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Today's Lineup

Happy Monday! S.E.

Happy Monday! S.E. Cupp is live in Tampa with full coverage of the Republican National Convention to give us a first hand look at what is happening down there from the storm, to the new RNC schedule, and when we should expect Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney to arrive.

  • RNC Convention: We will have a full convention preview from The Cycle host S.E. Cupp who is live in Tampa along with Politico Chief Investigative Reporter, Ken Vogel.
  • Our Spin Cycle is debating the hot issues of today including the issue no one seems to be talking about: Afghanistan.
  • The Debt Election: David Walker, Pres and CEO of Comeback America Initiative, joins the conversation to discuss an op-ed he wrote with Ross Perot on our public debt
  • Joan Walsh, Author of What’s the Matter with White People, pulls up to the table to talk about her book
  • Krystal Ball traveled to East Liverpool, OH to focus on an issue that affects everyone