Tuesday's Mini-Report, 5.26.15

Today's edition of quick hits:
* After their will to fight was questioned, Iraqi forces have something to prove: "Iraq has launched a military campaign to drive ISIS militants out of Anbar province, senior security officials said Tuesday."
* Republican judges on the 5th Circuit, doing exactly what's expected of them: "An appeals court on Tuesday rejected the Obama administration's request to lift the temporary freeze placed on the president's sweeping executive actions on immigration."
* Cleveland: "The Department of Justice has reached a settlement with the city of Cleveland over what federal authorities have described as a pattern of excessive use of force and unconstitutional, biased policing."
* Related news: "A Cleveland police officer has been found not guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the killing of two unarmed passengers whose car hood he mounted, sending a barrage of bullets into their windshield."
* Deadly storms: "Tornadoes and dangerous thunderstorms continued to race across the south-central U.S. after menacing Texas and Oklahoma on Monday with historic flooding that sent rescuers searching for 12 people still missing, including at least three young children."
* Will the votes be there for an override? "Gov. Pete Ricketts of Nebraska vetoed a bill on Tuesday to abolish the death penalty in the state, testing the strength of a bipartisan group of lawmakers who said they would try to override his decision."
* Fast-track cleared the Senate. Clearing the House will be harder.
* A case worth watching: "The Supreme Court will hear a case that could give a green light to states to create legislative districts based not on total population but on the total number of voters. The difference may sound technical, but the upshot could potentially be a significant reduction in Latino voting power, just as Latinos are emerging as a major force in American politics."
* Trucking safety matters: "The trucking industry is again pushing Congress to allow bigger and heavier trucks with overworked drivers behind the wheel onto the country's roads."
* The least surprising story of the week: former Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) is joining a D.C. lobbying firm.
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