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'Ed Show' Fan favorite GOP presidential candidate drops out

The last of the GOP presidential sanity has left the building.

The last of the GOP presidential sanity has left the building.  Jon Huntsman suspended his campaign this morning and threw his support behind front-runner Mitt Romney.

For The Ed Show fans/followers, it is a sad day, sort of.

While it is probably safe to say that most, if not nearly all 'Ed Show' fans/followers prefer President Obama, Huntsman was the clear preference among the GOP presidential candidates.

We asked our viewers/users in cyberspace to express their GOP presidential preferences during the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary.  In both online polls, Jon Huntsman was the clear winner.  

In our Iowa caucuses online poll, Huntsman beat Ron Paul 37 to 30 percent.  A week later in our New Hamphire primary online poll, the former Utah governor expanded his winning margin over Paul by winning 64 to 18 percent.

Again, not that most 'Ed Show' fans ever planned to vote for Huntsman.  But at least he was the most rational, constructive force in that race.

But now that Huntsman is out, 'Ed Show' fans will have to find somebody else.  Will they gravitate to Paul or somebody else?  Hold your nose and vote!  (note: we added former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer by popular demand)