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Principal 'mortified' by Gingrich remarks on poor kids

Ed was there Saturday (Dec.

Ed was there Saturday (Dec. 10) as civil rights activists protested stricter voting laws with a march from the New York offices of Koch Industries, whose owners have supported an organization that favors tighter safeguards against election fraud.

Some of the laws passed in 17 states around the country include requiring photo IDs at the ballot box and restricting voting by ex-felons. Critics say the laws will have a negative effect on blacks, Latinos, students and the elderly.

And it wasn't just voting rights on the minds of protesters.  The attack on education and the shortage of resources has professionals speaking out. 

Ed asked Melessa Avery, a school principal here in New York, for her views on Newt Gingrich's assertion that poor kids don't have a work ethic and should be put to work as janitors in their school.

"I never cleaned a toilet and I stand on my character," she told Ed.  "Are we back in the 1920s when all we have is toilets?"

We present an extended clip of of Ed's interview with Avery right here on this blog posting.

Ed will also have a full report on the march on tonight's show at 8p/11pET.