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The Last Word week in review

It seems that once Mitt Romney gets back on top he immediately needs to shoot himself in the foot.
The Last Word week in review
The Last Word week in review

It seems that once Mitt Romney gets back on top he immediately needs to shoot himself in the foot. Ten days after Newt Gingrich destroyed Mitt Romney in South Carolina, the former Massachusetts Governor struck back with a big win in Florida. Polls show Romney now has a healthy lead in the Nevada caucuses, and while the frontrunner should have been talking about his Florida victory on Wednesday morning, he was too busy making cringe-inducing comments about how he is "not concerned about the very poor." While the substance of Romney's "very poor" quote has been spoken several times before on the campaign trail, it was his wording that got him into trouble. 

Not only that, but one day later Romney stood next to multi-millionaire Donald Trump in Las Vegas to accept his endorsement.  The event with Trump only adds to a narrative that makes Romney appear out of touch and we can add these to a growing list of gaffes which will inevitably find their way into DNC ads later this year.

It was only a matter of time before the Republican clown car annoyed the rest of the party. A new poll shows that voters aren't very pleased with the field of candidates. However, according to Mitt Romney, this long hard fought primary will "prepare" them for the general election against President Obama. Stephen Colbert may feel differently. Just for the record, there are four candidates remaining — a stiff, gaffe-prone frontrunner, a baggage-toting former House speaker, an extremely conservative former senator and a 76-year-old libertarian. 

In contrast with his probable general election opponent, Mitt Romney, President Obama attended the National Prayer Breakfast where he subtly jabbed the GOP frontrunner on his recent comments about the poor. He also suggested Jesus would tax the rich.

And it's well-known Newt Gingrich has a decent sized ego. The former speaker of the House stated this week he wants Brad Pitt to play him in a movie. Let that sink in...

Now that we're on the subject of Hollywood, a scene from The West Wing came up on our show this week, brought about by this photo being passed around Facebook. Last Word host Lawrence O'Donnell, who originally wrote that scene, explained the true meaning of being a liberal.