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Morning EDition: June 30, 2011

The fallout from Pres. Obama's news conference continues. Primarily with the mounting feeling that the two parties can't agree on a deal to avoid

The fallout from Pres. Obama's news conference continues. Primarily with the mounting feeling that the two parties can't agree on a deal to avoid default. Now what?


  • Pres. Obama speaks at DNC fundraiser in Philadelphia.
  • The Senate votes on the confirmation of David Petraeus to head the CIA.
  • Mitt Romney holds a news conference at a closed metal works.
  • Stephen Colbert appears at the FEC today, in a campaign that has some worried about the consequences.


  • A primer on the debt-ceiling battle.
  • Certainty was the GOP's economic mantra. Just last year.
  • Was Obama's news conference a reassertion of leadership on the economy?
  • Senate Democrats will introduce a budget; reportedly to the left of Obama's. This makes some Dems nervous.
  • As we've cited here recently, more Republicans are open to defense cuts (rather than tax cuts). #CountryFirst.
  • Ezra Klein: It's not just that no deal's in sight, both parties are moving away from a deal.
  • DCCC hits Republicans with robocalls on entitlements.
  • IMF warns that US default will be severe shock to world economy and markets.
  • Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) again asks whether the GOP is tanking the economy to hurt Obama.
  • Standard & Poors will downgrade defaulted Treasuries to a D-rating.
  • Sen. GOP Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) just said they need to impress Standard & Poors. Oops.
  • Sen. Democrats take aim at tax breaks for the horseracing industry of McConnell's home state, Kentucky.
  • White House adviser David Plouffe says we're in the "danger zone" for default.
  • Medicaid cuts could be part of debt deal (if there is one).
  • A handful of states see signs of recovery in the housing market.
  • Chart: GOP recommended 85:15 mix on revenues, walked out over 83:17 proposal.
  • Opinion: We need more stimulus.
  • Poll: Most Americans think the country is worse off than ten years ago.
  • Poll: Portion of Americans naming deficits top issue falls from 15% to 7%.
  • Republicans continue to pooh-pooh default.
  • Treasury Sec. Geithner knocks down GOP non-default schemes.
  • VIDEO: Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) undercuts GOP pooh-poohing about default; says vital assistance to Americans will be cut off.


  • How much legislation has Congress passed since the new GOP House majority? This much.




  • The Supreme Court favors the Big Guy over the Little Guy.


  • Rulings against health-care reform get more coverage than those upholding it.


  • Kansas doctors mount desperate effort against anti-choice regulations going into effect tomorrow.




  • Alabama's having trouble rebuilding from its tornadoes, because it's chasing Latino workers out of state.


GOP 2012

  • Republican presidential fundraising seems to be going at a slow pace.


  • Romney signs pledge supporting default in the absence of a balanced-budget amendment.
  • Analysis: Romney's pledge is a sign of weakness.
  • Site of Romney's news conference closed because it didn't get stimulus money.
  • VIDEO: Romney's new anti-Obama ad.
  • DNC responds to new Romney ad.


  • Bachmann says family business had to accept government payments she had criticized, or be guilty of discrimination.
  • VIDEO: Her husband called gays "barbarians" who need to be "disciplined."



  • Quits again; this time, a book-signing, and this time, an excuse: Not enough people showed up.


  • VIDEO: msnbc contributor Mark Halperin calls Pres. Obama a "dick."
  • msnbc suspends Halperin.

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