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Submit designs for Off The Cliff campaign

And so The Last Word "Off the Cliff" campaign begins, and we need your help.

And so The Last Word "Off the Cliff" campaign begins, and we need your help. We’re looking design ideas for #OffTheCliff campaign buttons.

Congressional Democrats are going to need courage to do this because it's a bold strategy and boldness isn't exactly their style. (No offense.) So we've decided congressional Democrats should all get buttons made and slap bumper stickers on their cars saying "Off the Cliff" so that when Republicans see the Democratic cars in the House and Senate garages they'll start to think, 'maybe the Democrats are serious this time.'

We know it sounds bat crap crazy to go off the cliff, all Thelma and Louise-style. It sounds totally reckless, it sounds downright Republican to have a legislative strategy that says, 'hey, let's just go off the cliff — neat!' That was the tea party strategy in the House by refusing to raise the debt ceiling. This cliff is different, and it’s the only way to restore sanity and fairness in taxation. 

If Congress and the president do not agree on $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction by New Year's Eve then budget cuts amounting to $1.2 trillion will go into effect on January 1, and half of those cuts will be in defense spending – which would trigger an extreme chain of events.

Lawrence broke it down the importance of cheering on the Dems to do the unthinkable in the latest Rewrite.

Tweet @Lawrence, @TheLastWord or @digimuller your pictures, post them to our Facebook wall or do it the old-fashioned way, by emailing us at We look forward to checking out your artwork.