theorizing, this Marjorie Taylor Greene-style politics, is this

what most Republicans believe in? Do you think that it`s morphed or do you

think that these people are being sort of imposed on the party?

HOGG: I can`t speak for all Republicans but I can certainly say that this

is something that my father does not believe in and it`s the reason he left

the party right after the shooting at my high school. Because he believes,

as a former law enforcement officer, he knows from investigations of

shootings that these gun laws do work, that having a magazine reduction

enables law enforcement to take care of the situation much more easily than

somebody with a hundred round magazine or something 30 rounds. It`s

ridiculous that it`s this way.

And I think there`re a lot of, frankly, generalizations that have gone

around about Republicans right now. But, honestly, it`s understandable

considering the silence. And if they aren`t happy with that, my message to

Kevin McCarthy is to speak out on it and prove that you actually are not

going to stand for someone like Marjorie Taylor Greene, who believes that

school shootings didn`t happen.

And with that, I would also say that we need people in this fight with us.

And if you`re interested, you can text RESIGN to 954954. That`s RESIGN to

954954 to sign petition calling for Marjorie Taylor Greene`s resignation.

REID: Yes. It did take them a long time to get rid of Steve King and take

him off committee assignments so that -- sometimes they`re a little slow in

uptick (ph).

I do have to ask you, and I hate to send you back to that moment in 2019,

but you are being followed down the street. At this time, she wasn`t a

member of Congress. She was just some lady who is following you with a

camera, who is basically making it clear she`s got guns and that this is

what she`s about. Can you just sort of take us to where -- what did you

think when this person sort of started following you?

HOGG: To be completely honest with you, this is something that happens very

often. It`s just that this time, they were dumb enough to post it on

YouTube and then actually got elected to Congress, so it became newsworthy.

There are so many instances like this that are far worse and never make it

on the news, because I refuse to talk about them to give these people

(INAUDIBLE), which I was hoping would avoid someone like her from ever

getting into a position of power. But, clearly, that was not a case.

And I can tell you as well, more than anything, what I was thinking about

was the safety of our staff and my friends -- I mean, most of them were

under the age of 20, that she`s saying that I`m a coward. But she`s the one

attacking at the time a teenager with a gun, and basically, in directly

threatening to kill by saying I have a concealed carry permit, right? She

needs to realize that is a direct threat to us. What do you say to gun

violence survivors when you say that? It`s a threat. It`s intimidation. And

we`re never going to let it stop us.

REID: Well, I have to tell you, David Hogg, this country would be far

better off, Florida will be far better off if people like you start getting

elected as opposed to this person. So, I want to thank you for your

activism, for your intersectionalism, which I think is so important because

you and the Parkland young people always keep that in the forefront. I

personally appreciate that a lot.

So, I just want to thank you. Thank you for spending some time with us this

evening and be safe.

HOGG: Yes. And there is one last thing I just want to say. Thank you to

people like (INAUDIBLE) and others who are Republicans and have stood up

and renounced their NRA membership stood against people like Marjorie

Taylor Greene. We need more people with them to prove that not all

Republicans are like this, because that`s how those (INAUDIBLE) happen.

Thank you for having me on.

REID: Yes, indeed. And, by the way, let`s all remind ourselves, the NRA,

they went bankrupt and they didn`t go bankrupt because politicians stood up

to them. As you just said, it`s because people who are not in politics

stood up to them, including yourself. David Hogg, thank you very much. I

truly appreciate you.

And coming up next on THE REIDOUT, House Minority Leader Kevin -- everybody

is to blame -- McCarthy, as we were just talking about, heads to Florida to

kiss the dear leader`s king, as Republicans defend those who incited the

attempted coup because of their fear of MAGA voters.

Plus, the growing threat of domestic violence from the right and new

information about the planning that took place in the days before the MAGA

crowd trashed our Capitol.

THE REIDOUT continues after this.


REID: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy along with 138 other House

Republicans voted to object to the certification of electoral votes only to

later call for unity in the face of Florida man`s impeachment, but not

before blaming me, you, and, well, everybody for the mob that stormed the

Capitol armed with pipes and flex cups as a makeshift gallows stood outside

because they brought it with them.


REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY (R-CA): I thought the president had some responsibility

when it came to the response.

I also think everybody across country has responsibility.


REID: Which brings us to today, when McCarthy showed us exactly where he

stands, because instead of outright condemning Marjorie Taylor Greene for

accosting a teenage survivor of a school massacre, or addressing his

party`s rapid slide toward fascism, conspiracy theories and opposition to

democracy, he spent taxpayer money trotting down to Mar-a-Lago to take the

knee once again and kiss the ring of his unemployed former dear leader.

There they are, looking like they`re at a post-insurrection employee of the

month party. You`re doing a great job, Kevin. Thank you, boss.

Joining me now is Jason Johnson, professor of Journalism and Politics at

Morgan State University, and Michael Steele, former chairman of the RNC.

And, Michael, I have to tell you, we had this whole debate on our team

meetings this morning and it`s a back and forth over whether or not what

the Republican Party has become is something that they are -- have tripped

and fallen into, because, oops, accidentally, we need so many white voters

that it`s going to mix in some -- you know, some QAnon people and some

white nationalists, I guess they`re just there, or whether they`re just

cultivating it, and whether they, like, affirmatively want it.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez kind of weighed in on that today. When Ted Cruz

tried to jump in and jump on her side about the whole Robinhood thing...


REID: ... she tweeted back, nope. You tried to get me killed. Back off.


And here she was last night leaning in on that and explaining, in her view,

what the Republican Party has become:


REP. ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ (D-NY): There are no consequences in the

Republican caucus for violence. There`s no consequences for racism, no

consequences for misogyny, no consequences for insurrection.

And no consequences mean that they condone it. It means that that silence

is acceptance. And they want it.


REID: Mr. former chairman, Mr. only black person who`s ever been chairman

of that party...


REID: ... where is the lie? Where`s the lie?

STEELE: Where`s the lie?

REID: Yes, in what she said.

STEELE: Oh, there is no -- oh, no, no, she`s not lying.


STEELE: In fact, I would, I would say to the good congresswoman that, if I

were a member of the House, I would work with you on the very thing that

the nation has to move forward, as all good citizens who are elected to

office should do.

So, let`s just be clear about that. And so she`s not lying about it. And

where I would -- where I would change up what she`s saying is not that

those leaders condone it. They condone it and there are no consequences

because that`s where the base is.

This is an extension of a response that runs deep within the party. And

it`s not new. It goes back. I mean, Joy, you remember. You covered me when

I was RNC chairman. You remember the day I gave the speech that said, hey,

guess what, the Southern Strategy is over, baby. We`re not doing that

anymore. This is not what the Republican Party is.

There was a deliberate reason for my saying that in giving that speech at

the time, because I wanted to break that link that links back to not just

Reagan bringing in the Moral Majority into the party in the 1980 campaign,

or not just what Nixon did with the cynical strategy of embracing white

segregationists in the South who had left the Democratic Party, because

Johnson, who was a segregationist himself, by the way, but he embraced the

civil rights movement.

He saw where the country was going and embraced that. And not just there

but going back to the Goldwater speech in the `64 campaign, in which he

very much embraced the John Birch Society and all of that.

So, this is a long line. And along the way, many of us have tried to step

in and break that stranglehold. But along comes Trump, doubles down, and

everyone is on board. And that`s what the fight is, I guess, about right


REID: Yes, I mean, Jason Johnson, Michael Steele and I have talked about

this in religious terms about the golden calf, right, when -- you know,

when Moses and Aaron faced the children of Israel.

And they say, yes, but your God takes too long to give us stuff. We want to

get this calf right here.

STEELE: Right.

REID: And we could see him. And that`s where we`re going to -- that`s

where we`re going to feel affirmed, right?

And so, they -- like, we`re going with the golden calf. Like, Trump is kind

of the golden calf. But it`s not the calf. It`s the worshipers that create

the problem. I mean, you have got -- when AOC tweeted that today, the right

-- people on the right came for her and said, oh, well maybe you should

blame Bernie Sanders for Steve Scalise.

Bernie Sanders and Steve Scalise? Bernie Sanders never said, Steve Scalise

is a threat to the country, and we need to go get him, right? And so, what

happened to Steve Scalise had nothing to do with Bernie Sanders. I don`t

think we have Jason`s audio.

So, let`s get Michael Steele back in on this.

That they tried to -- they tried to make an equivalency. And Senator

Sanders has critiqued, you know, the billionaire class. He never went after

Steve Scalise and said to his followers, he`s a threat to their public, go

storm the baseball game.

So, it`s a false equivalency that`s just fake and phony. If you want to

talk Steve Scalise, he got elected in Louisiana after saying he`s David

Duke without the baggage.



REID: There`s something wrong with the voters, Michael.

STEELE: Right. And that`s...

REID: The voters want this.

STEELE: That`s the rub of it right there.

So, you have -- you have -- and you -- just you basically set it up very,

very concisely, because you have shown now how this thing works.

You have got this base that is driving a certain narrative. You have got

the leadership that are not leading. They`re afraid to actually step in and

countermand the thinking and the nonsense the noise from not the entire

base. That`s the other thing. There are a wide swathe of Republicans who

are sitting there scratching their head.

We have seen it. They`re leaving the party in significant numbers. You just

had David Hogg on the show who said: My dad was one of those Republicans

and left after what happened in my neighborhood, in my school because of

the response of his party to the tragedy that befell us.

So, you have this -- you have basically the tail wagging the dog. And

that`s a big part of the problem.

I`m going to turn this over to Jason, because I think he`s back up, because

I think -- I know the brother has got something to say.


REID: Yes. I know he does.


REID: Jason, I know we got your audio back.

I`m telling you, the aliens tried to come and get you. But we got you back.

JOHNSON: Clearly, Kevin McCarthy didn`t want me to speak.



REID: You`re being muzzled. You`re being muzzled in a prime-time TV --

muzzled, you are.

JOHNSON: I`m being muzzled. I`m being censored.

This is cancel culture, cancel culture.



REID: Stop canceling Jason.


JOHNSON: This is...

REID: Go on, Jason.

JOHNSON: Exactly, like, right here, right now.

This is the thing that`s so crazy about all this. And I think I kind of

overheard part of what you were saying. It`s not just -- it`s not just

pandering to these people. It`s not just doing anything about Marjorie

Wilson -- Marjorie Greene.

It`s not just going down and talking to Donald Trump. It is such a cynical

and despicable way of looking at the country. I mean, for Kevin McCarthy,

he basically says that the majority of America that I actually want to

serve is an America that wanted to kill Mike Pence. The majority of the

America that I want to serve is an America that wanted to kill Alexandria

Ocasio-Cortez, that wanted to hang Ilhan Omar, that wanted to kill Ayanna


He`s saying, those are the kinds of people he wants to represent.

And one of the things about representative democracy -- Barack Obama said,

hey, we don`t want a world where politicians are choosing their

constituents. We want constituents to choose their politicians.

But politicians can choose their constituents. John McCain in 2008 said,

hey, look, I don`t want people up here voting for me because they think

Barack Obama is a Muslim.

There is a way that you can run as a politician and differentiate yourself

from the lesser and the more despicable elements of your own party. And

none of these Republicans want to do that. And to reward people -- forget

that he didn`t do anything to Marjorie Greene. He basically gave her a slap

on the rear and say, go out and be somebody.

But then he puts her on the Education Committee. It`s like putting Jeffrey

Dahmer to baby-sit your kids. Like, it`s insane. But that`s who they seem

to think that America is going to be going forward.

REID: Well, and that`s because -- and I will say it -- I will say it a

million times -- they want -- they understand that this is where they can

get votes. They are cultivating it.

And that`s as true of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz as it is of the minority

leader and that lady, the QAnon lady.

Jason Johnson, see, that`s why -- now I`m about to cancel you, because

we`re going to go to a commercial. I`m going to cancel you with a

commercial break.



REID: Michael Steele, thank you very much. Appreciate you both, brothers.


REID: Have a good evening. You`re both canceled.


REID: Still...


REID: You`re being silenced. Look, I`m silencing you right now. Look, I`m

silencing you right now.

The growing threat of right-wing violence in America is up next, and what

we`re learning about the role of the Proud Boys that they played in the

Capitol rampage.

I`m going to silence myself now, go to commercial break.


REID: The threat of right-wing violence remains a clear and present

danger. That`s according to a terrorism advisory released yesterday by the

Department of Homeland Security, warning that more attacks could follow the

deadly Capitol insurrection.

Meanwhile, new indictments charged three of those insurrectionists with

conspiring to obstruct Congress, including one defendant with apparent ties

to the anti-government Oath Keepers extremist group.

Law enforcement is also scrutinizing the ultra-nationalist group the Proud

Boys to determine what -- to what extent they might have planned the

assault in advance.

The Proud Boys have increasingly found a home in the Republican Party,

according to reporting from "The Guardian," which dubbed them useful thugs

to the now former president.

We`re also learning of a reported gathering at the former president`s D.C.

hotel on the eve of the Capitol siege. "The Alabama Political Reporter"

points out that, according to a former official`s post on social media,

members of the former president`s family were there, allegedly with

loyalists like Michael Flynn and others that night, including Senator Tommy


We reached out to Senator Tuberville`s office and a spokesman told us that

he did not attend a private meeting with those individuals.

So, joining me now is Congresswoman Val Demings of Florida, who serves on

the Homeland Security Committee.

And, Congresswoman, it`s great to have you here, both because of your

current job, and also because of your former job in law enforcement.

First of all, I have to ask you, as an elected official, what does it mean

to you, having gone through that Capitol siege, that we`re having to ask

questions about whether other elected officials that you serve with either

in the House or the Senate might have somehow been knowledgeable about it

in advance or involved?

REP. VAL DEMINGS (D-FL): Well, Joy, it`s great to be back with you.

And if people are still trying to understand what happened on January 6,

all they have to do is take a look at the video and the images from that

day. As a 27-year-law enforcement officer, I could not believe that I found

myself and several of my other colleagues trapped in the House Gallery on

the floor trying to duck or flee to safety, while the angry mob obviously

broke out glass and were trying to break into the House floor.

Absolutely unbelievable, and then, if that wasn`t bad enough to learn, and

I do believe -- there are multiple investigations going on, but I do

believe that those within Congress or their staff members participated in

making sure that the angry mob was ready that day, knew where they were

going, knew who they were looking for.

We know that information has come out that there were communications going

on about where certain members were. But there are multiple investigations.

We will get to the bottom of it. And I don`t particularly care what

position you`re in. Anybody who participated in that day, whether you were

part of the angry mob, or you enabled them to do what they did, should be

held accountable.

REID: And do you think that investigation should include that January 5

meeting to figure out who was there, if Michael Flynn, who was talking

about using the Insurrection Act and other sort of violence scenarios?

Do you think that meeting should be investigated criminally?

DEMINGS: Joy, it really has to be.

I mean, everything -- whenever a crime occurs, we go backwards, right? We

go back, and we review what was going on during the days, weeks, months

leading up to that event. And so, it is critical that we clearly understand

the meetings the day before, any tours that were taking place, try to find

out what those conversations were.

It is critical to the investigation. And, as I said, while it may take a

while to get there, I do believe that every person who was involved or

enabled must be held accountable and brought to justice.

REID: Let`s talk a little about the Proud Boys.

Enrique Tarrio, who is the leader of the Proud Boys, is a Floridian. There

seems to be quite a bit of Florida sort of connection. We have seen the

Proud Boys verbally attack the speaker of the House when she was in Miami.

So, we know that they are active in the state of Florida.

Are you concerned that, because Florida is also attracting so much of this

right-wing politics, so many of the people, including the retired former

president, are you concerned that Florida is going to become a base for

this kind of really anti-democracy sort of crypto-fascist activity?

DEMINGS: Well, I think that every state in our union should be concerned

about this type of negative entity, if you will, setting up shop in their


The president -- if we go back to the presidential debate, the president

said, "Stand back and stand by." And, apparently, the Proud Boys have done

just that. The president had 49 other choices for where he could set up

shop. He chose Florida.

And so, we know that the Proud Boys participated in the insurrection, the

violent attack those who lost their lives on January 6. We know that they

were organized. We know that we have had arrests that were here in the

state of Florida.

And so, we certainly need to continue this investigation and certainly look

within Florida to see how much they knew, again, who assisted them.

REID: Yes.

DEMINGS: But we can`t just stop at Florida. We have got to look at every


REID: Yes.

I got to put your -- got to put your law enforcement hat on one more time.

Enrique Tarrio, we now hear reports that he has been an informant, that

he`s been a police informant. That puts him in a very awkward position in

an organization where there are factions inside the Proud Boys that would

like it to be a more openly white nationalist organization, and he is Afro-


If you had that information on hand as a law enforcement officer, how would

you use that? And can that be used to sort of crack open this organization,

to the benefits of the public and law enforcement?

DEMINGS: Well, I really think we have to use every tool that we can and

every bit of information that we can.

It was interesting to see him move from being someone who apparently

cooperated on a regular basis with the FBI, for example, and now finds

himself in the situation that he is in.

But I do think, again, it is critical that we use that information, every

tool that we have, to really get to the bottom of what happened on January

6, so we can set up a place -- or come to a place where it will never

happen again.

REID: Absolutely.

Congresswoman Val Demings, if you decide that you want to trade up to a

statewide office, and maybe challenge one of the Republicans that is in

place right there statewide, can you come back and let us know first,


DEMINGS: Well, let me just say this, Joy.

There is clearly a lack of leadership on the GOP side in the House and in

the Senate.

What was once a place where, like Adam Schiff said, giants stood, we now

have mere shadows of men. And so there is a leadership void. We will see

what happens.

REID: That sounds like a maybe.

Congresswoman Val Demings, thank you very much. Really appreciate you. Be


DEMINGS: Thank you.

REID: And before we go to break, I have some sad news.

Thank you.

I have some sad news to share, really heartbreaking news.

Groundbreaking actress Cicely Tyson, known for her Oscar-nominated role in

"Sounder" and for "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman," a classic,

which you will see here in this photo, passed away today at the age of 96.

We are so sorry for the loss, really a loss to us all, and also to her


We will be right back after this.


REID: President Biden`s predecessor tried and failed to destroy the

Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately for the orange man, Obamacare lasted

longer than he did.

Today, President Biden signed two executive actions that would strengthen

the ACA and Medicaid. He also expanded access to reproductive health care.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Today, we`re about to sign two

executive orders to basically, the best way to describe it, to undo the

damage Trump has done. There is nothing new we are doing here other than

restoring the Affordable Care Act and restoring the Medicaid to the way it

was before Trump became president, it was by faith. He changed, made more



REID: Because of the pandemic, Biden instructed HHS to open the federally

run health insurance marketplace for a special enrolment from February to

May, to help potentially millions of Americans acquire health insurance

coverage, badly needed.

Joining me now is Dr. Vin Gupta, critical care pulmonologist and global

policy expert.

Okay, I`ve got a couple questions for you. To start with Dr. Gupta, thanks

for being here as always. We are now hearing through "The New York Times"

the Pentagon may be sending troops to help distribute vaccines through

about 100 vaccine sites that maybe set up as early as next month.

We are also hearing from Reuters the Biden administration wants to allow

retired doctors to also be allowed to give COVID vaccines, creating more

vaccinators. Good ideas, those two things?



They are wonderful ideas. I mean, this is exactly what we need. We need a

whole society approach. And, frankly, Joy, the military, I say this as a

reservist, I suit up in the Air Force, we have a ton of skills when it

comes to setting up triage clinics on the play, pop-up clinics to do

vaccines, where you can monitor people after they get their shot. There`s a

lot of capabilities that have not been used. I`m glad we`re using this,

and, frankly, we need more public/private partnerships.

We are seeing health systems partner with industry to scale -- have mass

vaccination clinics. A great example here in Seattle this past weekend. We

need more of this. I`m glad they are starting out with this type of

approach, because this is a race against time, Joy.

REID: It`s a race against time, but it also feels like it`s a race against

variants. So, I think of the coronavirus vaccine as the alien in the movie

"Aliens", right? It jumps in your body, use your body to reproduce itself,

but then it morphs into like other kinds of aliens, like the movie -- like

in the movie, right?

So, now, we are seeing this South Africa variant, which is scary. We`ve now

seen it in South Carolina. I believe it`s in South Carolina, we`ve now seen

it. It may be deadlier. It may be scarier and riskier.

So, in fighting that, I want you to give us a little bit of advice on what

we need to do in terms of mask. So, I never leave home without my masks,


GUPTA: Yeah.

REID: But I want to show you a few different kinds and tell me whether or

not one is better than the other. So, I brought props here. So, I have this

one, I have a KN95. So, this is the KN95 mask, right? Then, I`ve got the

N95 mask. So, that`s this one. This is the N95 mask. And then I have what a

lot of people wear, which is the cloth mask.

I like Black Panther. If I`m going with this, instead of the KN95, do I

need to pair it, double it up with this mask? This is the other mask that

people wear.

GUPTA: You know, I brought my own props. I`m going to answer your props

with my own.

REID: Surgical mask.

GUPTA: If you`re wearing cloth mask --


GUPTA: So, if you`re wearing a clothe mask, wear one with at least a few

layers with them, and ideally, that have some type of zip tie or ability to

actually -- if you have ear loops on the mask, have something where you can

tighten the ear loop so you have a tight, snug fit, and then you can put

that three-ply little mask on top. That`s great.

A KN95 mask, we think, is potentially non-inferior. So, a KN95 mask is

good, but the problem there is the fit, because it still has those ear

loops. So, I would say the cloth mask, the thick cloth mask, multilayer

where you can tie -- the ear loops that you can make them tighten, followed

by one of those guys, these three-ply medical type mask, that`s a nice --

bang for your buck and a one-two punch of quality, where you have

filtration and a tight fit which we know is key.

N95s are just in short supply, unfortunately, and theirpeople keep them on?

Because sometimes people have difficulty breathing in them. So, N95, you

know, more in the health care we`re seeing. Since we don`t have as much

access to that, I would say you want a tight cloth mask with a blue mask on

top and try to tighten those ear loops.

Joy, if I may something real quick --

REID: Yes.

GUPTA: --you were bringing up something that`s vital, transmission

reduction, Joy. We are focused on vaccination because that is the way out

of the pandemic. But we don`t have to lose 200,000 plus Americas. Here are

the things that we should focus on.

Still, 47 states in our union have indoor dining with a concerning variant,

as you mentioned, 4,000 deaths a day. We really need to revisit the wisdom

of that. Why are we doing that right now versus pausing for eight to 12

weeks until we approach herd immunity. That`s one.

High risk teachers, they are forced to get back in schools, at least let`s

get them a vaccine, at minimum, to protect them. And then, finally, I will

say, for those who had mild to moderate symptoms and diagnosis of COVID-19,

that had mild to moderate symptoms in the last 10 days from COVID-19, go to Potentially, you might get access to a monoclonal

antibody that might save your life.

GUPTA: Wow. This is great information.

All right, everybody. You heard Dr. Vin Gupta. Do all of this, don`t wait

on the vaccine, mask up, double up, get the mask with multiple layers.

Listen to this man. He knows what he`s talking about.

Dr. Vin Gupta, thank you very much. Be safe. Appreciate you.

All right. And coming up next, it is a long overdue populous -- is it a

long overdue populous uprising or an unwelcome insurgency? Reddit investors

take on the Wall Street giants in a no-holds barred cage match.

And that is straight ahead on THE REIDOUT.


REID: Remember that time barely anyone showed up to the former president`s

rally after his staff claimed to have registered more than a million

tickets? At the time TikTok users took partial credit for it claiming to

have registered potentially hundreds of thousands of tickets as a prank.

That`s just one example of the power of the Internet, something we`re

seeing again this week after a group of traders on Reddit came together to

disrupt Wall Street.

The traders noticed that the big hedge funds were shorting or betting

against the success of companies like video game retailer GameStop and AMC,

the theater giant. So, they decided to band together to buy stocks in those

very companies, driving up the price and causing the people who bet against

those attacks to lose a lot of money.

The app that many were using aptly named Robinhood restricted any further

trading in the companies after causing big losses for the hedge funds. That

led to outrage to both sides of the political spectrum. Democratic Senator

Brown of Ohio, the incoming chair of the Senate Banking Committee,

promising an investigation into the situation noting that people on Wall

Street only care about the rules and they`re the ones hurt.

Late today, Robinhood said they`ll allow limited stock buys of the

companies starting tomorrow.

And joining me is Taylor Lorenz, technology and internet culture reporter

of "The New York Times".

And, Ms. Taylor Lorentz, thank you so much for being here. One of my

favorite quotes about what happened here comes from an evangelical pastor

in California. He and his wife apparently made 117 bucks off GameStop doing

this Robinhood training, and he described a sense of frustration, according

to your reporting, at how well those in the financial sector have done

since 2008, and he told you there`s a catharsis to actually making money

off their pain a little bit, he said. His wife said more bluntly, eat the

rich. That was your reporting today.

Can you give us a background, who started this and why? Is it that? Was it

just an "eat the rich" game?


That`s part of it. It was started by an online company on Reddit called

Wall Street bets and this is a community with millions of users that`s been

pretty popular for a couple years at this point. It is basically a

community of day traders. So, these people that use Robinhood, they`re not,

you know, licensed financial brokers, most of them, their whole kind of

ethos is like we, the people.

You know, we -- the people who decide the value of the stock market kind of

we`re going to decide what companies have value and they kind of -- with

GameStop kind of adopted it as this kind of, you know, I guess face of the

broader movement to kind of take a swipe at the hedge funds.

REID: Yeah. And, of course, GameStop being at least for my big kids that`s

the favorite thing of young people, right? They`re sitting at home. They`re

playing video games or buying stuff off GameStop.

Let`s listen to Elizabeth Warren who`s talking a lot about this issue today

and she is talking about their needing to be rules of market manipulation.

Hedge funders make money betting against companies to fail and when they

get burned, they`re like, wait a minute, don`t do that.

Here`s Elizabeth Warren.

LORENZ: Right.


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA): All of a sudden, the billionaires and some

hedge funds are yelling because they`re not the ones, the only ones, who

make money when the manipulation works, but remember the other half of

this. There are going to be a lot of people who are going to lose money

around this, a lot of money that they can`t afford to lose.

This is why we need an SEC that has clear rules about market manipulation

and then has the backbone to go in and enforce those rules.


REID: I think that`s the concern that I have, too, Taylor, that a lot of

people that played this game won in the short term but ultimately lose a

lot of money and out money that they need whereas the super-rich just re-

fix up the market again and they`re going to get richer.

LORENZ: Exactly. There are people that were putting really just all of the

money they have into this. Whether it`s $200, $1,000, even $15. That`s the

beauty of robin hood is to invest the really small amounts but, of course,

allowing everybody into the market can end up with some pretty bad


REID: Yeah. Are there -- have you already seen sort of seeds of sort of a

backlash to the way that it`s played out? Are the Reddit community saying

this didn`t work out for us and what might they do next?

LORENZ: There`s a huge backlash. I would say the Internet exploded when

Robinhood announced they were halting trades, and some showed up at the

headquarters in California and protesting outside the SEC in D.C. and

they`re very angry. They feel totally slighted and able to get a piece of

the pie where they had kind of collectively manipulated the stock price and

maybe were going to make money from the system and feel like Robinhood

flipped and caved to the big banks and ultimately screwed them over.

REID: Because they did. I guess that`s the other bigger picture here. Was

the lesson that it is rigged? The thing that`s rigged is not politics and

necessarily the elections. That is not rigged. Wall Street is rigged, for

the rich.

LORENZ: Absolutely. This is what we keep seeing time and time again is

that, you know, when the big banks need a bailout, they get it. When the

little people need just maybe few hundred dollars back they might not have

invested quite so wisely or the market fell out in a different way, they

don`t have that and also people struggling, some gambling stimulus checks

because they would rather buy a lottery ticket in terms of investing than,

you know -- spend that money in different ways.

REID: Yeah. No. Absolutely. It`s definitely a lesson learned. Taylor

Lorenz, thank you so much for being here. Really appreciate you.

That is tonight`s REIDOUT.





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