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WAY too much buzz is getting eaten up by Sarah Palin.

WAY too much buzz is getting eaten up by Sarah Palin. Today's first Underbuzzed demonstrates that in a way the Gray Lady oughtta find embarrassing.

  • From 6:01 yesterday morning to 11:40 this morning, a period of more than 24 hours, not a single posting on the politics and government blog of the New York Times was about anything other than Sarah Palin.
  • has a graphic representation of just how many places on the Eastern seaboard are seeing record heat this week. In a TOTALLY unrelated story, last year set a record for global emissions.
  • Remember how proud President Bush was about rising home-ownership levels? Well, thanks to the housing crisis on his watch, those levels are now back down to before he was president.
  • And though it's a good thing jobs are starting to come back (at too slow a rate), the wages they once paid are not.
  • Government regulations save lives. Maybe you think those lives are worth losing if it'll help business. But it doesn't--it only helps the rich business owners squeeze more money out of their business.

That's today's Underbuzzed. Check back tomorrow morning for the day's Morning EDition...