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Wednesday's Mini-Report, 12.5.18

Today's edition of quick hits.

Today's edition of quick hits:

* We have a very serious problem: "The world's greenhouse gas emissions are rising at a faster pace in 2018 than they did last year, researchers said Wednesday, the latest evidence that planet-warming pollution is proliferating again after a three-year lull in the middle of the decade. That trend is accelerating the earth's collision course with some of the most severe consequences of climate change, scientists warned."

* Trade: "China's Commerce Ministry released a statement Wednesday calling trade talks between Presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump at the G-20 Summit in Argentina 'very successful' -- but empty of promises and vague on the 90-day deadline for negotiations touted by the Trump administration."

* This was a big strike: "A new contract with Marriott International that will give housekeepers in San Francisco an eventual $4-an-hour increase and better protections against sexual harassment was approved Monday, ending a nine-week strike by 2,500 workers at seven hotels in that city. The settlement in San Francisco concludes a nationwide walkout against the world's largest hotel chain. At its peak, the protest involved 7,700 workers at 23 hotels."

* North Carolina: "We're learning more about a heavily armed man arrested on Smith High School campus in Greensboro Monday afternoon. Police arrested Steve Spence by the tennis courts at Smith High School after he went to the school's cafeteria through the open courtyard and pulled out two hand guns. Police found he had several magazines and a backpack of bullets with him. They also say he had a long gun in the stolen car he parked by the school."

* An unflattering portrait of a retiring congressman: "The Office of Congressional Ethics released its report on allegations against Rep. Thomas Garrett Tuesday, including testimony from staffers past and present. The House Ethics Committee announced that it is continuing its own inquiry, but has not yet impaneled an investigative subcommittee."

* And an awful story out of New Jersey: "An official in the Murphy administration described in harrowing terms Tuesday how high-ranking members of Gov. Murphy's campaign and staff, including the governor himself, failed to act when she tried to alert them about a campaign aide who she says raped her."

Anything to add? Consider this an open thread.