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The latest Republican attack on democracy shows a familiar face (or three)

Chris Christie, Karl Rove and Mike Pompeo — known for shady political dealings — are helping lead the charge on GOP gerrymandering.

The Republican Party is precisely what we thought it was. If you had been suspending disbelief, hoping for a faction of reasonable Republicans to fully support American democracy, put that hope to rest.

A report published Friday by The Washington Examiner found a slew of former Republican officials recently signed on to assist the National Republican Redistricting Trust, an organization focused on redrawing congressional districts so they favor Republicans. Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo — both of whom supported the Trump presidency and re-election campaign — will co-chair the organization, which richly accuses Democrats of “pick[ing] the winners and losers in our elections” in order to “pass their radical left-wing agenda.”

Although both major parties have engaged in gerrymandering, partisan gerrymandering has been shown to favor Republicans significantly more than Democrats.

Photo illustration: Chris Christie, Karl Rove and Mike Pompeo
MSNBC / Getty Images

Contrary to the NRRT’s claims, across the country, Republicans have been the ones enacting unpopular policies with majorities won through gerrymandering. In deeply gerrymandered Texas, for example, half the population supports access to abortion but Republicans controlling the state Legislature recently instituted a total ban on abortions after six weeks.

According to the Examiner, former George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove will be joining the NRTT as well in an advisory role. Rove, the Bush confidant and spin artist who helped promote and sell deadly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, is widely known among Democrats and Republicans for using underhanded political tactics to get his preferred candidates elected.

A band of America’s most corrupt and calloused men is leading the Republican Party’s nationwide power grab.

It should come as no surprise that Rove, Christie and Pompeo are leading this conservative, anti-Democratic push, which could help the GOP reclaim the House in 2022, without winning any more votes than it did in 2020.

Despite incessant television news appearances designed to launder their reputations, none of these men have successfully rehabilitated their images since the last time we saw them in power. Christie is still the former governor who was at the center of a major corruption scandal in New Jersey; Pompeo is still the former secretary of state who promised Trump would be reinstalled despite losing last year’s election; and Rove is still the former presidential adviser whose thirst for war helped drive a conflict that claimed thousands of American lives.

A band of America’s most corrupt and calloused men is leading the Republican Party’s nationwide power grab, and their past is prologue: They will pursue political domination at all costs.

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